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Spot Light

Underneath the drapes-the blouse matters!

ONE of the most sensual attires of a woman is undoubtedly the sari. The anchol, the kuchi and all the other parts highlight different things about you. One of the main attractions about the whole apparel that women now give a lot more importance to is the blouse.

Blouse is the most essential part of sari. Without it the getup is incomplete. As a sari elevates elegance of the entire body by draping around it, similarly, the blouse enhances beauty of the neck.

Blouses can be of diverse necklines, which are made to grace different types of neckline. Nowadays, apart from the neckline another thing the blouse can accentuate is the back. The many different kinds of designs for the back are proof enough of how much significance it's given. There's backless, there are different patterns of straps and what not to make it look as fancy as possible.

Backless blouses usually tend to have laces that tie the two sides together. The ones with straps don't do much apart from making the blouse eye-catching. There are new one-shoulder blouses that leave a shoulder completely bare to give off a more appealing look.

Halter neck blouses are very much in fashion now too. There are designs such as the 'sweetheart' neck that highlights the neckline to a desirable amount. With puffy little sleeves, it'll be to die for!

V-necks are very common but women experiment with that too by either adding a little something to the sleeves or doing without them altogether. There are countless designs that can suit your style and taste and make your sari look 10 times more admirable than it already is.

Nowadays, almost every tailor and fashion house have their own catalogue with a variety of blouse designs. All you have to do is pick one, show them and they'll make it just the way you want it. You can also alter it or add some more of your own ideas to them to go well with your chosen sari.

It's very evident that even if a gorgeous sari is draped over you, you can't help but give your blouse a lot of importance. Get creative, think fashion and make a masterpiece out of a blouse to look nothing less than amazing!

By Naziba Basher
Photo courtesy: Dressy Dale

Check It Out

Dressy Dale Eid Collection

KEEPING our biggest festival Eid-ul-Fitr in mind, fashion house Dressy Dale is introducing sophisticated and aesthetic dresses.

Dressy Dale is giving emphasis on appliqué, cutwork and ribbon work on chiffon, georgette, net and crepe clothes. Blouses of different patterns and matching bags with exclusive saris are a special arrangement for this year's Eid line at DD. Besides these, diversified patterns of tunic are there for the teenagers. These tunics are mixed and matched with lycra, knit, chiffon and net clothes. Experimental works will be presented on shalwar kameez, men's panjabi and shirt. Besides their line of clothes, this Eid Dressy Dale is also offering options for home furnishings for those who want to embellish their homes for the big occasion. These include bed covers, cushion covers, bed runners, table runners, and many more such.

DD is brining these colourful items a little earlier for Eid this year. All these new arrivals will be available at all Dressy Dale outlets from August 3.


“Eid Fashion Fest 2010”

WITH a few days to go for the holy month of Ramadan, Purple and Kaya Skin Clinic hosted the Eid Fashion Fest 2010 in Gulshan on 5 August, 2010 where leading designers showcased their extraordinary talent and upcoming trends for Eid.

This glittering extravaganza was held at Gulshan Club.

Top models of the country walked the ramp at the event showcasing the works of distinguished designers -- Shahrukh Amin, Nazia Beg, Zeenat, Kimaya Design Studio in Dhaka and O2. The Fashion Fest was choreographed by Shahrukh Amin, while Farzana Shakil was the official stylist for the evening. New Jharwa House featured their latest collection of bridal and diamond jewellery sets. Renowned designer Bibi Rasel was felicitated at the ceremony with the “Global Achievement Award” on behalf of the organisers, for her contribution to the fashion industry of Bangladesh.

The main sponsor of the event was Kaya Skin Clinic, one of the leading chains of cosmetic dermatology clinics in the world. The official media partner for this prestigious event was Channel I.


Ramadan skin care

WITH the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Kaya Skin Clinic is offering exciting offers that will make your skin look radiant and glowing. You can also gift your loved ones products and services at Kaya to pamper them and make them feel special, this Eid.

While fasting, the body becomes fatigued and the skin, dehydrated. Kaya's popular skin beauty service "Everyday Radiance" can be rejuvenating and refreshing for your skin after a long day of fasting.

Everyday Radiance is a highly efficacious one-hour service, which is suitable for all skin types and guarantees fresh and radiant skin through the process of basic skin care needs, 'exfoliation-hydration-nourishment', making it the most effective way of caring for your skin.

An expert in skin care, Kaya Skin Clinic completely understands the needs of Bangladeshi skin and offers a host of services for men and women for skin beauty, skin concerns, laser hair reduction, anti ageing and exclusive bridal care.

-LS Desk





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