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Special Feature

Simple guide to frenzied shopping

EID is a time of the year where you want to look your best. After the long month of fasting, especially in this heat, you want to make yourself feel better by looking presentable and gorgeous. For this you'd need the perfect kind of clothes that suit your look and make you look fabulous!

Most people in Dhaka city prefer going to stores such as Aarong, Jatra and other stores in malls like Bashundhara city, Rifle's square, Metro shopping mall and more. But tastes vary from person to person and you might not be able to find 'THE' outfit for yourself in any of these stores.

Another problem may be the size. Most people end up having to alter their clothes after buying them. So nowadays, people are taking a turn to a different road to looking perfect during Eid…exactly the way they want to!

That's right! Buying yards of clothes suiting your exact taste and tailoring them to fit your exact size is the best way to looking the way you want to on Eid!

Known as goj kapor, you can get different materials with different designs in stores all around Dhaka.

Some tailoring stores have their own boutique that offers you good yards of clothes to suit your style. Three pieces are an option! They're clothes that are cut into the kameez, the pyjama and the orna and all you have to do is make your tailor sew it to your perfect fit.

Yards and three pieces
For goj kapor for kameez and panjabi, you can always check out stores in Gawsia, Grameen Check and Chadni Chawk. There are other stores like Matching Centre in Orchard point that have an ample collection of yards of clothes to suit your liking.

Doyel Silk and Usha Silk in Dhanmondi's Road 4 are very famous for their exquisite collection of yards of clothes and three pieces. Probortona, Rong, and more have collections of three pieces apart from their ready-made kameezes. Zeenat fashion and Nabila Boutique have recently been making their way into fame with their unique collection of three pieces.

There are an uncountable number of tailors all around Dhaka city. For ladies there's Kabir from The Lamode Tailors, SS Tailors, and right next to that works Aulad who's an amazing tailor of women's clothes himself.

Bashiruddin at New Market is known to make panjabis and sherwanis exactly the way you want it! He's renowned all around Dhaka and to get to him you'll have to make an appointment a month before you want your clothes done! Yes, he's VERY 'in-demand'!

Laces, sequins and beads
Laces are extremely handy when it comes to tailoring your clothes. The stores in Gawsia and Chadni Chawk are going to blow your mind away with their collection of laces. You are bound to buy some to make your new Eid dress look fancier! There are separate varieties of laces you can choose from as well. Thin ones, thick ones, each having different designs and a certain speciality that suits your dress perfectly.

Bobbin laces usually give off a very elegant and classy look to your dress. Knotted lace can give your dress a very authentic and vintage look. Crocheted lace will look amazing not only on kameezes but if you choose a sari for Eid, it'll go perfectly too! And of course there are other machine-made laces that'll look like they were 'made' just to go with your clothes!

You can mix and match and give your Eid dress an abstract look with a lace that is a complete opposite colour. You can set it as borders to your dress and it'll look like a design made just for you!

Sequins just about add glamour to anything they're on. They're one of the most famous accessories when it comes to designing your own clothes. You can pick one of the dullest colours of the lot and add some shiny sequins to it to make it look elegant and gorgeous.

Once again, Gawsia wins when it comes to buying the best. Hundreds of different kinds of sequins will be presented in front of you, making it harder for you to choose since they all look fabulous, take our word for it!

Beads can also do the work for you when you want your dress to look out of the ordinary. Commonly known as puti, putting them around the borders, or even following a certain pattern and design all around the kameez can help you make it look trendy enough for Eid.

This Eid, you have more options than ever, without having to shop around the whole city looking for the 'perfect dress' or the 'perfect panjabi' for you.

It becomes a hassle after a while, as a matter of fact, to go around fighting the traffic and moving through the stampede of people across the malls.

What you should do, instead, is pick out your ideal pair of shoes and go make your 'perfect outfit'…just the way you want it!

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

News Flash

Iftar offering from KFC and Pizza Hut

FOOD lovers of Dhaka and Chittagong can celebrate new additions to the menus of its top two fast food chains, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. The launch, held at KFC Gulshan, was attended by celebrities and media personalities, among them singer Shakila Zafar.

The new additions to KFC's menu are Toasted Twister and a complete meal for iftar, the latter available from the start of the month of Ramadan. The Toasted Twister is a delicious adjunct to KFC's range of enticements.

Two Crispy Strips, diced tomato, crisp lettuce and KFC's signature pepper mayo are wrapped in a warm tortilla and toasted to seal in the flavour. Priced at Tk270, it is quite filling and equally scrumptious.

The iftar special consists of three pieces hot wings, mixed rice, mashed potatoes with salsa and a small Pepsi, and at Tk195, it's a steal.

On the same day, Pizza Hut, the casual dine-in restaurant, also launched Cheese Tortillas topped with cheese and tangy salad served with salsa at Tk255. Also, happily for those who gorged themselves last Ramadan on their iftar all-you-can eat pizza offer, it is back this Ramadan at Tk550 with unlimited Pepsi at Tk100.

“I hope our customers will welcome the brand new items and enjoy the great products with excellent value. It's been almost 7 years that we have opened Pizza Hut and 4 years for KFC and we made great efforts to increasingly surprise and delight our patrons. Stay in tune with us because there's a lot more to come,” said Akku Chowdhury, Executive Director, Transcom Foods Ltd.

The Iftar Specials will be available from the beginning of Ramadan.

Eid at Mrinmoyee

BOUTIQUE Mrinmoyee takes up a festive look with Ramadan almost knocking at the door and Eid not far from sight. They have revamped their collection for the coming festive season with an array of new designs made from handloom fabrics, muslin and nylon laces.

Also on the shop shelves are embroidered muslin and silk saris, many of which have been further embellished with works of karchupi. And of course there is an entire range for children -- shalwar kameez to panjabi.

Contact: Mrinmoyee outlets at Orchard Point, Dhanmondi #7; Genetic Plaza, Dhanmondi 27.
Photo: Chondon Roy Chowdhury

Festivity at Aarong

INDULGE in the boundless festivity Aarong has to offer this season. Inspired by the enticing Islamic art, Aarong has gone fully arabesque this Eid; bold and intricate Islamic motifs dangling around, setting a perfect tone for your Eid shopping.

Aarong brings to you a range of grand to groovy fashion wear for men, women and children. Majestic 'Arabesque', stunning 'Jewelled Statement', princely 'Paisley Placements' are only a few of Aarong's vast assortment. Discover other distinctive collections also available keeping Eid in mind.

To appeal to a younger crowd and also those young at heart, Aarong will have entertainers dressed as Mr. Parrot, Mr. Frog, Mr. Tomato, Mr. Crocodile enchanting you and your family as you shop during the first few days of Ramadan.

So don't forget to bring your little ones and enjoy an amazing Eid- shopping experience with Aarong.


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