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the genie's touch

For those apple bottoms
Although the harem style looks best on the skinny, tall, leggy figures, there's no reason why bootylicious babes can't rock this look. If you're bottom-heavy, go for something with a high, fitted waist, ending a little above the ankles. The high waist will make your own appear smaller, and disguise everything below it, while a little bit of ankle gives the garment some breathing space. Pair with your highest heels for maximum effect.

Balance the bagginess
This look can easily tank if you don't get the proportions right. Generally, when you work with something voluminous, it's best to team it with something clingy. In other words, go for a fitted top. Snug tees and/or layered tank tops, with a chic scarf or orna draped over it, and piles of beads, can be very Boho-chic. Or you can even go for an androgynous Nawabi style by sporting a well fitted sherwani-collared kurti and narrow dupatta with dhoti-style harem pants.

Big and chunky
The capri-length, low-waisted variety looks great with a fitted tee, chunky sandals, big bangles and ginormous earrings. A blouse on top with a thick belt also creates a nice effect.

Where to get your fix
AnDes has a versatile collection of harem pants in various cuts and silhouettes for both men and women, and several trendy, asymmetrical tops to go with them. Aneela Haque's bold palette and signature graphic art gives these outfits their own appeal, and they are very ethno chic.

Cat's Eye also has a great range of low-waisted drawstring harem pants in neutral colours and earth tones, and a nice range of colourful tops in a variety of cuts, with trendy detailing.

Harem pants are the last word in comfort and ethno-chic. As MC Hammer would say, 'You can't touch this!”

By: Sabrina F Ahmad
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Ruhee and Zamsad
Wardrobe and Styling: Aneela Haque
Make-up: Farzana Shakil


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