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Purobi offers!

Gold has been a highly sought-after precious metal for coinage, jewellery, and other arts since the beginning of recorded history. Decade after decade, gold jewellery has been one of the most desired luxuries for women. It enhances their beauty and makes them feel good about themselves.

Jewellery is significant in that it is considered family heirlooms in local traditions. Its growing demand not only shows that women want to get decked up and look glamorous but also that gold items are taken as an asset to preserve.

Understanding the desire and demand, Jagannath Ghosh Babu started Purobi Jewellers (Pvt.) Ltd almost 40 years ago. In four decades its good name and rich heritage has continuously given customers new and quality designs.

Their products have achieved huge popularity, even beyond the boundaries of Bangladesh. Many aristocratic families from abroad have maintained their affinity for Purobi's designs.

Jewellery can enliven a wardrobe and bring a dash of panache especially to one-off special occasions. This Eid, Purobi is offering coloured jewellery and hasulis with smaller and simpler designs. Jaipuri and Kalapuri sets are still in vogue. Multicoloured stone sets titled "Nabarantno" are also available. Their wide range of South silk pearls are in white and pink colours. They have over 600 craftsmen who have been designing these year after year, working efficiently to produce ornaments that make women feel special.

Although new clients are expected to make prompt payments, loyal customers can avail their services through special purchase schemes.

This year, Purobi has a special offer, exclusive to Star Lifestyle readers. Take a copy of today’s Star Lifestyle to Purobi and you can avail 10 percent discount on making charges. The offer is valid till Eid eve.

So all you jewellery lovers go ahead and get bedazzled with your favourite ornaments from Purobi Jewellers this Eid.

Contact: Purobi Jewellers, Rupsha Center (2nd floor); Anam Rangs Plaza (Ground floor); 3/7 Chandi Chawk Market (Ground floor); 2/13 Chandi Chawk Market (Ground floor).

By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan
Photo courtesy: Purobi Jewellers

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Over time, the development of our fashion culture has centred around Eid. The various experiments and innovations around our fashion trends are reflected in each years’ Eid couture. Bangladesh's premier fashion house Rang, has made special arrangements for Eid, with tasteful presentation and modern styles. Emphasising on the brightness of youth, Rang has brought out men's panjabis for the festive season. The main material used for panjabis is made in Tangail, Manikganj, Narshingdi, Sirajganj, Mirpur and Comilla. Along with khadi and cotton, materials like silk, dupian, and endi cotton are used. Block, spray, skin print, appliqué, embroidery, karchupi, zardosi, batik, ari, manual stitch, lace, katan clothes, stone, metal, ribbon work, kushi kata and leather are used for designs on the panjabis. Both light and deep colours are used in this collection.

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On this Eid-ul-Fitr boutique Megh has presented itself with dresses on soothing colours and designs. With different prints and manual work these dresses are made on cotton, khaadi, endi and different local handloom materials.

The dresses are women's three piece, fatua, men's short panjabi, fatua, shirts, T-shirts and children's attire.

Contact: Megh, Aziz Super Market (Shop #62 and #114), Shahbagh; Metro Shopping Mall (Shop #430 and #431), Dhanmondi. #8620230.

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Boutique Tarunno has brought their assortment for Eid 2010. Designed by some of the country's most renowned names, the collection features saris, katan shalwar kameez suits, panjabis, fatuas and ornas. A special children's wear selection has been designed by Fujael Ahmed.

Khadi, cotton, endi cotton, and toshor are the fabrics of choice and have been further embellished with works of karchupi, embroidery and block. Colours like parrot green, white, red, blue, green, yellow and olive have been used.

For details, contact: Tarunno, 1 Mujib Market, Borolekha, Maulobhi Bazar.

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Ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, Sunmoon Tailors Private Ltd presents “Sunmoon Stitch Art” -- a house of fashion wear for men. Blazers, formal shirts, casual shirts, T-shirts, formal trousers, casual pants, jeans, and gabardine pants are available at the outlet. Also available are accessories such as ties, belts, and cufflinks. Sunmoon Tailors has branches at New Elephant Road, BNS Centre at Uttara, Bashundhara Shopping Mall and Colony Shopping Centre at Zindabazar, Sylhet.

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On August 16, Olive, a brand of men's attire, has opened its second outlet at S R Super Market, Thana Road, Raypur, Laxmipur. Men's shirts, panjabis, T-shirts, ties, jeans, gabardine pants in soothing colours and designs are available at Olive.

Contact: Olive, 72 New Elephant Road, Monsoor Bhaban.

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Boutique Biborton, at Plaza A R (2nd floor), Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi has brought an array of designs this Eid. Using locally produced fabric, the attires have been further embellished with stitch-work and appliqué. Noteworthy is the use of colour, befitting the coming festivity.

The women's line features shalwar kameez suits while children have the option to choose from shalwar kameez, fatuas and skirts.

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Beautify your home with Shoilo

Want your house to look colourful, elegant and yet extremely cosy? Shoilo is the store you're looking for. Situated in Rifle's Square, Shoilo offers simplicity at its best. They will give you the perfect example of "not too much, not too less, just right!"

From bed covers to pillow covers to curtains and cushion covers, Shoilo has everything you will need to make your home look just as good as new. The vibrant colours and ethnic designs give their accessories a very classy look, which is perfect for any home.

The curtains and all the covers also come in particular themes to make your room look more than just perfect. There are countless different varieties that may suit your taste. There are also lots of options for your children's rooms. More colour, more flamboyance and playful designs will bring liveliness to your child's room and Shoilo has all of the above in abundance.

Shaheli, owner of Shoilo, held an exhibition at Drik Gallery last month showcasing her latest collection and some of her Eid lines. The exhibition was successful with some of her best works on display.

Shoilo’s collection for Eid puts a little more emphasis on rich designs. Some have abstract patterns and eye-catching designs, while others take on class with a more suave approach. Cream with white designs and a hint of shine or other light colours like blue or pink are also available. Decorate your room according to your mood this Eid and give it a fantastic make over with Shoilo!

By Naziba Basher

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Banglar Mela

This Eid, Banglar Mela brings forth a dazzling collection featuring a wide range of designs in panjabis, fatuas, shirts, saris, shalwar kameez, tops, kurtis and children's wear.

For the men's line of panjabis, the choice of fabric has been Joysri silk, endi, cotton and khaadi. They are priced between Tk650 to 2500.

Shirts have been embellished with hand-block prints and embroidered floral geometric designs and have been priced between Tk450 to 1050.

Saris have always been the star attraction at Banglar Mela. Designed in organza silk, endi, half silk, endi cotton and Tangail handloom, the saris are available from Tk 950 to 7000. Equally dazzling shalwar kameez are priced between Tk500 to 1250.

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Nabarupa has presented exclusive designs on saris, shalwar kameezes, fatuas, shirts, panjabis and children's wear. Careful selection of fabric is the other prominent feature of the collection.

Price of saris ranges from Tk550 to Tk15000, shalwar kameezes from Tk650 to Tk5000, fatuas from Tk300 to Tk950, panjabis from Tk600 to Tk4000 and shirts from Tk350 to Tk690.

Also available are children's wear, T-shirts, fashion accessories and jewellery.

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Autism Welfare Foundation

Featuring attractive Eid cards and handicrafts made by autistic children of Autism Welfare Foundation, an Eid fair has been arranged at the foundation premises at Mohammadpur since 22 August, 2010.

The range of products featured is extensive -- Eid cards, dresses, candles, potteries, card holders, bed sheets, puppets, bangles, doorbells and others,

The fair will continue till 2 September from 10:00am to 3:00pm every day.

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Boutique Rangta has opened its outlet at G H City Centre, Jubilee Road, Munshiganj Town. This branch, along with all others, presents Rangta's new collections for Eid-ul-Fitr.

Available are saris, shalwar kameez, fatuas, shirts and panjabis.. The dresses are made from handloom cotton with prints and hand stitches.

The entire Eid collection has been designed by Shahanaj Khan.

Contact: Rangta, Sunrise plaza (2nd floor), Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi; Tajmahal Road, Mohammedpur.

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With an emphasis on colours, designs, cut and fabric Anjan's rejoices at the coming of the festive season with their Eid Collection. Patriotic verves see a wide use of Narsingdi, Chandina, Tangail, Sirajganj, Manikganj, Chapainababganj handlooms and silk. Several shades are used including green, brown, blue, white, maroon, purple, red, magenta and black.

Prices of saris range from Tk350 to 20000; shalwar kameez between Tk1250 to 6500; panjabis between Tk450 to 5500; fatuas between Tk550 to 1250. Available at all Anjan's outlets.





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