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Skincare during Ramadan

Fasting has more therapeutic values than we can possibly imagine; it offers a myriad of health benefits. It helps in healing allergic reactions, including hay fever and asthma as well as eczema and contact dermatitis. Fasting also provides a period of physiological rest during which the body can devote its self-healing mechanisms to repair and strengthen damaged organs. The process allows the body to cleanse cells of accumulated toxins and waste products.

When you don't eat, the body breaks down the fat reserves for energy. It leads to detoxification, which is a natural body reaction of neutralising or getting rid of the toxins through the healthy body organs, especially the gastrointestinal tract, immune system, kidneys and skin.

In the hours spent fasting, the digestive tract is provided with time to completely rest and strengthen its mucosal lining. A healthy intestinal mucosal lining is necessary for protection against autoimmune conditions. A healthy digestive tract also helps to protect the blood and inner organs against a variety of environmental and metabolic toxins.

Fasting diminishes over-oily and spotty skin and makes your skin look clearer. During fasting, our water intake decreases and the skin's water demand increases. Therefore, it is very important to replenish our water requirements.

The amount of water in the blood during fasting reduces the amount of water in the skin and raises the skin permeability and resistance to bacterial infection. As the skin is more sensitive during fasting, it is important to take a daily shower and then apply a good quality moisturiser and sunscreen liberally.

Remind yourself to follow the dermatologist's advice if you have a skin concern. Continue using face cleansers, toners and moisturisers as well as a deodorant to relieve heavy body odour.

Keep yourself as hydrated as possible while you break your fast. Heavy dehydration and loss of essential electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins are relatively common side effects of fasting, notably in cases of vomiting and diarrhoea especially during long and hot summer days. Do not compromise on regular skin care and skin protection, as the water intake will be limited.

By Dr Sharmina Haq, Kaya Skin Care Clinic

Kaya's Eid Offer: Buy services/products worth 3000-5000 and get a nourishing shampoo (tk400); buy services/products worth 5000-10000 and get a Fairness Nourishing Day Cream (Tk1400); buy services/products worth 10000+ and get a complimentary session worth Tk3800.

LS Pick


Be it their love for rickshaw art or their use of vibrant colours; their concentration on all things deshi or their resurrection of crafts, Jatra is a one-stop option for gifts that cater to all ages, genders, tastes and occasions.

Jatra- give the perfect gift!

Giving someone the perfect gift can prove to be quite the dilemma but to make your job a little easier, Jatra has the A-Z of gifts.

For people close to you, you have a wide variety of clothing to choose from. The kameezes give off a very authentic and deshi look and yet look very contemporary . There are panjabis, kurtas, skirts, saris and fatuas of different designs and vibrant colours, all starting from Tk 400 depending on the intricacy of the designs.

Sandals of many different and unique designs are also available and of course, the jewelleries that give off a very antique and oxidised look will go perfectly with your outfit. There are also bangles of many different kinds and colours. You will find balas, reshmi bangles and wooden bangles all ranging from Tk 60 to70 only.

Presents for kids such as toys, puppets, books, shoes and clothes are not just exceptionally designed but they will, for sure, be the cutest things you'll lay your eyes on.

Home accessories such as potted plants, pottery bowls, plates and showpieces, wooden candle stands, lanterns and so much more will be just perfect for someone who loves decorating their house. You'll find statues and statuettes made of brass of Saraswati, Krishna, Radha and more that are just the ideal gifts for the Poojas coming up!

If you have friends who came to Dhaka for the first time, you can give them books that will tell them all about the history and beauty of our country and they'll feel Bangladeshi in no time.

Music lovers will get CD's of some of our best Bangladeshi artists costing only Tk90 each.

Your token of love and appreciation doesn't always have to be big in size, which is why you can find jewellery boxes, pencil holders, photo frames, albums and so much more to say a lot with a little.

Now that you know where you can find everything you'll need to make your loved ones happy, go take a trip to the paradise for gift hunting! Go to Jatra!

By Naziba Basher

LS Pick

Qasida conjures memories of a bygone time, a time when groups of young men would gather around their neighbourhood singing, and reciting poems to wake people for sehri- the Ramadan ritual.

All however is not lost of this tradition. Today, after what has been centuries, Qasida is still alive, although now confined to only Koshaituli Jam-e-Masjid and surrounding areas of Old Town.

So if you happen to be in the Old Town for sehri as Star Lifestyle suggests, go the extra mile and pay a visit to the locality mentioned and be a 21st century witness to the waning tradition that is Qasida.

LS Pick

Premium Sweets by Central

Arguably the best in the city when it comes to gift wrapping-yes, they do more than just desserts. They wrap their gifts so beautifully that it matters little what lies inside the packaging. After all, at the end of the day, it's the thought that counts, especially if that thought comes in a packaging that's oh so lovely!

LS Pick

Wrapped with love

Maybe you have spent the last few weeks pondering on what to buy for those special ones. Maybe you have walked long aisles at shopping centres looking for that perfect gift. Now its time to give that added touch of emotions to your gifts, easily achieved by how you wrap them up!

In the past one-decade, stores have sprung in and around Dhaka that not only sell perfect gifts but also help you make them look great. Jatra, for one, has the most extraordinary and unique kinds of gift-wrappers. The very textures of the paper give the wrappers an extremely ethnic look. And yet, they end up making your gifts look as chic as ever.

Archie's is a well-known name when it comes to gifts; people turn to them to find whatever's perfect since they seem to have almost about everything. Not only do they sell wrapping paper, they wrap it for you as well. Their wrapping papers also have categories of their own -- ones for children, ones for adults, ones for birthdays, ones for anniversaries and so many more.

Archie's also takes the effort to wrap the presents for you and the way the wrap is nothing but absolutely top-notch.

There are lots of other stores where you can find great wrapping papers. Where you find gifts, you'll find gift-wrapping papers.

There are lots of ways you can go about gift-wrapping.

Newspapers are one thing that can make a gift look very authentic. Comic book pages would seem just fit for a boy you know who loves Marvel or DC. You can wrap a gift with sheets of music paper if you know somebody who loves music. For children, you could tie a little skipping rope as a substitute for a ribbon, to make it look more like playful and of course, it can be an extra gift.

You can use gorgeous hair bands and different kinds of ribbons to tie your gifts to make it look more the part. Since, Eid is coming up; you could cut out a crescent moon out of foil to stick on your gift over the wrapping to look like it's especially for this special day.

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to wrapping presents and there's no doubt, your effort will be highly appreciated. So...happy wrapping!

By Naziba Basher



‘You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.' ~Author Unknown

What's the best way to express your feelings and appreciation towards someone? The best way to show them how much they mean to you? Whether birthdays, weddings, other big occasions or for no reason at all, gifts have spoken words of love for many.

Eid seems to be just a couple of footsteps away and while doing some shopping for yourself, why not pick some things out for your favourite people too! Make the best of this Eid as your perfect occasion to express your love. Give your loved ones your token of admiration and let them know that they're always in your thoughts.

Now, picking out a gift is not easy. Whether it suits their style, whether they like it or not and all the thoughts of this kind can stress you out at times. We have made a list for you to choose the perfect gift for the perfect person!

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of children? Chocolate! Favourites for all, a box full of chocolates are bound to bring a sunshine smile to your little ones' face.

Apart from that, you can always give them handmade goody-bags. When you have little cousins, nieces or nephews visiting you, this is going to help you out immensely. For kids, nothing beats bringing home a goody-bag. You can make ones that have lollipops, candies, little toys, stickers, nail polish (to the kids who you know are going to grow up to be divas), and hair accessories, glow-in-the-dark stars and there's so much more you can include in the little bundles.

You can also give them gifts such as puzzles, board games and books.

Unlike children, teenagers are a little pickier when it comes to presents. They like things a little different, something they can be proud of owning, and something they can use as well.

The 'latest' things or the 'in' things are definitely the way to start off with when looking for good presents. E book readers, MP3 players, ipods, headphones, digital organisers, digital cameras are perfect for tech savvy teens. And if you're looking for a place where you can get all of this, IDB Bhaban is where you should go.

Taking a different route, you can surprise them with tickets to a good game of cricket would be just perfect for sports lovers, tickets to concerts of their favourite band, and since clothes are a little 'yesterday', give them clothing gift cards/vouchers so they can shop for what they want.

Backpacks and purses make great gifts for teens that like to carry around a lot of things. And for girls, who already have a lot of purses and bags, give them more things to carry inside them-body sprays, make-up kits, the newest lip-gloss or a wallet. For trendy makeup, stores in Pink City, Almas, Priyo and more stores of this sort will give you a great deal of things to pick from.

A wallet, of course, comes in handy for boys too. They love having some thing that's branded and new to carry their important cards and money in.

You can also give them posters of their favourite bands, footballers, cricketers or superstars that you can find almost anywhere around New Market. Of course, branded colognes are known to steal the hearts of many teenagers. Paris Parfum, Almas and Prime collection in Rifles Square will help you find the perfect scent for your favourite person.

And then there are games: PS2 games, PS3 games, or X box, one can never have enough games to play. Go to the top floor of Rifles Square and you're likely to find exactly what you need amongst their huge collection.

You can buy DVD sets of their favourite TV shows or the latest movies. Girls would love jewellery boxes while watches fall into the top three of the 'favourite accessories' list for most boys.

There is a lot more you can make your kids or friends happy with. Just think outside the box and you'll know exactly what'll make them smile!

Men, of course, are a lot like teenage boys. They might act very mature sometimes, but they're all still kids at heart. Tickets to their favourite game are definitely the right way to go. Colognes, wallets, shaving kits, aftershave, tiepins, ties, key rings, business card cases and cufflinks…they all apply.

But as they all say, the quickest way to a man's heart is food! Goody bags with food like sweets, cupcakes, chocolate bars, waffles, nuts and little things to munch on could make a great gift.

For men who love their sport, you can give them a golf kit and of course, there are countless sports stores around Dhaka for you to pick your presents from. Grilling tool kits and BBQ sets are perfect for men who love to cook and Aarong now has that for you too.

And once again, watches never go out of fashion when it comes to men. Comfortable flat slippers and shoes can be considered great gifts as well. Frames, alarm clocks, branded pens and sunglasses! Who says it's hard to shop for guys? There are countless things that can make your dad, uncle, friend, husband or boyfriend feel just as loved, as you want them to feel.

Most people have the clichéd idea of getting women clothes and jewellery for almost every occasion. While getting them different kinds of jewellery is still a great idea, there's a lot more you can do to make a woman smile.

Women love to travel! Take her around! If not abroad then somewhere outside the city! Get her train tickets to Chittagong, bus tickets to Sylhet and make her Eid the best one she's ever had.

Branded perfumes would definitely make her day. Whether it be Gucci, Hugo Boss or Givenchy, now with Paris Parfum in Gulshan, you can get her the best of the bests!

If you'd like to pamper your woman, you could gift her a massage or a spa session or even a beauty package, which may include a facial, manicure and pedicure. She'll be thinking good thoughts of you while she's enjoying the soothing treatment.

If she's the domestic kind and takes pride in her culinary skills, gift her something that she will use and enjoy. Maybe a cookbook of Thai cuisine that she's never experimented with or an appliance she's wanted to buy.

There are a variety of curios or ornaments to choose from if you know she's house-proud or redecorating and you know she'd really like something you've spied. Scented candles, artfully packed potpourri, crystal, fluted glasses or china -- the list is neverending. Aarong will definitely come in handy for you in cases like this!

If she's the artsy kind, gift her a painting or even a sculpture. You must have an idea of her preference though; as after spending a fair bit you should have the satisfaction of knowing she'll be happy to display it.

And as always, flowers are still a great standby.

There you go, this Eid you have more than just a couple of options to share your love and express your feelings! Make this Eid happier for everyone!

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special thanks to Jatra and Premium Sweets by Central

Shop talk

Longing for bangles

You might be wearing the latest designer outfit and the best make-up ever, but you'll always be incomplete without the right accessories. A trendy way to go about accessorising your hands is by wearing bangles. They truly make a fashion statement and pep up your style quotient.

Bangles are available in different materials such as gold, silver, glass, brass, plastic and wood and are available in many different sizes and shapes. Despite what the season is, what's in and what's not, bangles can be added to your accessory list for any occasion.

Bangles make you feel and look elegant. You can pick bangles to match just about any outfit and of course, your taste. They are available in different styles for different occasions and seasons; you can check from many types of bangles and pick the kind of bangles that will suit you the most with the outfit you are wearing.

You can pick bone and resin bangles if you are a fan of huge accessories to go with your slick outfit. These bangles are very chic in style and are must-have accessories of current trends.

If you prefer to go more ethnic than urban, set bangles are just the things for you. Depending upon the type of set you choose, the number of bangles may vary.

Metal bangles with speckles of gold and silver glitter, beaded or multi-beaded, bone, metal, wood and ceramic bangles are the other different kinds of bangles that may suit your taste.

You can also make your own combination of set bangles according to your style preferences.

Wooden bangles come in various types and sizes, and you can make them look both slick and ethnic depending on your choice. Wooden bangles come in various types such as studded bangles; bangles with a wooden texture, painted bangles and wooden bangles are also available in sets.

Metal bangles are the ultimate way of accentuating your cosmopolitan couture. The spring hinged metal bangles with striking colours painted in acrylic make for a perfect chic style statement.

Beaded metal bangles and ones with brass charms are also very popular choices today. The other kinds of bangles are diamond cut and Lac bangles. These bangles are highly fashionable and are always in style.

Ceramic bangles are perfect to give you a traditional 'bangali' look. They are often painted in different colours. Most usually have animals or flowers and things as such carved on them to give them a very Eastern look.

The most common kind of bangles here in Bangladesh are glass bangles.

Nothing quite matches glass bangles. The luminescence, elegance, and unique sound are unmistakable. Glass bangles are available in every conceivable colour.

Mix and match your glass bangles until you have a perfect combination for your outfit. Bangles covered in glitter look great under the sunlight.

Bangles aren't only great items on your list of accessories but they also make the perfect gifts for jewellery lovers. Being one of the most popular accessories, there's no jewellery store all around Dhaka where bangles cannot be found.

You have stores where you'll get the kinds of bangles that'll suit your taste. Since glass bangles are the most popular, they're sold…everywhere! But for good metal, wood and ceramic bangles, stores like Piran, Jatra and Aarong are perfect.

Whether you want to look chic or go traditional, bangles are a must on your accessory list. You cannot think of a better way to adorn your hands and portray your style with a stronger statement than using bangles!

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Naziba Basher

Talk shop

Stylish furnishing options

Environment-conscious individuals, these days, prefer to have their furniture made using alternatives of wood. This, along with the fact that they are also cheaper, is the primary reason why various furniture materials are becoming popular day by day. Cane, wrought iron, plastic, particleboard and other substitutes of wood have become a trendy alternative to wooden furniture.

Cane furniture is in considerable demand throughout the world, especially in Asia and Europe. Bangladesh exports assorted cane commodities to Russia, Germany, Singapore and the countries in the Middle East and has earned a reputation in exporting cane crafts through participation in many international fairs held in Germany, Canada and Japan.

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) has a design centre where artists conduct research to develop new designs and models and assist the craftsmen working in the industry.

The centre supplies designs and models to the artisans free of charge. BSCIC has undertaken a programme to preserve the indigenous tradition of handicrafts and revitalise those in wane. Under this scheme it also assists artisans in marketing, product development, innovation and technology.

“Popularity of cane furniture is high as these are trendy, light and durable. They can be used both indoors and outdoors as home furnishing material,” said Atabur Rahman Ujjal, proprietor of Sylhet Cane Crafts at Green Road.

Raw materials for cane furniture in Bangladesh are mainly imported from Myanmar and Indonesia. Local cane is also used but the quality is inferior, said traders of cane furniture at Green Road, Dhaka.

A large number of local artisans are involved in this industry. These craftsmen can replicate almost any designs -- chandeliers, sofa sets, lamp shades, cradles, stools, dining table sets, beds, rocking chairs, shoe racks, computer tables etc.

The prices of cane furniture vary depending on quality of the product and the intricacy of designs. The average price of a sofa set ranges between Tk7000-50000; stools between Tk500-2200; cradles between Tk1500-3500. A shoe rack will cost Tk5000.

Many enterprises dealing in cane furniture are spread across the city and can easily be found in Green Road, Banani, Shaorapara, and Kajipara.

Another popular alternative to wood is wrought iron. Its demand is rising day by day due to the fact that prices are becoming more affordable. A wrought iron sofa set priced between Tk14000-15000 ten years ago is now priced well within ten thousand.

Wrought iron is the perfect answer to outdoors or patio furniture. It offers a unique style and is made of highly durable materials. "Weather resistance and high durability are the two important benefits offered by wrought iron furniture. In addition to this, it can bear heavy loads without any threat to its structure. Also, it is corrosion-resistant. But most importantly, apart from being tough and durable, it imparts a modern look to a living place,” said proprietor of Kohinur Furniture, Md Sirajuddin at Panthapath.

Wrought iron furniture needs proper and time-to-time maintenance. Although maintaining their unique and elegant look is easy. One needs to paint it on a regular basis, however, and wash it with soap and water.

Beds, sofa sets and dining tables are available in wrought iron. A dining set with six chairs and a table costs around Tk11000 while the same set with four chairs would be around Tk9000. Prices of beds range from Tk3000-12000 while a wrought iron sofa may cost around Tk9000-22000.

By Mahtabi Zaman
Photo: Journeymen Archive


Caring for wooden antiques

For centuries wooden furniture has been in use in various forms. There have been changing trends in designs from different eras. Many of the surviving antique furniture have been passed down from generation to generation or purchased from antique dealers and should be treated with care and pride.

Like vintage cars, the value of such antiques has always appreciated and continues to do so. To preserve the beauty and vintage value of your antique furniture, steps should be taken for proper maintenance and expert care.

Keeping their age in mind, we should be careful while using them. The process of taking care of antiques is totally different from that of taking care of modern home furniture. The following dos and don'ts mentioned below may be helpful for maintaining and preserving them.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the regular cleaning and dusting of your valuable antiques with a soft and lint free cloth. Gently swipe the surface in circular motions to avoid scratching the veneer with the dirt and dust particles on the surface. Buffing is very helpful to retain the original shine.

When it comes to stains, you can use a slightly dampened cloth to try and remove them. Spilt water or any other solvent should be immediately dabbed off. Never swipe as that could take the colour off! It is important to remember not to use a dampened cloth on a regular basis as some older woods are sensitive to moisture and may degenerate.

In case of polishing, oil polish should be added to create a protective layer. Wood is porous and so attracts moisture that in turn invites mould, which may lead to swelling and de-shaping and damaging the piece. So lacquer or oil polish is a great help.

Try to use special antique furniture polish, preferably beeswax polish every once or twice a year. It should also be used underneath the surface as the wax absorbs the porous grains and helps to protect and preserve the original and natural warm shine of the vintage wood.

Antiques with filigree design on the surface, sides and legs need special and greater attention than plain ones. Make sure the polish reaches all the spots and between the designs. Don't use brass or metal cleaners on knobs, handles and decorations of the antique furniture. If they are removable, please do remove them before you polish them.

Very old pieces may sometimes attract mould, rodents, pests and infestation. These particular pieces can be treated with good brands of insecticides and regular polish. If this fails to save them, separate the piece from your other precious of antique furniture as they too may get affected.

The fortunate owners of such gorgeous and dignified pieces of furniture should treat them with sincerity and not slide or drag any article on the surface or place any hot or cold items without the use of mats, tablecloths or coasters.

Avoid placing potted plants that need water and sunlight as the heat and moist cause damage. In deciding what to keep on them, avoid placing heavy decoration pieces as they may weaken the joints.

For placement, be careful to keep your furniture away from sunlight and heat. Avoid placing them near air conditioning vents, radiators, fireplaces and ovens. Ultraviolet rays destroy original finishes of veneer and spoil the patina permanently. Occasionally change the position of the furniture to even the fading process.

Place heavy curtains and drapes screens to filter the heat and hold the moisture. Proper temperature should be maintained to preserve the vintage. Depending on where you live, use a humidifier to hold moisture or a dehumidifier to decrease moisture if possible. Never store antique furniture in attics or basements as the heat may cause distortion of the shapes.

While shifting vintage furniture, do not push, drag or pull, as it may loosen joints and cause it to fall apart. Remove drawers, shelves and fasten the doors and mirrors with proper padding before shifting. Heavy pieces are best shifted on their backs. Marble tops should be shifted vertically to avoid cracking. Neglect and misuse of marble may lead to decay and stain. Tables should be shifted by the legs, and chairs by the seat rails, or in any other way.

Antiques are a tangible investments. Therefore, proper care should be taken for their presentation. But beyond just the monetary value, antiques are mostly passed down as family heirlooms having historical and deep sentimental value.

Damage and decay should be prevented at all costs if the antique is to be preserved. They connect us to times past and to people before us, to memories and feelings and so are priceless in many ways!

By Khurshid Chowdhury


News flash


With the change of the fashion trend, Strand brings out exclusive casual wears for ladies. Sumni's Heritage and Rakhee's is participating with Strand in a three-day Eid exhibition at Drik Gallery from August 29 at House no 58, Road no 26, Dhanmondi. On these days, the doors to the exhibition will be open from 11 in the morning till eight at night. All the designs and makings are solely Bangladeshi with materials like chiffon, cotton and jersey. College and university-going females form the target market for Strand.

News flash

Le Reve

LE Reve -- a French word -- meaning “Dreams”. What makes Le Reve label stand out is the use of dreamy, dazzling colour combinations and fusion of both local and international dresses which is bound to brighten up any wardrobe.

“Think global, act local” is the way Le Reve follows while designing its dresses. This Eid Le Reve has come up with shirts and other collection based on latest summer trends.

Eid collection is interestingly centered around the motif of different geometry and nature. Their main medium of work has been Japanese and Chinese motifs along with the occasional Indian paisley. Besides you will get some westernised, pattern-based work.

For their men's collection, Le Reve has executive shirts, and pants. To increase their clientele, Le Reve has also included casual shirts with denim, twilled pants and men's panjabi.

With bold patterned cuts and en vogue necklines, the women's attires at Le Reve bring fusion to life. The focus is on Indo-Western blends, in tune with the growing demands for easy-to-wear clothing. For girls and women Le Reve has fatua, tunic shirts and t-shirts.

Le Reve is a sister concern of Reve Family. Reve system which is a member of Reve family is a software exporting firm. Reve family has different offices at Dhaka, Singpore, Delhi, Dubai, UK and Argentina.

For details contact: Le Reve outlets at Uttara, Banasree, Dhanmondi #27 and Mirpur #1.

News flash


With a colourful new collection, Shopnobaj takes up a new look for Eid. A collection of 50 new designs of T-shirts, fatuas, panjabis and polo shirts are featured in their seasonal ensemble. For the first time Shopnobaj has also brought panjabis on African motifs.

Contact: Shopnobaj, 77 Aziz Super Market (2nd floor).

News flash


Eastway brings forth its Eid Collection that features a wide range of designed clothes for men. From formals to sassy casuals, Eastway has it all.

Highlights of the Collection are T-shirts, half-sleeve andx full-sleeve shirts, denim pants, panjabis. Also available is an exclusive range of children's wear.

Contact: Eastway outlets at Subasto Archade in Elephant Road, Basundhara City Shopping Mall, Uttara Sector-3, HM Plaza, Mirpur Parbota Tower and Jatrabari 36/A Shahid Faruk Road.

News flash

Grameen Mela

With a wide range of designs on saris, shalwar kameez suits and fatuas for women, and artistic patterns on panjabis, fatuas and shirts for men, boutique Grameen Mela brings its assortment for Eid 2010. With a burst of nationalistic vibes, all fabrics used for the entire collection have been handloom, which were further accentuated with gorgeous print and crafty handwork.

Contact: Grameen Mela, Plot-5, Delwar Plaza, Block-A, Section-6, Main Road-1, Mirpur and Hosaf Shopping Complex, 6/9 Outer Circular Road, Malibagh.

News flash

Design Roots

Fashion house Design Roots has created dresses in festive and local fashion moods. These dresses are made with local materials. The dresses are saris, shalwar kameezes, panjabis, women's fatuas, skirts, and men's shirts and fatuas.

Price ranges for saris from Tk750 to 6500, shalwar kameezes from Tk1150 to 5200, panjabis from Tk650 to 3200, women's fatuas and skirts from Tk 350 to 1550 and men's shirts and fatuas are from Tk250 to 850.

For details, contact #01726277708.



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