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festive styles

Maheen Khan, Fashion designer,Mayasir

During any occasion, especially festivals, saris are probably our most enamored ensembles. We love to showcase the most beautiful weaves. I would suggest you look at your options carefully before you make your purchase. We have developed a keen interest in our Bangladeshi traditions and exclusive designer wear that reflects our sense of identity.

Dhakai saris
This distinctive Dhaka weave is a prized possession. A jewel in our textile tradition that was desired by the landed gentry and the royalty of Bengal and elsewhere for hundreds of years. Today however, these opulent weaves have been revived to reach their past glory and are available in select stores in Dhaka.

Every Eid you should invest in jewellery that has stories of love, dreams and master craftsmanship. Always look for signature pieces that are iconic. Jewellery can be the most cherished token of commitment. Classic styles may be heirloom pieces admired through generations. In fine jewellery, always look for simplicity and clarity in design.

Timeless elegance
Modern styles with traditional craftsmanship are probably a great way to blend your ensembles. During Eid we like to reveal our ability to stylise our entire look. Long flowing suits are in style paired with narrow pants or churidars. Playful hemlines with a-symmetrical cut are a fresh idea.

Contemporary Bongo-Western
Mixing styles is currently very trendy and hip. These days we like to display edgy styles that border on funk and rage but the element of surprise is essential to make the entire look work. A T-shirt with Bengali calligraphy or design elements paired with culottes, jeweled flats and an embellished muslin scarf will make a contemporary statement.

Du jour man in a panjabi
The modern man demands to look up to date and at par with present trends. During festivals, panjabis are suitable attires; an informal, easy and effective look. In either short or long styles, understated styles are evidently taking off as more desired modes. The urbane man is suave in the most subtle applications and genres. He is inclined toward quality fabrics and fine detailing and enthusiastic to be discerning and sophisticated.

Vibrant attires for kids
The true essence of Eid is expressed in the celebrations. Children take the most pleasure in observing the festivities. The joyous mood and fancy attires are an integral part of the day. The girl child looks fabulous in a churidar suit or a lehenga choli. Playful with a duppatta and a fluid, effortless hemline is particularly stunning and impressive.

Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Model: Ruhee
Makeup and hair styling: Farzana Shakil
Wardrobe and jewllery: Maheen Khan

Jamdanis were, and they forever will be. Or so we hope at least. Invest in a classic shade of this national favourite and further solidify your choice by picking a never-go-wrong shade such as white or black. A black on black jamdani will go miles in terms of elegance as well as exclusiveness and because the sari is one-tone, you can afford a little indulgence in terms of jewellery. Since jamdanis are proudly and quintessentially Bangladeshi, choose to enhance this look with chunky, ethnic jewellery in a dark metal that will underline the colour of the sari.

Central to this, or any other deshi look, is how you style your hair and although we discourage submitting to hackneyed silver screen trends in terms of your outfit, we see no reason why you should not recreate the playfully graceful side-buns that are all the rage today.

Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Model: Ruhee
Makeup and hair styling: Farzana Shakil
Wardrobe and jewllery: Maheen Khan



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