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Groove out at Zoukout

Singapore is famous for its nightlife, and the best-known slice of nightlife in Singapore is Zoukout. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Zoukout 2010 takes centre stage on Saturday, 11 December, 2010 at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island from 8pm-8am and will mark a trailblazing jaunt of 10 pivotal years in music, dance and art in the great sandy outdoors.

From out-of-this world performers and costumed buskers to art installations, carnival rides, colourful laser shows, music and drumming sessions; from massage and holistic tents to scrumptious food stalls, and a myriad of fringe activities complete the festival feel. The old dance extravaganza is going to be hosted by world famous DJs such as trance luminaries Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, and James Lavelle.

For those who want to escape the jumping crowds for a breather, there's a host of entertaining fringe activities, such as a bungee trampoline, or a relaxing back rub in the massage tent.

If you're planning to make a trip to Zoukout, keep your eyes out for its early bird special discounts via www.zoukclub.com or buy the tickets in bulk for you and your best friends.

For further information please contact: Shahida Akhter Khanam, Concito PR, # 01817704055, www.concitopr.com


Tohu's Creations gears up for Eid. The selection of women's wear is elaborate with various designs of shalwar kameez, saris and fatuas. For men the attraction is if not more in vibrant shades and elegant designs. Also available are children's wear. Prices are well within the range.

AB Fashion

With Eid almost knocking at the door, AB Fashion presents their Eid Collection comprising of shalwar kameez sets and fatuas.

Emphasis is on cuts and myriad designs on the neck-line. Fatuas have been designed with floral and geometric motifs featuring embellishments using patchwork, beads, and laces. Also available are western outfits, focusing on floral patterns.

For details, contact: AB Fashion, 28 Golden Gate Shopping Complex, Mirpur Road, Dhaka #9665102, 01198200057


Combining the flavour of Eid with the coming winter, boutique Adroit uses playful colours and carefully selected fabrics. The quintessential sari, the sassy shalwar kameez and the sauve panjabi for men form the framework of this year's collection. There is also a children's section that deserves a thorough look.

Available at all Adroit outlets.

Banglar Shobha

IF you are looking for traditional garbs for the festive season, this boutique is the place to be. They have a diverse range of saris, shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, shirts, panjabis and children's wear.

Embellished with various patterns and motifs, these outfits are sure to sizzle.
Contact: Banglar Shobha, 2/1, Block A, Lalmatia, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi. #01733333338


Gallery Bibiana, this season, have maintained their signature mark in all the designs. Black and red have been highlighted in the range of shalwar kameez sets, ornas, saris, panjabis, sherwani, kurtas, fatuas, shirts and other traditional and western attires.

Starting 1 November, 2010, their Dhanmondi outlet will feature a "Shasroe" section, where selected designs will be on offer at special discounts. Be sure to check it out.


Fashion house Rang has brought its new collection with the touch of Eid-ul-Azha, winter and wedding season. As sari material for Eid-ul-Azha Rang has made its collection on Tangail cotton, Dupian silk, both endy cotton and silk, Jamdani, Muslin, Reshmi cotton, Marcelise cotton etc. Rang has arranged matching swal with sari. Sawls will be of various colours and styles as this eid will be in winter. Block, spray block, tie-die, embroidery, karchupi, appliqué, cutwork will be designs of the sawls.

New style is the in the cutting pattern of Punjabi, fatua, salwar-kamiz, kurta-kurti and shirt. Different designs are in the full-sleeve shirt of the boys. Punjabi, fatua, salwar-kamiz, kurta, kurti, shirt are made in its own weaving on cotton, silk, dupian silk, balaka silk, jayasri silk, endy silk and on endy cotton.

For children Rang has presented fatua, shirt, full-sleeve, T-shirt. Bright colour is with every item of Rang, which is its all time speciality.

Brothers Furniture

Recently, renowned furniture outlet Brothers Furniture has opened doors of their Baridhara outlet. A 15 percent discount is available on all furniture on display. Along with this, winners of "Welcome Cards" -- given for purchases over Tk 10,000 -- will be selected through a raffle draw for a Dhaka-London-Dhaka air ticket.

Nikhut Bangladesh @ Banasree

Boutique Nikhut Bangladesh has opened its third outlet at Banasree. Renowned poet Asad Chowdhury inaugurated the new outlet. Also present were poet Amitabh Pal, proprietor of the boutique, Mohammed Zakir Hossain and a host of guests.
Contact: House #72, Block K, South Banasree #01712580946

Eid Collection @ Ecstasy

Ecstasy presents exclusive signature collection from designer Shahrukh Amin's "Malodrama" series, a collection emphasising on colours and patterns.
Also available are stylised kurtas and t-shirts.

"Tanjim Street" along with an assortment of accessories, on the other hand, showcases a collection targeting the younger clientele.
Available at all Ecstasy outlets.


Blending seasoned designs by the likes of Chandra Shekhar Shaha, Mahbub Rahman, Anahid Zafri and Shahed Hijal, along with young talents, Nityaupohar creates an eclectic set of garbs perfect for the festive season.

Tees have been a hallmark of this boutique and this season is no different. Also available are selection of attires for men, women and children.

LS editor’s note

Justice should begin at home

There are a few definitive no-nos in life that one should never carry out, not even in desperate situations. This act of holding out and being patient puts us on the top of the hierarchy in the animal kingdom, least we forgot.

Our families teach us good values; our books incorporate a sense of civic responsibilities in us. And as we grow up, we learn by exposing ourselves to different cultures and working with people from diverse backgrounds.

We share information on high values and morals from magazines or editorials that update us about good living, grooming and housekeeping among many other etiquettes. And although some may like to retain this information and try to change their lifestyles accordingly, others choose to ignore.

How you live your life is solely your business and to think of running it for you would be quite an audacious act on my part. But honestly speaking my back has reached a wall thus I decided to prepare a sermon again today; I will just be informing you of a few basic dos and don'ts of life, but whether you want to hold on to this is thoroughly in your jurisdiction.

I am appalled to see that in this modern time and space, there are people among us, be it men or women, who find nothing wrong in beating the daylights out of a 10 year old domestic help. I am sure you have all read about Shohagi in recent newspaper reports. She was not the first casualty of this inhumane act and neither will she be the last. She is extremely lucky that her heart-wrenching screams made someone report her case to the police and thus she was rescued, but unlike her screams, there are hundreds such unheard ones that fall on deaf ears.

Unfortunately, these are the people who define our society. What am I to gather then; that my fellow citizens are still in the Neanderthal stage of evolution, where there were no norms to abide by, where we were nothing than mere carnivorous savages?

Our society might be defined as a capitalistic democracy but we, the people, still cherish ancient feudalistic values and frantically cling to the slave-master attitudes. On the outside we are modern, we go to posh restaurants, we meet friends over coffee, we shop in malls, we go to luxurious spas, but skin deep we are meanies.

We simply cannot forget the fact that the little girl who sweeps our floor or plays with our child is a human being too; that she has self-respect and dignity.

We sincerely believe that since we are feeding this hapless child, clothing her, sheltering her, she belongs to us. We treat her like the rag doll we bought from the market and thus pouring hot water on her, burning her with pots and pans or clawing off her skin is no offence.

It is so distressing to know that this well groomed lady or well-dressed gentleman among us is a fiend inside. They change into a beast when they are in their own, private space.

If you really think hard you might second my opinion on the psychological profile of these wicked people; honestly I think these people suffer from low self-esteem and from complexes. When you are not respected socially, when you have your own unresolved issues, when you are running from your past, you take it out on defenceless people who are your subordinates. A peaceful, prosperous person can never stoop this low.

– Raffat Binte Rashid






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