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KFC goes to Puran Dhaka

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has opened its latest outlet at Laxmi Bazaar on Friday January 7. Old Dhaka is famous for its cuisine, and with this latest development the much-loved area has one more reason to boast a wide array of culinary delights. KFC promises to tantalise the taste buds of the people of Old Dhaka with their secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

Present during the launching ceremony were celebrities Mustafa Zaman Abbasi, Farhana Mili, Sharmin Lucky, Deepa Kandkar, Munmun and Topu. Akku Chowdhury, Executive Director of Transcom Foods Ltd., the business group that operates KFC in Bangladesh, was also present at the ceremony.

“Puran Dhaka has been the true bearer of Dhaka's rich culture and heritage,” said Chowdhury, and added, “We are overwhelmed to open our new outlet here and celebrate that heritage.

"Despite all the problems we faced to expand our business here we are happy at the end that we could meet our commitment of contributing to the nation by generating new employment opportunities and offering more revenue to the government in the form of taxes by increasing our operation.

“And we look forward to carrying through the same spirit of economic development of Bangladesh in future. I am sure the people of Old Dhaka will make our effort worthwhile and welcome us warmly. I wholeheartedly invite everyone to visit KFC with friends and families from all over the town to enjoy the world-class, high quality food and quick service experience. I guarantee that you will enjoy great tasting food at affordable prices and above all, an outstanding dining experience.”

KFC is an international fast food chain brought to Bangladesh in 2006, and operated by Transcom Foods Ltd. Since then six more outlets have sprung up in Dhaka, with one in Chittagong. The latest at Laxmi Bazaar is their eighth outlet in the country.

Address: House 79, Suvas Bose Avenue, Laxmi Bazaar.

- LS Desk

Bata's new outlet in Gulshan- 2

On December 15, 2010 Bata opened an exclusive outlet in Gulshan- 2, beside Hotel Westin and opposite to North DCC Supermarket.

Being located in a posh locality of the city, the store manager said that the outlet has been designed accordingly to meet customer's expectations, which consists of both Bangladeshi people as well as foreigners. The outlet, therefore, is very outstanding, complete with a dedicated team of salespeople.

The whole outlet is divided on two sections. On the right hand side is a section offering you women and children's products, whilst the one on the left hand side is for men. With intelligent lighting, novel shelving systems and fixtures, the sections create a nice shopping atmosphere for you. The spacious floors also make shopping very comfortable.

Bata is renowned for its quality. The retail outlet showcases many brands, among its own. All the exclusive brands offered by Bata are found in this store, confirmed the store manager. Some of the more popular brands you'll find here, among many others, include Hush Puppies, Nike, Power, Marie Claire, Scholl, Weinbrenner, Bubblegummers etc.

The store offers you footwear for every need: from formal shoes to comfortable and simple sandals for you to wear indoors. Also hot are the sporty and casual shoes of Nike and Power. On the other hand, the children's section is designed colourfully and brightly, and offers comfortable and cute shoes for your children.

Other than footwear, the store also has quite an impressive collection of leather belts you should check out. The outlet also sells some exclusive vanity bags as well.

Bata first set foot in Bangladesh in 1962; but it has a proud resume of having experience in footwear internationally for several centuries, making the company one of the largest producers and marketers of shoes not just in Bangladesh, but all over the world.

Operating in more than seventy nations spanning five continents, Bata continues to set the trend in the footwear industry with its huge list of retail outlets. Bata's new, exquisite outlet in Gulshan- 2 is a gleaming addition to it.

BY M H Haider



Moments, when it comes to wedding management, is a one-stop centre. From designing stages for the holud to the actual reception, they can offer assistance in everything related to weddings. They are also capable of designing the perfect ambiance for birthdays, corporate meetings and more. For details contact: Moments, House #3, Road #72, Gulshan 2 #9899643, 01914134512

Khaadi at Tara Marka

One usually does not conjure Western style with eastern fabrics. Tara Marka, however, offers blazers made from khaadi spun at Gandhi Ahsram, Noakhali. These can be a novel addition to the wardrobe of the city's fashionistas. Priced at Tk950, these are a must-have!

Contact: Tara Marka, Aziz Supermarket and Bailey Road. #01912243631

Kaya turns one!

The world-renowned chain of skin care clinic, Kaya Skin Clinic, completes one year in Dhaka this January. In their pledge to spread beauty and make every consumer look and feel radiant, they present a skin-tillating offer this January!

For the first time ever, experience the most advanced and revolutionary skin care packages at up to 25 percent off at their two clinics in Dhaka. This offer is valid on services like the popular Everyday Radiance (Advanced Facials), Laser Hair Removal, Anti-Acne and De-pigmentation Solutions and anti-ageing services like Botox at a never-before-offered discount.

If you think your monthly facial is doing justice to your skin, think again. While ordinary facials work superficially, Everyday Radiance not only removes dead skin through exfoliation but also hydrates and nourishes your skin from deep within. Just for the month of January this service is available at a discount of up to 25 percent.

If you have a skin concern or are looking for a solution for wrinkles and need the counsel of their expert dermatologists, you can walk in and get a service done at a discount of up to 25 percent. If you are tired of the regular waxing, threading and shaving and want a permanent solution for hair removal, you can sign up for a package of their laser hair reduction services at irresistible prices.

Pamper yourself and just relax, book an appointment at the nearest Kaya Skin Clinic and take advantage of this never-before offer!

Contact Details: Kaya@Gulshan: 2nd Floor, Casablanca, Plot 114, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka. #8817239, 01730326836. Kaya@Dhanmondi: House 405/C (2nd floor), Road 27 (Old), 16 (New) Dhanmondi, Dhaka. #9102129, 01713438889.

To book an appointment- SMS KAYA to 6161.

Fashion education at FID

With a vision to help creative individuals build a solid foundation in fashion designing and develop merchandising skills to become qualified professionals, Fashion Institute of Design (FID) now invites interested students to enroll in the following courses for the 2011 session.

A one year diploma on Fashion Designing is offered in affiliation with ALT College, Bangalore, India. This includes one month training in Bangalore and a two month internship at a reputed organisation. Training on apparel mechandising, both knitwear and woven, are offered as 360 hours courses. Technical fields like pattern making, cutting and grading are also covered.

For more details contact: Fashion Institute of Designing Ltd., Tower Hamlet, 5th Floor, 16 Kamal Attaturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka. #01826034056, 8811375.


Japan's number one lip care brand “LipIce” was launched in the Bangladeshi market on 22 December, 2010. Produced by the reputed pharmaceutical company, Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., LipIce will be available in the sweet scented strawberry, orange, blueberry and lemon flavours.

The unique combination of lanolin and mineral oils present in LipIce moisturises lips and protects them from dryness. SPF 15 present in LipIce protects the lips from the harmful rays of the sunlight and the anti-ageing elements defend them from looking old and malnourished.

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Prestige Bengal Ltd, a leading perfume distributing company in Bangladesh has launched a new perfume for fashionable women, Lady Million. The perfume is fresh, floral and woody, like a nectar of voluptuous flowers, trailing delicately but still very present.

This fragrance is powerfully seductive; the sparkle of bitter orange with a touch of raspberry reveals the first breath. Its narcotic sweetness bewitches and grabs attention. Then, joining with Arabian jasmine underlined by gardenia, the blend soars into something more carnal, yet ever subtle. Amber spreads to become all-enveloping, offering its most beautiful facets, like a reflection of light on a diamond.

Lady Million is shaped like a diamond, with a simple architectural feel and it bears a softly glided metal cap. Being sensual, feminine and curved, it sits comfortably in the hand and sprays easily.

Lady Million is available in 50ml and 80ml bottles at Prestige Bengal's own showroom Paris Parfums, where the world's finest fragrances and skincare products are available under one roof.

Contact: Paris Parfums, House #2 Road #126, Gulshan-1, Dhaka. #01730077066.

Cindrella Collection @ Ecstasy

Ecstasy's women's line ZarZain has recently launched its Cinderella Collection of winter wear. The exclusive knitwear range includes cardigans, coats and tops made from superior quality wool in attractive new designs.

The attires have been made using rich yarns such as cashmere, mohair and much more. Cinderella Collection is equally suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Available at all Ecstasy outlets. Contact: ecstasybd.com; 01911628099

Dhrubo @ Bashundhara City

Recently, boutique Dhrubo has opened their second outlet at Level 4, Block D, Shop #10-11, Bashundhara City. The occasion was inaugurated by actress Nipun, in the presence of other stars of the glamour world.

Since its inception, Dhrubo has made a niche among the connoisseurs of fashion through their artistic designs of saris, shalwar kameez sets featuring embroidery and hand block prints. So if you are at Bashundhara, don't forget to check out this new outlet.

Contact: Dhrubo #01737020555.


Korean tea

Across the globe, for countless centuries, tea has been a beverage of choice. This wonderful, energetic drink brightens mornings, refreshes afternoons and warms nights. It soothes frayed nerves and stimulates fatigued minds. Tea has the power to bind people and served on the side, it sets the perfect environment for a heated conversation, or idle gossip.

The first mention of tea was made in history almost 4700 years ago. The Chinese emperor, upon sipping tea is reported to have said: “It gladdens and cheers the heart.”

Another legend speaks of Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, who after meditating for nine years, fell asleep at one point and upset by the weariness, cut off his eyelids and threw them to the ground. At the spot where they fell, tea plants sprung up. From that day, tealeaves have been ever watchful against exhaustion.

After being enjoyed in China, then Japan, for hundreds of years, tea reached Europe in the 17th century when Portuguese and Dutch traders brought it back as a luxury commodity alongside silks and spices.

In 1662, Catherine of Braganaza of Portugal included a chest of tea in her dowry when she married the British king, Charles II, and the drink became the height of sophistication among the aristocracy. In the 19th century, the British Empire helped make tea a daily drink for workers and the wealthy alike, as botanists and entrepreneurs set up tea plantations in India.

In August last year, we went to South Korea and were pleasantly introduced to the Korean passion for tea. Upon landing in the capital Seoul, we immediately found ourselves visiting the most popular streets that sold crafts. It was truly a wonderful experience: hundreds of tourists walking on the streets with numerous craft shops lined on either side of the streets. There were various traditional, indigenous products on offer; some selling ceramic artefacts.

For a long time, I had a desire to see real celadon ceramic pottery and was pleased to find some European tourists sharing my enthusiasm. The entire area was so fascinating that one could spend hours just wandering.

Even the rain couldn't stop us from moving from one shop to the other. I was particularly fascinated by one shop selling fans. Others sold musk and various types of art paper and painting brushes. Antic shops were also amazing which showcased old Chinese, Japanese and Korean pottery and many old utensils.

After long walks and checking the arts and crafts shop, we became a little tired, until we stumbled upon a teahouse, authentic in its own way and featuring interesting teapots. A Korean lady, the owner of the shop, described to us the many types of tea that she had for sale. She sat down in a corner of the shop beside a low square table featuring all the necessities of a lovely tea party.

The most interesting items were the small tea kettles, beautiful and all so unique in style. Some were black, while others brown and white. I particularly liked a kettle with a dragon motif.

Each and every piece was ornate with original artwork that bore an aesthetic and soulful touch. Even the style of displaying was simple yet attractive. A sleek, open rack with wrought iron stands held all teapots and cups. The lady placed shelves on different levels so the backdrop of the teahouse looked gorgeous and was decorated with traditional artefacts. On another side various blends of teas were displayed.

Korea has a rich culture surrounding this quintessential beverage. Insam Cha is a form of tea made from ginseng -- dried or red steamed. The sliced or whole ginseng is gently boiled for a few hours in water, and then honey or sugar added for taste. Danggwi Cha on the other hand, is a tea made from boiling the dried root of Korean angelica or an angelica gigas which is believed to be a good remedy for leucorrhoea and postpartum care.

Saenggang Cha is usually used to prevent colds and to aid digestion. It also has a remedial effect on diarrhoea and stomach aches. This is also made from ginger root, which is washed and sliced without peeling.

There are some other variants of Korean tea made from dry fruits. Mogwacha is made of Chinese quince. Taengja Cha is made of trifoliate orange and sugar with water. There are some more teas that are made from seeds and grains. Such as Bori Cha (roasted barley tea), Oksusu Cha (roasted corns tea) etc.

Tea was first consumed for its beneficial properties, which science has now proved. As well as minerals and vitamins, tea has a good dose of polyphenols, which act as antioxidants mopping up free radicals that damage the body. My wonderful experience at Seoul opened a new cultural heritage surrounding tea, which will stay with me as long as the beverage features on my breakfast table.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Photo: Tamim Sujat


Organising your handbags contents

When organising your handbag, carry only what you need; non-essentials can be kept in your car or in your desk. Lighten the load by carrying a smaller purse. Choose a wider purse over a deep one to avoid archaeological digs. Look for one that has pockets for your cell phone, your glasses, etc. Break items down into categories like grooming (lip balm, comb), health (aspirin, tissues), and office (notepad, pen). Store each category in its own small, clear, zippered bag which can quickly be transferred from purse to purse. Conserve space by carrying travel sizes of items like hand cream. Maintain your system by regularly cleaning out your purse by emptying out scraps of paper, abandoned mints, and used tissues.



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