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Café 33: great food, great music and a great party

We love food. If Dhaka exemplifies anything, it's our love for food. Fast food shops, cafes and restaurants are springing up on every street and block just to feed the frenzy. But, every once in a while, out of nowhere emerges a place that offers something so different that it immediately creates an everlasting impression. The food only strengthens that impression and urges you to return soon. Café 33 does just that.

Located at 3, New Baily Road, on the 3rd floor, Café 33 styles itself as the total collection of famous food from all over the world. However, there's a catch. Although food from all over the world is served, there lies an obvious fusion with a formal dining experience, thus making for a somewhat black-tie relaxed ambience. If that is unique, then the menu has another thing coming for you. The menu itself is a recipe book of sorts, containing information on various items whilst also providing a detailed account of the item one is ordering, listing all the ingredients. The dishes can also be customised to the customer's preferences, which is yet another unique aspect of the whole thing.

But before we sink our teeth into the scrumptiousness on offer, let's consider how we can while the time away while we await the delicacies. Café 33 is a true music café. Boasting the best Bose sound system available in the city, along with a stage area complete with an electronic drum set and all the works, Café 33 plays all sorts of music. The walls are plastered with the faces of musical greatness while some display the most popular lyrics. The plates are no different, with lyrics printed on them so you can sing along while you dine. Live music performances feature the big names while also serving as a platform for up and comers, with one strict rule: Sing the songs you write, don't provide covers. Of course, one can, if they choose, sing English songs, but the tunes aren't restricted to popularity only as Spanish and French songs are also played, which blends well with the variety of cuisine on offer.

The restaurant is divided into two sections; smoking and non-smoking. Both areas can be considered a wonderful display of architectural splendour, with lights, furniture and everything else imported. There is an excellent combination of natural and artificial light, with whole walls overlooked in place of windows. Brown tables serve clients on brown sofas and for a few moments, one loses himself to the soft tunes and the taste of pure food, forgetting that all of this is taking place right in the middle of Dhaka.

Going back to the menu then, where more wonderful things remain. Café 33 is called such for a specific reason. There are 33 foods to choose from, 33 flavours of drinks and 33 flavours of sheesha. There is also a gender distinction displayed in the plates and glasses served to the male and female clientele. Guys get the hunk glasses while the girls are served the cute glasses. Then of course, back to the wide selection of delicacies to choose from. Simon Gomes, the famous chef who used to delight taste buds at the Dhaka Westin, ensures that no one goes back home dissatisfied and there are many choices to tingle your taste buds. How about trying out the Hot Dog? Sounds too simple? Well then, prepare to be surprised. The Hot Dog in question is the actual hot dog, complete with the actual flavour, available in the streets of America. All the ingredients are natural and in most cases, imported, providing the highest quality possible. It will be like no Hot Dog you have tasted before and yes, it will be filling. It takes 13 things to make this Hot dog, including garkins, natural tube and red kidney. Sounds exotic enough?

If Hot Dog isn't what you are looking for, how about some Dum Bong, a treat containing five different mushrooms? Then there's the famous Arabic Baba Ganoush, the oft-heard Caesar Salad, Nachos and the highly enticing Sentiment of Japan. There's just too many to choose from, from the streets of Japan, Italy, France and even Middle-Eastern delights.

So do we stop here? No. After the main course, comes the dessert and drinks. Tiramisu or Boishakhi Feast? Or perhaps take the self-conscious way out and stick to the Fresh Fruit Platter? Ease it all down with authentic Cappucino Nienta or any of the 10 choices of coffees to choose from. Of course, if it's more pleasure your taste buds require, there are numerous other drinks to choose from. May we suggest the Dragon Fruit Juice then, containing actual Dragon-Fruit? Whether it's the fruit drinks, the coffees or even those for the cream lovers, authentication is there at every bite.

Simon sums it up pretty well when he states that 'Café 33 offers people the experience of True Food.' Indeed, food is music to the body and at the beats Café 33 is playing, it seems we can dance for quite a while. Although the prices may be higher than expected, the food does it justice and a few bites will make you realise how inexpensive it is. Take a trip down to Café 33 next time you are in the mood for something original, different and authentic. Your taste buds and your ears will not be disappointed.

By Osama Rahman
Photo location : Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Photo food courtesy: Cafe33


The Loft --
Exclusive Foreign Furniture

The Loft is a new furniture showroom in town. The business went into commercial operation right before Eid ul Fitr of 2010, and in this short period of time it has gathered quite a lot of attention. Their business tag line is 'Exclusive Foreign Furniture', and it is every bit true to that. The showroom specialises in genuine leather sofa sets and beds. Their products are made of high quality leather, which is both visually appealing and durable for use. In addition to the sofa sets and beds, the showroom carries a range of dining tables, centre tables, carpets, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, decoration pieces, cushion covers, table runners, etc. Every single product of 'The Loft' is imported.

All the furniture at The Loft is imported from Malaysia, and there are some showpieces and lighting fixtures that are imported from China. The showroom only carries truly high-end items, which would surely transform your ordinary room into a posh, stylish and attractive space. Although there is not a lot on display due to space constraints, rest assured that whatever is on display is truly unique and likeable. The management at The Loft believes that their edge on the business is their hand-picked exclusive collection, which will surely turn heads. Quality is definitely better than quantity; that is the belief that drives everyone at The Loft.

The Loft is located at Banani, D Block, House 63, Road 15, on the same road as Johnson's Dental and is easily accessible from Banani Road #11. For directions or any other queries please call them at #0161 843 5638. If you are looking for lavish-looking furniture for your home or office, if you want your home to look like the pictures in the magazines, then The Loft is definitely a place to check out. To sweeten the experience, The Loft is currently offering a 10 percent discount on all of their products, so hurry before the offer expires!

- LS Desk



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