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proudest weave

In the same way that one sometimes yearns for a simple book or low, soft music, our ideas this Ramadan were inspired by an evident bling-fatigue. After much deliberation surrounding our final pick, we decided to return to our basics and stick to classics.

In keeping with our central Ramadan theme of comfort and elegance, jamdanis are perfect for the dual 'dress down or dress up' benefit. Depending on the colour you choose or the accessories you use, jamdanis in ebony blacks and flaming oranges can fit into formal, eveningwear dress codes just as their abundantly worked cotton counterparts in pastel peaches and calming blues can provide soothing daytime options.

You can be as adventurous as you please in terms of colour, cut and material when it comes to blouses because quite frankly, anything that you can pull off, goes. Pair your heritage jamdani weaves with gorgeous brocade or graceful lace or conversely, if it's the dressed-down look you are going for, team your self-worked ivories with nude, skin-toned blouses.

We've said it before and we're saying it again. Keep make-up to a minimum. Nothing contradicts sophistication more than excessive make-up, so a stripped clean, seemingly fresh face (even if it's not) is what you should aim for this Eid. Neat and prim hairdos complement elegant saris so do your hair up and let your skin have as little to do with it as possible; one can only guess how stifling heat and humidity will feel on a day spent visiting relatives.

The choice of accessories has much to do with the kind of jamdani you choose and the formality of the event you wish to attend. Strings of pearls or layers of chunky semi-precious stones can make bold and interesting neckpieces while you could shift the focal point entirely and opt for large, feminine earings instead.

In endnote, although we have dedicated column space to chiffons and jamdanis, you can just as well opt for luscious taats and breezy kotas this Eid. If comfortable is how you want to be this season, none of the above will fail you badly.



Model: Naushin, Mehek, Rakhi, Nisha, Sohani
Make up and styling: Farzana Shakil
Wardrobe: Emdad Haque and Farzana Shakil personal
Photo courtesy: Farzana Shakil



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