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Dressing up your bed

A bedroom is the most private and intimate space in a house and hence it can be personalised to the most minute preferences of its occupier(s). The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and it should stand out amongst all other furnishings. The type of bed linen chosen has an important role to play in making the bedroom attractive. Today, bed accessories are no longer luxury products. There are two aspects related to sleeping harmoniously; one is pragmatic and the other is aesthetic.

The wide variety of beds available includes custom-made, standardised, modular and reclining. These are also available in different materials such as wood and steel, along with endless furnishings that are applied to the headboard and bedside tables, which are in vogue at the moment. Pure and neutral tones are the most popular colours as they most complement other elements in the room.

While not everyone is fortunate enough to have a spacious bedroom, a bedroom in general should have enough space for the most basic elements. These include the bed, bed frame, end tables, wardrobe, a chair or two, a desk if there is space, flooring of your choice, window treatment that matches the style of your room and of course accessories.

Our bedroom is usually the last place we see before falling asleep and the first place in sight upon waking up. This week we showcase the different varieties of bed dressing that you can opt for. As a way of introducing texture to a room, soft furnishings can be used liberally to create a plush, luxurious setting, or inserted at points as accents to break monotony -- almost always an instant remedy to an austere interior.

Bedcovers, pillow cases, cushions and throws can be used to create different looks in a bedroom for different moods and occasions. But the basic elements such as mattresses and pillows are also very important for the bed and have a bearing on your health. Even though we spend almost one-fourth of our lives in bed most people spend less money on beds than on sofas or dining tables. Carefully choose a suitable mattress as good rest is the foundation of good health. Pillows with the right support can reduce neck and spinal pressure as well.

Bed linen such as bed sheets and pillow covers are also instrumental in terms of both comfort and style. The styling options are endless as some are even customised for individual preferences. A bedroom is essentially a place to rest, but it is also a where you can be a little self-indulgent with your forms of decoration. Don't just stick to the usual plain bed dressings, but instead use checks or stripes to add points of visual interest. We can even introduce more decorative touches such as embroidered or contrasting borders around the edges of sheets, or ties and buttons on pillows.

Bedspreads have a dual function -- to provide warmth and aesthetic adornment. The fabric and design should suggest comfort and a hint of luxury. There are various types of bedspreads. For our tropical weather we can use light, colourful, block printed, cotton fabrics. Bright colours such as yellow, red, green or black are ideal for festive occasions like Eid, as are printed bedspreads and patchwork quilts. Other options include silk bedspreads which can be made from old saris or dupattas.

If you are seeking to change the look of your bedroom, make some alterations to your usual choices of bed linen as well as your style of display. Forego mundane styles of bed dressing. Instead spread runners or throws on the bed, arrange comforters at angles and set your pillows differently.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

JAMDANIS forever

In our final issue before the big day, we decided to stick to our roots and opt for the quintessential Bangladeshi classic - the jamdani. While we have advocated a comfortable Eid this year, we do appreciate that this is perhaps one of two days in the year when everyone strives to look their best. Depending on the colour, type and intensity of work (on the jamdani) and the accessories that you choose, a jamdani can be perfect for both daywear and formal evening outings. As we thus inch closer to Eid, we end our Ramadan series with Bangladesh's proudest weave; after all no one ever did wrong by sticking to classics.


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