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Andeem's 2nd exhibition

Fashion house Andeem has made its mark on Dhaka's fashion scene through their creation of women's wear that blends Eastern traditions with western trends. They currently focus on sariss, salwar kameezes sets, kurtis, anarkali suits, clutches and other accessories Andeem will be holding their second exhibition on 21 and 22 October, from 11 am to 9 pm. The exhibition will be held at Melange-Coffee and Conversation, House 7, Road 24, Banani, Dhaka. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/andeem.online

Bata Footwear Fest

Bata Bangladesh organised a fashion show on the 14th of October outside their Bashundhara City outlet. The show played host to several media personalities, but it was the presence of the curious shopper, who packed the balconies of the eighth, seventh and sixth floors, that made the show a success.

The fashion show, showcasing Men's, Ladies' and Children's fashion, introduced Bata's new range of footwear. Exisiting brands such as Marie Claire, Weinbrenner, Northstar and Bubblegummers, all flaunted their wares. The most beautiful looking people added a little more authenticity to the designs. Of all, Northstar's collection was the most colourful. Converses of all colours kept the audience enthralled for a while.

Marie Claire was the last to arrive. The designs weren't daring or exceptional, leaning rather towards the classy and sophisticated. Black and white seemed to be the predominant theme there. But the audience seemed to soak up the new arrivals without delay.

The show also featured performances to keep the audience entertained in between the shows. A salsa dance to Justin Beiber's 'Baby' had the crowd excited, apparently. Overall, it was a good enough show, although there wasn't exactly something new to wait for. But given Bata's affordability factor, the new designs ensure that almost everyone manages to look a little more fashionable.

Mon Jasmin Noir

Prestige Bengal Ltd., distributors of quality fragrances have recently launched a luminous and seductive fragrance for women -- Mon Jasmin Noir -- as the new version of the dark and mysterious, Jasmin Noir perfume, from the house of Bvlgari.

The concept of the fragrance is driven by a questing spirit, the power of woman and the taste of temptation for the bite from the forbidden fruit. The modernity and sensuality of this fragrance is achieved by blending notes of lily of the valley, Sambac jasmine, musky nougatine and vibrant woods.

The noses of the composition are Olivier Polge and Sophie Labbe. The face of the "Mediterranean Paradise" campaign is the 28-year-old actress Kirsten Dunst. The bottle is pearly white, decorated with a gold cap and it is available as Eau de Parfum in of 25, 50 and 75 ml bottle at Paris Parfums, House#2, Rd#126, Gulshan-1. For more details call# 01730077066.

CapriCorn's World

Tucked away in the far corner of the floor CapriCorn's World is not what you would expect a food joint at Bashundhara to be. Sprawling over a 12000 square feet area on Level 8 Capricorn's offers a more than pleasant change if you want an appealing environment to dine in.

It boasts a menu consisting of over 300 items. The items belong to different segments of the joint with sandwiches, smoothies, shakes and ice-cream from Movenpick is available at the coffee bar. The seating arrangements beside the coffee bar include coffee tables with day-light flooding in setting a pleasant atmosphere for reading your newspaper or working on your laptop while sipping a cup of tea.

You can avail your main course from 35 different combos consisting of chicken, beef and fish, naan and rice based meals. Apart from that burgers, hot dogs and the likes are also available if you are in the mood for a light meal.

At its entrance CapriCorn's also has a bakery corner where a range of bread, cakes and pastries are available. One can also order desired cakes here.

What sets this place apart is the fact that it has been designed to not only serve to your palate but, also to entertain you. It is equipped with a 23-feet LED screen for the entertainment of visitors and at the far end of the premises is the arcade area with numerous games for children and teenagers alike. And It does not end there! On visiting the place you will also find a gift shop and a chocolate corner sporting all your favourite chocolates.

Well thought out and beautifully designed CapriCorn's is a must-visit with your family and friends. It will officially be inaugurated on the 27 October at 7 in the evening.

By Karishma Ameen


The beauty of budgeting

Inflation has become our most reliable friend. We know prices are rising and will keep on rising and our monthly incomes are always shrinking in comparison to what it once bought. At times like these it is not only wise but rather vital to come up with ways to reduce costs so that you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about the affordability of necessities.

First and foremost, in order to lead a budget life it is necessary to distinguish between your 'needs' and your 'wants'. Once you understand this distinction, leading a budget life will become much simpler and your savings account will start 'gaining weight'.

A budget life is not synonymous to a mundane life but rather to a moderate one. You are not required to stay in always and get out only to go to work, instead you are asked to stay in most of the nights and treat yourself on the others. To begin, review your weekly routine and check every area where a slight change in your habit will help you save. Here are a few tips to help you brainstorm and build your own routine.

* Rise earlier to get to work, this is not only healthier but will also make you wealthier. In the earlier hours transportation is easier to find and cheaper than in the rush hours. If you are using a car, you will be able to avoid congestion and hence save on gas.

* Save on your utility bills. Switch lights and fans off when you do not need their service. Use low-energy light bulbs in places like staircase, bathrooms and corridors and use the regular energy saving lights in other rooms. In the winter months switch the heater or coil off promptly and use cold water for washing clothes.

* Bulk buy your monthly necessities. If you buy in small amounts on a regular basis you are bound to overspend and not be aware of it either.

* When it comes to fashion try sticking to the classic trend as that will spare you from requiring a complete wardrobe overhaul as a trend passes and another appears. The classics never gets old and a little innovation on your part can keep you stylish with needing the 'just in's.

* In terms of decorating your home, use things you already have in varied combinations and placements. Just moving things around can alter your décor without requiring heavy investment.

* If you are a credit or debit card user, start carrying more cash and paying more with cash. Seeing the money flow away from your wallet makes it seem more valuable and hence will curb any shopaholic cravings you might be experiencing.

These are tips on how to economise your daily lives, but there are some aspects of life that you just cannot compromise, where any compromise might lead to disaster. Yes, we are talking of the romantic aspect of our lives, and it is perfectly understandable if you are unwilling to compromise there. But we still say that you can save some things without ever diminishing the enjoyment from a date; in fact, we believe that it is possible to show your significant others a good time by spending as little as Tk.500.

A movie at the Star Cineplex followed by a romantic rickshaw ride.

Two tickets for the movie will cost you Tk. 300. The theatre is an excellent place for a date. Choose a romantic-comedy or thriller, but please no action flick guys; nothing kills the mood faster than gory scenes and unrealistic, macho dialogues.

Spend another 100 bucks for drinks and pop-corn, after all what's any date without good food? The two straws in one glass scene itself is romantic enough to set the mood for the both of you. Now you are set to enjoy the movie in each other's company.

Spend the last Tk.100 to roam around hand-in-hand on a rickshaw at twilight. Take the longest route possible to that tea-stall next to Abahani Field. A cup of that ovaltine tea and another long rickshaw ride back should complete the day on a happy note.

Happiness truly doesn't have to cost a lot.

Personal Shopping
In this hectic daily life of ours it is only fair to, sometimes, take some 'me time'. Unlike the typical image of personal pampering costing over the top and consisting of expensive spa treatments, spending on yourself need not cost you your month's salary. Here are a few ideas on how to treat yourself within a budget, because after all you are special.

Pamper yourself
Burn atleast a 1000 taka on a day out with yourself and yourself alone at the parlour. Get a basic facial, manicure and pedicure (students are offered discounts at most big parlours). If you want to spend as little as possible, go to one of the lesser known parlours and avoid the bigger giants.

This tip is not for women exclusively since the city is now well equipped for meeting the men's relaxation needs.

Spend on yourself like there is no tomorrow. But here's the trick, to ensure that you don't stretch the pocket, buy many small tit bits so that you can return home laden with packets and thus deceive the eye and that burning appetite to shop. Buy jewellery, movies, books, eye-pencils, colourful lipsticks and whatever else catches your eyes on the streets.

These tips were provided just to make your brain wheels start to roll. You are the person who knows your routine the best and hence can alter it in the most efficient way. Keeping a spending diary helps in making you aware of your expenditures and that in turn helps you cut on wasteful spending. Lastly it helps to remember that incentive is the biggest motivation, so treat yourself occasionally for being a good kid once you reach your goals.

By Raisaa Tashnova


Modelling workshop

Blink Bros Communications has organised a modeling workshop for young individuals interested to enter the glamourous world of fashion as models. The seven day workshop has been organised with Gold's Gym and Asthetic Laser Clinic as partners. For detains contact: 01814847862, 01815250889.


Hung wet skin

By Iffat Nawaz

All you need is a green guava and a pinch of salt, sugar and pepper. All you need are five bites then you need the sky to break into rain, first drops in your veranda, second ones on your face, blue…blue grey. Then you need to stand outside and feel your clothes become your skin and your skin become your soul and then you need to close your eyes and imagine.

Imagine you are a "mayar horin", a barking deer, stepping softly through the fallen leaves of the last remaining forests. You are the oldest deer to have survived the earth, 15-35 million years on this ground. You children remember their great grandparents and you remember the path of your survival.

Imagine the slants in your eyes, your raised senses, feeling all that is alive and dead around you. Imagine knowing that you will live a long life as long as there is green around you. Imagine the dramatic chromosome variation in your body, imagine not speaking through your mouth but through your heritage. Millions of you, one after another, winning evolution.

If you do not want to be a deer and the rain makes you shiver then imagine you are an oriental, small-clawed otter. Imagine there are not many of you left and you do with what you have through mangroves, swamps, rivers and wet rice fields. Imagine they have labeled you as vulnerable not because you lacked the qualities of survival but because your home started shrinking some time ago and you have lost many of your own. You live with your extended family and vocalise your thoughts and needs in 12 different ways. 12 only. Imagine if you had to pick 12 ways of vocalising out of the thousands you know which 12 you would pick.

And if you stop shivering and start feeling your inner strength under the rain drops then imagine you are a Bengal tiger. You mysteriously play with the human mind, your smell reaches their noses, they look for you with fear and curiosity and you move like the laziness of moonlight or the speed of light, as you wish, when you wish.

Imagine your yellow stripes, imagine your mangrove, and the honey collectors, the smell of flesh. Imagine the power of your claws and teeth, the weight of your body on the ground. Imagine even after knowing there are not many of you left in the world you do not let a drop of fright enter your mind.

You are unaware of how many big and small organisations have used your image for their own benefits more than yours. Imagine that you only live for yourself and life is a long stretch of sunshine shadowed by "shundori" leaves.

And when you open your eyes and the half eaten guava waits for you on the dining table, and you are too wet to enter your house or stay outside, imagine being in the middle, being human, being civilised, with hunger, thoughts and the panic of death. Take off your wet skin, hang it up to study, the complexities which you overestimated and the straight lines you took to be safe and then to be sorry. Imagine…


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