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Green Furniture

On 27 November, 2011 famed singer Runa Laila inaugurated the new showroom of Green Furniture at 7/1 Aurangzeb Road, Mohammadpur.

Reputed for their quality products, Green Furniture has made a name for itself in the furniture industry. Their new outlet will feature some of their most popular designs. Also available are hi-glass dining sets, bed sets, dressing tables, dressing cabinets, centre tables, sofa sets, door and kitchen cabinets.

Executive Director Shaila Chowdhury and Managing Director of Green Furniture Kawser Hossain Chowdhury were present at the ceremony along with a host of illustrious guests.
Contact: 7/1 Aurangzeb Road, Dhaka. #01678004256.


Beautiful food
“If you're afraid of butter, use cream.” ¯ Julia Child

When people travel they take pictures -- of themselves. Me, I take pictures of food. In fact, going through my albums I realise there is more evidence of what I ate than of me actually being there. The reason for this is quite simple. On any given day, I'd rather look at a plate of good food than a museum full of paintings.

If you are anything like me then you know that standing in line to see a statue missing its arms can never come close to the succulence of an exquisitely grilled rack of lamb. That one of the greatest adventures you'll ever have is discovering that perfect charcoal baked red snapper stuffed with home grown herbs in a tiny shack somewhere on the road to the Red Sea. This whole new side of the world opened up to me when I started travelling in my teens. I was made fun of for never remembering the places we went to but always remembering every single meal consumed. I don't remember much of the Eiffel tower, yes, but I can still taste the warm, buttery brioche I had that morning.

Even as a child I instantly recognised that good looks are in fact a strong indicator of fresh, wholesome, delicious food. This I learned from the stark difference between dreaded trips to the city's grey, smelly kaacha bazaar and the open, fresh vegetable patches of my village. In the course of time, there were a lot of life lessons to be learnt: when your first batch of brownies fails miserably, you brush the flour off your apron and start again from scratch, and no matter how hard you toil at your Gajorer Halwa, it'll never be the way your nani used to make it.

A life spent in the pursuit of good food may not sound ambitious enough, yet so many of us do it. Because at the end of the day you know Masterchef's Matt Preston is right. The love of good food really does know no boundaries.

By Sheema Hossain


Anxious about anxiety?

10 Tips to handle everyday stress!
Anxiety is a permanent shadow in your everyday busy life. Most of us take anxiety as regular tensions of life and ignore it. But if not handled well it can lead to anxiety disorder, which in the future can cause diseases such as clinical depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.

These diseases can bring severe symptoms such as panic attacks, nervous breakdown, palpitation, depersonalisation, apathy, anorexia, fatigue etc. Thus, its very important to take care of our anxiety as soon as we feel it.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking a lot of water increases circulation, that helps maintain chemical balance in the brain, which as a result helps us relax.

Clasp your hands: This method is adapted from the acupressure treatment method; clasp your hands tightly interlocking the fingers. Then with the fingers of the left hand press on the back of the right hand and then with the fingers of the right hand press on the back of the left hand. This method reduces fast heart beat quickly which is caused by nervous tension.

Pressure your toes: Lie down on your back and press all the toes of both legs, backward. It may hurt a little but repeat at least three times. This helps in removing tension almost instantly.

Muscle exercise: Lay straight, relax your arms and legs. Then slowly tighten all the muscles of your chest, arms, legs and neck; hold for a few seconds and let go. Relax for a few seconds and repeat again.

Paper bag: Take a brown paper bag, standard size, put the opening around your nose and mouth tightly; then breath into it! This method improves ventilation during anxiety and relaxes your mind.

Aerobics: Aerobics and light exercises increase metabolism that helps maintain proper heart rate.

Vitamin B complex: Taking vitamin B complex tablets helps in reducing the chances of clinical depression caused from anxiety because the different B vitamins balance the stress hormones and chemicals in the brain.

Walk in open air: This sounds like a simple one but it really helps. A walk in the terrace or park or any open space helps in proper ventilation and makes you feel fresh from gloomy thoughts during anxiety.

Backward counting : Sounds funny? During anxiety we are usually not able to come out of the thought that is causing the anxiety and soon we are obsessed with the thinking. So if you count numbers backward, for that moment your attention is diverted away from the thought that's causing you anxiety, helping you to relax.

Things to avoid: Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine should be strictly avoided as they not only aggravate your anxiety but can sometimes even cause psychological diseases. Also avoid stressful exercises and make sure you get proper hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can be a major cause too.

Just remember you are the best doctor for yourself in case of anxiety. Stay focused on yourself and relax thinking that whatever your are tensed about can be solved as long as you are physically fit and mentally strong.

Once you have anxiety under control, you can easily avoid depression and other psychological disorders!

Reference: “Health in your hands” by Devandra Vora and www.calmclinic.com

By Sharmeen Rahman


Rule of using lip gloss

The method of applying lip gloss is to dab it in the centre of both lips. Do not spread it like lipstick, rather let it spread itself. This gives the lips volume rather than making them look wide and too shiny. often be perked up by floating the whole stem in warm water for half an hour.


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