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The third Kozmo outlet opened its doors to foodies and schmoozers on November 25. Kozmo has become a considerable brand in the Dhaka social circuit. With Kozmo Wisdom Café, Arif Hafiz (CEO of Kozmo) intends to take it further.

Directions: As you enter Bashundhara, go past the GP head office, turn right, and keep going till the end of the road. Turn right, then take the first left, and you're there.

Hafiz explained why Kozmo “wisened up” and more.

Why “Wisdom Café”?
Hafiz: In olden days, writers, poets and storytellers would exchange views with one another and readers at inns. That tradition continued when cafés emerged in the urban social scene. In Dhaka, this trend is missing. I wanted to reintroduce that tradition.

Why Bashundhara?
Hafiz: It's an emerging zone. It houses universities, corporate offices and thriving residential areas.

What sets Wisdom Café apart from the other Kozmo outlets?
Hafiz: Kozmo has been promoting Bangladeshi musicians since its inception. Regular performances are held at both the Dhanmondi and Banani outlets. At Wisdom Café, we'll hold readings, discussions, book and album launches and short film screenings.

What also sets this outlet apart is the set-up of the joint; it's certainly roomier than its siblings and the vibe is very cosy. It's also divided into different sections.

Basement Café is rather informal where you can just kick back and strike up a natter over a steaming bowl of tom yum.

Zen Theatre has comfortable seating arrangement to make your movie watching experience memorable.

The mezzanine floor is dedicated to Eastern and Western philosophers, writers and icons -- from Tagore to Freud. You can meander with your cup of basil tea and if you fancy, step out and enjoy the cityscape from the rooftop.

Digital display boards flash words and sayings -- covering spirituality, trivia and humour. Every drink comes with a disposable coaster with an intriguing axiom. Kozmo Wisdom Café promotes the free flow of information and knowledge, and wants its clients to make the most of their time at the establishment. It's fun and frolic meeting awareness halfway.

With that particular intention (sharing knowledge) in mind, Hafiz has put up a book corner at the outlet. Put a book in and borrow one -- all in good faith.

Coming back to gastronomic delights: Kozmo Wisdom has a Soup & Sandwich Corner that allows you to make your own sandwich.

By Karim Waheed
Photo: Arif Hafiz


Nando's brings a taste of Portugal

Nando's, the popular South African franchise which prides itself on serving healthy food, is ending 2011 on a bright note by introducing its last new dish of the year, 'Cataplana Algarve'.

The eatery which focuses largely on Portuguese cuisine, has named the dish after a province in Portugal, Algarve, characterised by rich, filling and full-flavoured dishes.

“December is a month of celebration for Bangladesh, with our Victory Day on the 16th, followed by Christmas and New Year's Eve,” said Ahmed Abu Insaf, COO of Nando's Bangladesh while introducing the new dish. “Keeping all these celebrations in mind we are giving you Cataplana Algarve to heighten your fun.”

Cataplana Algarve is a medley of flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken thighs, tossed with spicy rice, grilled peppers, chickpeas and a dash of parsley -- all served with a refreshing Rosa Fresca Drink. The Rosa Fresca is a new drink that is being launched along with the new Cataplana Algarve and is a minty delight that has a lime twist to it. Mint Mojito and Pomegranate syrup are used in specific proportion to bring about that special factor for which Nando's designer drinks are popular.

Nando's have also built a reputation for philanthropy, a recent example being the feeding of orphans on a weekly basis during Ramadan. This time too they have though of the community and joined forces with one of the most brilliant examples of Bangladeshi philanthropy -- the Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP). Nando's have bought a large quantity of their calendars which feature paintings done by the disabled children, and beautiful they are too. The first hundred customers to order the Cataplana Algarve will be given this calendar, thus spreading the message and raising awareness of CRP's work.


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