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Freeze factor

Modern decoration is simple, elegant, and functional. It is a fusion of the latest trends in furniture and accessory design and cutting-edge technology. More than being simple functional appliances, televisions, DVD players, refrigerators, washing machines, irons, blenders, food processors, air-conditioning units, and other essential appliances can also be visually appealing.

This week, we discuss an appliance that is at the heart of every household and one that is used on a daily basis - the refrigerator. When storing products in your fridge, always make sure the fridge is not over-loaded so the cool air can flow freely.

Sometimes in small apartments, refrigerators are kept in the dining area. However, the ideal placement of the refrigerator is between the entrance of the kitchen and the cooking area where all the members of the household can easily access it.

Below are some quick tips to keep your fridge in optimum condition:

Check weekly to make sure no food is spoiled and contaminating food around or below it.

Keep all leftovers in separate containers in the fridge. Generally, leftovers are alright for up to 4 days.

Do not consume food that has been refrozen, thawed and reheated too many times.

Eat egg and dairy products before the expiration date on the label.

Cover food thoroughly or keep in containers and Tupperware boxes.

Wrap meat for the freezer with thick plastic or aluminum foil, or store it in covered containers.

To remove freezer odours, place a cotton swab soaked with vanilla inside the freezer. Close the door for 24 hours.

Put an open box of baking soda on a shelf to help eliminate odours.

Clean with a solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda per quart of water, or equal parts of vinegar and water, or hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent.

Wipe down the walls with a strong solution of white vinegar and water; it will make the refrigerator odour-free.

Keep the top of the fridge clear from clutter and make sure to dust and clean here as well.

A kitchen cannot do without a powerful and high-performance refrigerator that helps keep raw food fresh and properly chilled. The refrigerator has been designed to perform such important tasks. The inverter compressor ensures quick freezing, energy saving and power freezing.

Equipped with the multi hygienic system (double bio deodoriser and fresh vegetable cassette) and ion deodoriser, high-tech refrigerators not only keep food fresh, but prevent spoilage with state-of-the-art technology. A built-in door alarm beeps when the doors are kept open. The 3-side radiant cooling system helps to chill from three directions to create air circulation in the compartments for efficient chilling. The environmental friendly refrigerator is frost free and CFC free, which means that the frozen food compartment does not require extra cleaning.

Multi hygienic system
A hygienic solution for every compartment of the refrigerator.

Ion deodoriser
Helps to harmonise the air and enhances circulation by generating negative ions to neutralise positive ions which are the primary cause of unpleasant odors. This unique ioniser technology removes odors and eliminates bacteria effectively to maintain freshness.

Double bio deodoriser
Bio enzymes remain active for a long period. Its protein secretion will attach itself to the bacteria in the fridge to eliminate them and permanently remove odors. The mechanism of Double Bio Deodoriser comprises of N-Bio Catalyst and S-Bio Catalyst.

N-Bio Catalyst is a special organic carbon catalyst that deodorises organically and safely removes unpleasant odors caused by fish or meal. S-Bio Catalyst contains active enzymes that eliminate bacteria, preventing fruit and vegetables from turning bad.

Washable crisper cassette
It uses washable, nature's strongest antibacterial agent next to sunlight, to preserve Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables and also to keep them fresh by preventing ethylene gas from spreading.

Fresh chiller cassette
Antibacterial properties come from the use of natural ingredients like washable mint and lemongrass. This suppresses bacteria and effectively prevents it from spreading, therefore keeping food fresh for a longer time.

In the end we say our home is our life. Fresh food, water and fruits can give us more energy and spirit.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant

E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Journeyman Archive


Care for Winter Babies

Winter is now fully into its second wave of chills. The children who were born prior to or in winter will require utmost care and protection from the season's harsh conditions. In winter, the newborn baby has to fight from the beginning to adjust to the environment. Therefore, the baby needs extra care and attention from its family members, among whom the mother's role is paramount.

Being a first-time mother, one often fails to understand properly what she should do for her child's care. Another thing about being a new mother is that the senior members of the family often become very enthusiastic and helpful, sometimes overly so. They often try to impose superstitious advice, and this often turns out to be more of a hindrance.

An example of such harmful advice is that senior members of the family suggest rubbing oil on the child from head to toe in order to protect it from the cold, but modern physicians forbid mothers to do that till the child is at least six weeks old. The reason according to the experts is that the child's skin is super-sensitive during this period. Application of any kind of chemical like oil, lotion or powder may cause harm. Rashes may appear on the child's skin due to the application of these chemicals.

Far from protecting it, using oil on the baby's skull actually exposes it to the dreaded cold, doctors say. Dr. Md Kamrul Hasan, paediatrician at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) suggests the use of any pure oil -- preferably olive oil -- mixing 50 percent water when the child is one and a half months old. Before that, the mother is advised to mix salt with water to wash the child. This will help make the child germ-free.

Well-intentioned elders often advise a mother to warm the baby's bathwater by keeping it under the sun. They believe it is good for the child. Giving the lie to this traditional belief, Dr Kamrul advises mothers to be sure that the whole water has been warmed otherwise; otherwise it may result in the baby catching a cold.

Heating by sunlight often results in the top layer of the water getting heated while the lower levels remain cold. It is therefore wise to warm the water properly on a burner, because contrary to popular belief, the sunlight method does not lend extra vitamins to the bathwater.

In winter it is quite difficult for the parents to get up before dawn to close the window in order to prevent the heavy fog getting in, so it is best to close them before going to sleep. According to Dr Kamrul, due to negligence in this regard children are falling victim to the cold -- the number of children under one and half months at BSMMU has increased within a month. The common symptoms are red eye, runny nose and green faeces. During this season, the doctor advises the mothers to cover the child with a full sleeve dress at night.

Babies are more prone to sweat as their body temperature is higher than that of adults. Their necks and shoulders sweat more than other parts of their body because brown fat is concentrated in these regions. So, mothers have to take great care in wiping out sweat, otherwise it may lead to the child catching cold. If the child's nose is runny, the mother should clean the nose carefully, because germs concentrate in the slimy substance of the nose leading to flu. Besides, the child cannot suck milk properly if its nose remains clogged. So, the mother should clear the child's nose with a cotton bud before feeding the baby.

Like adults, vitamin-D is essential for the newborn babies. According to Dr Kamrul, morning is the perfect time to expose the baby to sunlight after the morning chill has receded. Physicians generally advise to take jaundice-affected babies out in sunlight.

Quality diapers must be used during chilly winter nights as babies urinate very frequently. As the mothers remain tired and need sound sleep at night to take proper care of the baby the next day, repeatedly changing diapers can become an ordeal.

It is quite impossible for the mother to check frequently whether a baby has urinated and lack of proper care may cause severe cold. So, diapers which are substantially absorbent are an indispensable part of child care, especially in winter.

By Mahtabi Zaman


Menz Klub

Men's fashion house Menz Klub has brought out a winter line for this season that includes formal blazers and coats, formal shirts, shoes, etc. Besides, the Menz Klub showrooms in Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong carry trendy line-ups of jeans, belts and ties.

Ena la Mode

To offer something new to their loyal customers, Ena la Mode has brought new shoes and bags in the new year. Highlights of the new designs include bags designed with jamdani and chikan. Batik has also been incorporated in the new offers.

Available at all Ena la Mode outlets.

For details contact: Ena la Mode, Pink City Shopping Complex, Shop #9, Road #9, Gulshan 1; House #4, Road #12, Sector #6, Uttara; House #127, Nasirabad Afmi Plaza, Chittagong.


The Fearless Olive

How much can you do with soup and salad?

A lot, apparently. Meet Reema Islam, owner of The Fearless Olive, a new catering service in town that specialise on soups and salads. Once you have tasted her food, you will never make the mistake of shunning or underestimating soup and salad as mere appetisers and starters.

If you are arranging a party and planning to have an interesting menu, The Fearless Olive might just be the catering service that will come handy. Reema makes exciting and refreshingly new salads that will keep your guests asking for more.

And re-fills shouldn't be that much of a problem. The Fearless Olive uses olive oil and very healthy ingredients for you to eat without worry or guilt!

“You might think making a salad is easy, and it actually is. But a lot depends on the type of ingredients you use, how and from where you get them. I have mastered these recipes and now they come easy to me,” says Islam. Making an innovative and perfect salad requires immense dedication, practice and patience that often go unnoticed when you keep munching away.

Fresh soups and salads of The Fearless Olive will soon be available across the counter at a superstore in Gulshan.

The Fearless Olive sees a café in the future. “I have this idea of The Fearless Olive eatery -- one that serves healthy, organic food in a completely eco-friendly café,” Islam shared.

For details contact: reemaislam@gmail.com or check her Facebook page: "The Fearless Olive".

By M H Haider


Adam & Eve

When boutique businesses are available on every other street, a group of friends thought of opening up the same business in a slightly different way. They called it “Adam & Eve” and their strategy is to sell their extraordinary designs by exhibiting online via Facebook, so that their customers get to order from any part of the world. To this end Shatabdi Iqbal, Zakia Rezwana, Feroza Hossain and Ananna Rahman opened a facebook page with pictures of their wardrobe collections including a mixture of traditional and trendy designs. For Eve's outfit they work on cotton, silk, muslin, khoddor, georgette, chiffon and satin as well. Further varying from season to season they will be focusing on colour, themes and different materials like jamdani, katan (opara katan, raw katan, and silk katan), etc. Now, even Adams need not worry, as they can order online their desired panjabi in their preferred material. The price range for panjabis starts from Tk.1800 to Tk.7000, saris from Tk.10,000 to Tk.20,000, kameez and kaftans from Tk.1,250 to Tk.3500. Adam & Eve held an exhibition to mark their inauguration on 24 and 25 December 2011 at Mélange Café in Banani to showcase their exclusive one-piece collection. Celebrities like Kaniz Almas Khan, Fuad, Shunno Band Members, and Tootli Rahman were present on the occasion. Their collections are available at www.facebook.com/adameve.collection


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