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Laser Treat

Laser Treat at Banani 11 offers its clients an opportunity for body recontouring through using the latest laser technology.

Dr Sarker Mahmud Ahmed, a renowned expert in this field of Cosmetic Surgery, now operates on regions like the abdomen, the waistline, the arm, the thigh, etc. This offers patients an opportunity to re-shape their structure to attain physical beauty without any medication or surgical pain.

Patients availing the services are entitled to up to 23 percent discounts at the clinic.

For details contact: Laser Treat, Hong Kong Shanghai Tower, House #106 (second floor), Road #11, Banani, Dhaka. 01950010020.


Recapture your youthful radiance with Pond's Gold Radiance

Unilever Bangladesh organised a grand event to launch its new skincare product Pond's Gold Radiance. The event took place on 5 January, 2012 at Hotel Ruposhi Bangla.

Popular female celebrities of the country and corporate ladies were invited to this event. The audience enjoyed the launch and the lively performance of host Munmun made the event more colourful. The product range was revealed through a splendid fashion show.

Women's concern over loss of skin radiance has been studied by the Pond's Institute for over five years. Researchers throughout the world have interviewed thousands of women who informed that skin dullness made them feel awful as they aged.

Gold has always had a rich history and strong association with skincare. It has been known to enhance beauty and maintain the youthfulness of the skin. The time has come for Bangladeshi women to experience the beautifying benefits of Gold -- a revolutionary anti-ageing solution.

The all new Pond's Gold Radiance harnesses the power of real gold to counter the root cause of ageing -- dullness. It is infused with real gold micro particles that recapture the youthful radiance. Pond's Gold Radiance is now available in modern trades and supermarkets. The range includes youthful glow day cream, precious youth serum, youth reviving eye cream and Revealed Facial Foam.

To learn more about Pond's, log on to www.facebook.com/pondsbangladesh.

Magic Mirror's bridal package

Bridal makeover should involve steps spread over days, if not weeks. It is therefore important that the bride avails pre-bridal packages to give you the radiant look on the big day.

Magic Mirror perfectly combines the pre- and post-bridal essentials with its bridal makeover offer. With every bridal makeup you will get a Pre-Bridal Chocolate Facial and a Post-Bridal Party Makeup absolutely free.

For the bride's entourage, magic mirror offers a Hot Oil Head Massage absolutely free if one avails the combo of a fruit facial (orange/ banana/ papaya), a manicure and a pedicure. So, don't miss your chance of getting pampered from head to toe at an amazing price.

Just step in to experience a magical makeover and grab the extra treats as long as the offers last. For your convenience the makeover lounge remains open from 8.30 am to 8.00pm every day.

Contact details: 204/B, Tejgaon Gulshan Link Road (Beside Gulshan Aarong). #9887281. magicmirrorbd.com. For appointments, call: 01610 444555, 01610 777444


How to pick second hand tires like a boss

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Buying second hand tires is like buying a second hand toothbrush. It'll get the job done but you can never be too sure of what you get in return like germs, death or the apocalypse. Generally a used tire is as good as no tire. The rule is to get brand new. But sometimes, stranded with a flat tire in the middle of the highway with a murderous killer after you, you need to make a quick decision; buy second hand. Check on a few things and you can get a good deal.

First the problems associated with old tires
Tires go over a lot of difficult stuff like dirt, mud, broken glass, rocks and pedestrians. These can take a toll on the roundness of a tire which is its most important factor. Over time, tire rubber compound becomes harder making it less absorbent of all the potholes.

It becomes noisy like someone constantly humming a Justin Bieber tune. A tire is made up of wires and string wrapped in rubber. Over time, hard knocks can cause these wires inside to snap causing bubbles/blisters to appear on the outside. These can cause tires to wobble. Bubbles are bad news because a bubbled tire can rupture. These are not visible unless air is pumped in.

Look out for three things: holes, tread depth and easy rolling
First thing to watch out for is the previous repairs. Look inside the tire, see how many repairs there are. If there are big patches inside, lots of them, avoid. Also look for any tear or hole along the outside. There can be scratches but no holes, patched or otherwise.

Second, if the tire treads look like the smooth bald head of your favourite uncle, avoid. Any remaining tread must be at least deep enough to lose a fat ant in. I said ant, not aunt.

Third, after the tire is mounted, roll it along the smooth, even ground. It should roll along happily, not wobble and fall over like a drunken celebrity. Roll it gently along and if the wheel tries to list to any one side, avoid. This tire is more useless than a politician who can also pick locks.

Where and how much
You've decided you want one. You get them in almost any tire shop except the big ones that only retail. Prices are usually at most half that of the brand new if the tread is almost fresh. 50 percent tread left, go for 1/3rd the price. And look for good brands, not unknown Chinese knockoffs. Now you can roll like a boss.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Junaid
Wardrobe: Overture T-shirts
Facebook link: www.facebook.com/overture.bd


Man to Man: Bathroom Etiquette 101

Before you shrug, pretend to know it all and turn to another story, just pause. Men, these etiquettes may be known by you but rest assured there are people within your circle or surroundings who have no clue about them. So, for the sake of realising that what annoys is really something reasonable and that you aren't the only one feeling angry about it, here we bring you all the bathroom etiquette that people should wake up to. Spread the word. Lord knows, we need to and forgive the bluntness. Some things are impossible to sugarcoat.

Law of the Middle Urinal: If there are three urinals in the washroom and all three are empty, DO NOT TAKE THE MIDDLE ONE. Taking the middle one makes the entire process uncomfortable for the next person who enters the washroom. There is no need to be conducting our private business next to someone else. So, why not take the one at the far right or far left? Leave the middle urinal alone, until and unless it's a real emergency. A lot of people seem to lack this little common sense. Also, when someone is using the urinal, do not stand behind them. If you want to wait your turn, wait at a distance. And for the love of God, do not engage people in conversation right then and there. That's just wrong.

Theory of Toilet Paper: Men shall inherently toss toilet paper in the urinal although this does nothing but serves as a complete example of their stupidity. The toilet paper doesn't belong in the urinal. The urinal is not the same thing as the commode. There is a major difference. If you have not understood the difference, please do not use the toilets in our office because you are mentally disgusting. The toilet paper can be tossed in the bin. Not in the urinal. That does not even make sense. You may think that toilet paper lets water flow through it, but that's not true, Einstein. The urinal is not the place for your toilet paper.

The Toilet Seat Syndrome: Men will always leave the toilet seat up. Women will always leave the toilet seat down. Except, here, no one leaves the toilet seat up. I, for one, refuse to run water over the toilet seat and place toilet paper on the seat before using it because some disgusting person forgot to put the toilet seat up while using the commode for the quicker motion number one. And since people here aren't exactly Robin Hood, we don't trust your aim. There are telltale signs, you know? Those signs show that you are sick. Next time, have the decency to put the toilet seat up, please.

A Soapy Solution: Final rule. After finishing the work, we all need to use soap. If you need to use soap, please use your right hand first. Do not start with your left hand. The right uses the soap, puts it back and cleans the left and then the right hand uses the soap bubbles on the left hand again. Never ever start with the left hand. Just don't.

Although it goes without saying, let's just say it. Remember to flush. There is nothing you can leave behind for us to appreciate. So, just flush, ok? Remember the rules and keep it clean.

By Osama Rahman



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