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Kay Kraft

21 February is a day of pride and honour for not only our country but for the world as we now observe International Mother Language Day. Like every year Kay Kraft pays its tribute and celebrates the entire month through the release of a special Ekushey Collection.

The inspirations for this year's motifs include magnified thumb prints and collection of letters and words within those prints. Alphabets have been used as motifs in many other ways as well to represent the Language Movement and Liberation War.

Historically recognised primitive Bangla letters have been used in the designs as well. This year Kay Kraft has emphasised on black, red and white.

Available at all Kay Kraft outlets.

Rang-er Ekushey

21 February is deeply intertwined with the lives of every Bangladeshi. To pay homage to the language martyrs, Rang has brought a special collection.

Saris, three-pieces, fatuas, panjabis, T-shirts, skirts, tops, dupatta, blouse pieces, shawls, CDs and mugs are available, which are themed on the occasion. Pictures of the Shahid Minar, alphabets, Ekushey themed songs and poems, birds, flowers etc adorn these products.
Available at all Rang outlets.

Nitya Upahar celebrates Ekushey February

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Amar Ekushey and International Mother Language Day Nitya Upohar has brought its 'Ekusheyr Shahosher Rang Arek Falgun' exhibition.

This year's collection features 60 chosen designs out of 75 designs by famous and young artists. These works feature the recent thoughts regarding Ekushey February.

The collection includes designs by Qiyyum Chowdhury, Hashem Khan, Chandra Shekhar Shaha, Wakilur Rahman, Dhrubo S, Anissuzaman Sohel, Sabyasachi Hazra, Bahar Rahman, Kanak Adittya, Mahbubur Rahman, Anahid Jafri, Shahed Hijal and Sadia Mizan.

The exhibition which started on the 15 February will continue till the 29 of this month from 10am-8pm everyday (except Tuesdays and from 1pm on Wednesdays) at Aziz Co-operative Supermarket, Shahbagh, 4th Floor.

Pond's celebrates Valentine's Day

After some years of marriage, the romance eventually fades away. What couples need then is a spark, a renewal of romance -- a second honeymoon.

Pond's, a brand of Unilever, had taken this very step that would help their consumers refresh the romance and passion in their lives.

The big idea
Unilever Bangladesh arranged a nationwide campaign. Consumers had to buy a 50g Pond's Age Miracle day or night cream to share the story of the most romantic act from their first honeymoon.

Pond's Age Miracle is an anti-ageing array of premium face care products, which give its customers younger looking skin in just 7 days.

25 couples, based on their stories, were selected.

The prize
These 25 couples were then invited to the gala evening, where seven were finally declared winners. The winning couples were presented with what Pond's promised: revitalising the romance; and it did that possibly the most effective way: by sending off these couples to their second honeymoon!

The honeymoon destinations were indeed magical: Paris, Venice, Geneva, Male, Bali, Phuket and Lankawi.

The winners were announced in the event that was held in 13 February at Utshab Hall, Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel.

Kamran Bakr, Chairman & Managing Director, and KSM Minhaj, Brand Building Director, of Unilever Bangladesh, handed over the tickets to the winning couples.

Singers Tahsan and Mithila, a married couple themselves, were the hosts of the event.

The 25 wives received a makeover from Persona and outfits from Zara.

The event kicked off with a mesmerising laser show that immediately set the right mood for the evening. The gala event also had some performances from the couples -- songs and dances, drama as well as a fashion show.

Singers Partho Barua, Bappa Majumdar and Fahmida Nabi added to the joy of the celebration with their stunning performances. A cake was cut to welcome the Valentine's Day.

The TV partner of this campaign was Bangla Vision. The event was shown on the channel on 17 February at 3 pm. Highlights of the event can also be found on the official Pond's Bangladesh Facebook page.

By M H Haider


Spaghetti Jazz

For all its tradition, the newly relocated Spaghetti Jazz must at least be given credit for keeping up its classic menu and maintaining the title of being one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Dhaka.

Though it moved just a few minutes' walk away from its original location that it held for over 18 years, loyal customers will miss its old-school style that used to include photographic decorations of music and jazz right as you entered the cozy spot. If you do manage to find the place (on the Gulshan 2 circle on the side of the lighting stores, find narrow alley and go up the elevator), enlarged photos of Jazz musicians and red/pink painted walls will greet you when you enter, with new, large scale murals occupying the walls around the dining area. The ideal place to dine would be near their ceiling to floor window from which you can view the commercial landmark that is Gulshan 2 Circle. It remains one of the few restaurants in town that has avoided the too-bright fluorescent lighting and kept the candle light theme.

Though the restaurant emphasizes 'authentic Italian', its menu seems to keep it safe, with uncomplicated 'comfort' food. With a selection of breads, appetizers, simple homemade pastas and proteins to of course, pizzas, the menu will not be too unfamiliar to the basic pallette.

Along with mocktails with titles like Strawberry Kiss, beginning with a soup or a traditional appetizer is a start. We decided to try the all classic garlic bread, which turned out to be not so much bread but essentially a basket of thin, pizza-like crust with a strong garlic base, crunchy enough to taste the layer of cheese and butter. It pairs well with their (maybe too basic) sauce-based pasta dishes such as the Tagile Telle Penna which comes in a piping hot bowl in which the homemade pasta rests in a bed of warm white cream sauce with pieces of chicken and mushroom.


For the carnivore, the roast beef with brown sauce or the pepper steak are good choices, with its combination of Italian and local influences. The earthy flavor in the chicken with aubergine cheese also keeps up with the comfort food theme. Pesce Alla Siciliane is a fish dish cooked Sicilian style with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and oregano that can go with their selected few vegetable options, such as the croquette potatoes (which turned out are just a fancier versions of a boiled potato).

If you want brick-oven baked pizza, the Jazz is apparently the customer favourite. The thin crust comes with tomatoes, shrimp, cheese, eggs, anchovies, capers, and garlic, any one of which can be replaced with the likes of corn, onions, or peppers. However, if you enjoy flavour, we recommend keeping the jar of pepper flakes and parmesan cheese close by.

Unlike many restaurants in Dhaka, Spaghetti Jazz has an actual dessert menu. The sweet-tooth in all of us must leave a bit of room with choices like crepes, chocolate mousse, to panna cotta with chocolate sauce on the menu, all around 400 taka.

As for service, Spaghetti Jazz is one of the very few restaurants in the city where you will see female servers uniformed in white crown-headpiece to fit the atmosphere. This was certainly a nice change in an industry dominated by men. That aside, while the waiters could be a bit more assertive, don't turn to them to ask for recommendations off the menu. You are on your own on this one.

Though the Italian long-time favourite has moved from its original home, loyal customers will be met with the same menu and jazz musical background. Our rating: 3/5

By Olinda Hassan
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


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