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Death- End of a Relationship


An exhibition, named "Death - End of a Relationship", was held at Drik Gallery from 13 February to 17 February. The exhibition featured photos clicked by Shah Sazzad. The photographer takes on the fact that although death may mean an end to a relationship, the living person is left with many memories. Sazzad, with the backing of his own experiences in his family- a mother he lost and a father who is now very ill- has snapped photos that portrays the bond between family members and the value of having loved ones in your life.



In the last issue of Star Lifestyle, 14 February 2012, we provided some incorrect information on the shop 'Ethnica'; the required corrections to which are provided below.

The article in question stated that Ethnica is a group of three shops, standing next to each other, selling household items, clothing and jewellery respectively. Ethnica is, however, only the first of these three shops and specialises in unique household products such as bedspreads, sea-grass lampshades, baskets, cushion covers, stationery and such. Ethnica does not carry clothing or jewellery.

We regret the mistake and misinformation provided in the previous article and hope that this erratum nullifies any confusion arising from it.

-- LS Desk


There's water in the radio, part 1

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Mechanics and our chauffeurs here are like little children when they try to explain something to us. They have their very own alien vocabulary when it comes to explaining car-'sy' terms. They use words that could easily be eek-eek, ook-ook but just a little more sophisticated. It stumps most petrolheads even. Common people (almost everyone) have it worse. But it doesn't have to be difficult though. We eventually figure out what children are trying to say. Same goes with mechanics and drivers.

Take for instance socket jumpers. It's the most common among members of the grease community. Jumpers that are shaped like sockets? What's a jumper? A rabbit? No! What they mean is a 'shock absorber'. That's the part of a car that has a springy thing wrapped around it. It's shaped roughly like a tube like socket. And it deals with the car jumping over potholes and pedestrians. Simple really.

This was really easy. Sometimes they up their game to really stump you. There was once trouble with my 'radio water'. Now I knew there was no water in my radio. Bugs maybe, lots of dust perhaps. Except there was this one time I washed the car without rolling up one of the windows and hosed the seats, dashboard and the radio. What they meant was 'radiator'. There was water in THAT but even the mechanics had no clue why it was prefixed with 'radio'.

The LS editor once was told by her driver that the car was sputtering and suffering because the 'begom' was bad. Now 'begom' in Bangla means lady or woman. Since she was the only 'begom' in the car, she was wondering how she'd gone bad. Maybe she was in a nasty mood that day.

Turns out, 'begom' stands for 'vacuum'. A car engine contains a lot of sensors that sense stuff to make other stuff happen. This is very scientific. These sensors are activated by vacuums within thin rubber tubes. When these tubes crack with age or slip off because someone was trying to fiddle with stuff, cars can splutter. Well now you know. When the real 'begom' goes bad, the car won't splutter but people will.

A man selling a car I was interested in told me it had original 'frog lights'. That's just mean because a frog needs its light to catch flies in the dark. But no, I could rest easy; the frogs were unmolested. What he meant was 'fog light'.

Seems the less we understand, the more we feel inclined to give in to their seemingly superior knowledge. But now we know just a little bit more. Knowing is power apparently. More coming later.


Great gizmos

Do you crave to upgrade yourself by throwing away your current iPad and getting the new iPad 2? You probably do as the iPad 2 has created a strong buzz all around the world. One feature that gives you a reason to buy it is its size. In the world of gizmos, size does matter: less is always more. This version is a lot slimmer, which makes it look very sleek and stylish. It also comes with a very elegant and classy magnetic cover protecting the screen, that is, the whole top of the tablet.

If you put the cover in place, the gizmo automatically goes to “sleep”. The cover can be bent from the back in a fashion that provides support to your tablet to stand on its own, much like a laptop. Therefore, this iPad allows you to sit back and enjoy movies with more ease.

There are two cameras in the iPad 2. Apple promises faster speed and much better graphics in this version of the tablet. But, there have been many complaints about the quality of video not being up to the mark.

Most of the features are pretty much the same. So, if you are looking to buy an Apple tablet, it won't be a bad idea to buy it, but if you are already using iPad, you can be content and not go for iPad 2. Price of a 16GB iPad 2 is about Tk.59000.

If the price is a bit too high for you, Amazon Kindle Fire is the tablet you should opt out for. It's a very functional gadget but you get it at a price of about $199 only. Although it may be claimed that it doesn't look as good as Apple's tablets, it sure gives very good value given the price.

The 7-inch screen tablet has a rather clumsy keyboard, but nothing causes too much of a problem. It is also not as fast as many other tablets.

However, due to its attractive price and the things its design features, it is said by many to be the iPad killer.

On the other hand, Amazon Kindle e-reader grabbed a lot of attention. Possessing the capacity of holding numerous books, the gizmo gives a tough fight to printed paper since the graphics and the ease of reading is such that you would perhaps not miss printed versions. This smart and simple e-reader does not contain backlight.

The gadget doesn't provide much except reading it; it even does not have an audio jack. But that's not necessarily a negative thing -- it does best what it is meant for: e-reading, and that also at a minimal price of $79.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an “ultra-cool” laptop, Apple's MacBook Air is possibly the best option. The first thing that attracts one to it is its sheer size. Owing to its name, MacBook Air is claimed to be the thinnest laptop to be made. It's extremely light, very portable.

Users of MacBook Air understand the ease of it. The laptop is so portable and convenient that you would prefer to carry it to your bed, dozing off to sleep after doing some work, watching movie, etc.

Another feature is the backlit keypad. Even though the laptop is small, you'll see that the keypad is not just very spacious, but is also lit, which provides convenient to an extent but adds a load of style.

The laptop gives a faster user experience with lesser physical size. It boasts a very powerful battery. One feature that may be a disadvantage for many is that it doesn't have any CD/DVD drive.

An 11 inch 64GB MacBook Air will cost you Tk.99000 from Executive Machines in Gulshan 2.

If you are looking to buy a phone instead, Samsung Galaxy S-II Mobile is a good option to consider. Again, the first attractive thing about it is the size: extremely thin and light. This smart phone has an 8 mega pixel camera.

Samsung, no matter what it creates, always tries to provide the best in terms of display. This camera is no exception in this regard. When you open the mobile, you'll see live wallpaper. The wallpaper is also conscious of time. For example, the same wallpaper portraying an outdoor picture will be different during daytime than night time.

The smart phone provides excellent entertainment options and is also flooded with apps. Do check it out from Samsung's exclusive outlet in the ground floor of Bashundhara City. The phone costs Tk.58000.

By M H Haider


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