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The art of henna

To most of us the art of henna is simply a part of different religious and cultural festivals and their celebrations. Starting from weddings, Pahela Baishakh and Eid, most of us make it a requirement to have intricate or simple henna designs on our palms, arms and even our feet.

Let us also consider the simplest application method that most women, and even a lot of men use, which is to apply henna paste to their scalps as they may prefer the colour or the fragrance. Either that, or just like most others, they think that it results in abundant hair.

Henna is obtained from the leaves of a flowering plant that we use in different manners, by either crushing the leaves and grounding them, or making a paste out of the leaves. It is not only a household name to our traditions, but holds an antique significance all over the world.

Our neighbours in South Asia are likely to have similar approaches like ours, but the practice of henna as body art spreads from the Middle East to Russia. We know that ancient Egyptian women liked henna designs around their arms, backs and even near their eyes. Cleopatra and Nefertiti are classic examples of this.

In our region, henna, more commonly known as mehndi has developed into a very central ritual in bridal ceremonies. Nowadays, like Indians, we even have a night reserved for Mehndi during the wedding festivities.

As the story goes, the deeper the colour obtained on the skin of the bride, the stronger the groom's love for his bride. There are also other superstitions in many parts of India which dictate that women can no longer apply Mehndi after the death of her husband. Similarly, in Morocco, when a soldier goes off to war, he has his wife apply henna to the palm of his right hand for protection and to remind him of her love.

Pregnant Moroccan women also seek specialist henna practitioners to draw certain symbols on their ankles corresponding with amulets, which are thought to be protection for the mother and child during labour.

Today people are taking up professions all over the world as henna artists, as the tradition is still popular and thriving. In Dhaka alone, there are packages offered by salons in the peak seasons, or amateur artists publicising their work on facebook.

Again, we see brides covering nails, arms (even going up to their elbows) and feet in the rich dark colour of henna. However over time, it has transformed from the typical designs, as the artists and users become more and more creative. There was even the trend of 'black henna,' as everyone rushed to the salons closest to them to take part in the ongoing sensation.

We know that people in the west have tattoos and that practice is very rare in our side of the world. But don't be too shocked to see someone with a similar personalised design on their shoulder blades or neck that may be a temporary henna tattoo.

Some may not particularly be a fan of henna or its uses, some may not enjoy the distinctive smell, but whichever the case, we must all admit that it is a tradition we love to hold on to.

By Nikita Sarker


Separating the wood from the trees- 1st Exhibition by Byline Deco
Venue: Nest, The 8
Date: 19 -21 April
Time: 2:00pm to 10:00pm
In the first ever furniture show by Byline Deco will be brought to you an exciting range of wooden furniture. Each of their pieces has a unique story to tell -- your story. Take a moment to look and be inspired. You will definitely find something for that empty space in your house, a piece that expresses who you are.

''RAYOGRAPHY'' grand opening
Venue: Lalmatia 2/7, Block- F , Dhaka.
Date: 21 April
Time: 4:30 pm

The grand opening of this unique fashion house offers the Dhaka fashion scene some unusual attires. Rayography is based on themes of heavy rock n roll music, punk, western fusion etc. The main motto of this fashion house is introducing some out-of-the-box designs. The launch will be inagaurated by chief guest Isha Khan Duray and there will be a special appearance by ''Ekushey Music Lab'' team.

Rayography will have a wide range of funky t-shirts on music, comic themes, cargo shorts, denims, shades and glasses, bags, pipes, posters on bands , movies, music, etc.
Contact: 01673202102

Incursion Classics Concert with Cryptic Fate and Funeral Anthem
Venue: Russian Cultural Centre
Date: 20 April
Time: 4:00pm till 8:00 pm

Incursion Classics Series bring you Cryptic Fate performing tracks from their very first album "Ends are Forever" (released in 1994). For Bangladeshi rock fans this will be an event to remember. And needless to say, there will be a fair share of current Fate tracks too.

Opening for Cryptic Fate is none other than Incursion's upcoming band Funeral Anthem who is no stranger to the scene. Their full length album is right around the corner, but get a sneak peek of what is to come as Funeral Anthem introduces a few powerful tracks from the upcoming album "Oprotiroddho".

For the first time ever, Incursion is officially launching a new ticketing system. So keep your eye out for www. incursionmusic. com. You no longer need to travel a distance to pick up a physical ticket. After making a payment to your nearest Bkash agent, you can simply register yourself on the website along with your Bkash transaction id and your unique concert ticket will be sent directly to your mobile phone.

A ticket costs Tk.300/- payable to Incursion wallet # 01761448508 at your nearest Bkash agent. Make sure you get you Transaction ID number. Once that is done simply log onto www.incursionmusic.com and click on "incursion ticket booking" on the home page or go straight to their online store and click on the event. There you will be able to fill up an info pop up box along with your Bkash transaction ID number and submit your form. Very soon you will receive a confirmation email, and within 24 hours you will receive your confidential, unique Incursion Concert Ticket Code via sms directly to your mobile.

This is an exclusive show and there will be only a limited number of tickets for sale. The first 40 people at the venue on the day of the event will receive a free autographed "Ends Are Forever" Poster).

The Entire Set will be recorded live for a DVD release, simultaneously ETV will also produce a documentary featuring this event specifically for EML (Ekushey Music Lab) to be aired on TV. Be a part of this unique show at RCC on the 20th of April 2012 with none other than Cryptic Fate & Funeral Anthem! Event Organiser - Incursion

Sound and Light - Sound Machine
Media Partner - ETV
Payment Portal - BKash
Web Partner - amadergaan.com

By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan


Get a laser treatment this season

You've probably thought about it. But you always postponed it; there has always been an excuse not to get that laser treatment you always wanted.

But now, you have the push to finally make you go for it. Laser Treat is offering a 10 percent discount on all its services in this season of Baishakh. Hence, you will get a 10 percent cut on all the laser treatments in the month of April. Laser Treat has a wide range of facilities and services: skin tanning, hair treatments, lipolysis are some of the offerings. So, if you are interested, do call 01750010020 or 01750010030. Laser Treat is located in House # 106 (1st floor), Road # 11, Block C, Banani.



R.I.P. Titanic

She symbolised royalty and grandeur. She represented luxury and power. She stood for optimism and celebration of an era of progress, scientific and industrial advancement. She was said to be unsinkable. And then, on the fateful night of 15 April 1912, the unbelievable happened.

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic had been observed in a gigantic way indeed. The Titanic “craze” had covered the first half of April quite fanatically. Auctions, exhibitions and many other events marked the coming of the end of a century since the tragedy struck.

The obsession with the Titanic reached new heights on the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. Many auctions have been held. Personal items have been collected from the debris and sold off at staggering prices. An original ticket to Titanic, a deck chair, a pair of binoculars, letters, stamps and jewellery are some of the items of note at the auctions.

One of the auctions sold all its items as a collection to one bidder; the price tag being more than $200 million. The show-stopping item was a part of Titanic's 17 tonne hull.

Is digging up the grave a good idea? After all, these things, no matter how valuable they are today, belong to the bottom of the ocean, best forgotten and left alone. The sinking of the ship was a tragedy; and an “industry” eventually has been built upon that.

But the reality is that the Titanic, just like the fact that it is not unsinkable, is neither immortal. A time not too long from now will come when the entire remains of the ship will cease to exist due to the environment and micro organisms feeding on its ruins.

Other than the auctions, the anniversary was also marked by James Cameron releasing his famous movie, Titanic, in 3D. A handful of memorial cruises have also set sail. And many exhibitions have been held.

But the real story lies far away from all the craze and obsession. Today, a century later, Titanic lies very peacefully, in the dark, 12000 feet below the water surface, at water pressure of 6500 pounds per square inch. The wreck, spilt in 2 parts, is a part of an enormous debris field, where numerous personal items and artefacts used in the ship lie; it is a treasure. It is a location filled with enigma and wonder, and haunted with the souls of over 1500 passengers who shared its fate on that dark, cold night.

Rest in peace.

By M H Haider


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