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Scrambled eggs

Take two eggs, add two tablespoons of water and two tablespoons of heavy cream. Sprinkle salt and black pepper and whip up a froth. Melt some butter over medium heat and cook the eggs, not touching them until half set. Light stirring follows until they're almost finished, and turn the heat off. The hot pan will do the rest.


Splash & Bash '12 Pool Party
Date: Friday, 27 April
Time: 9:30 a.m. at Banani. Bus starts for Gazipur by 10 a.m. Returns to Banani by 8 pm.
Venue: Gazipur

Waveshift & Red Rose Machine presents 'Splash & Bash' -- pool party, promising to be the most happening Pool Party of the year with the hottest DJ in town, drinks, pool, food, colour games and much more.

Confirm your reservation by posting on their event page along with your contact information. Alternatively, you can text your confirmation at any of the numbers given below. Inqiyad (01675344462), Samin (01676931284), Rifat (01675203540).

Conditions apply.

OSF-Tree of Hope
Date: Sunday, 29 April
Time: 11 a.m.
Venue: Dhaka

TREE OF HOPE is a movement supporting children and their well being. Every child deserves education, nutrition and hope. Donate, volunteer and sponsor towards a cause and plant a leaf with your name on it, and spread the hope.

The project will continue over years in phases with the 1st phase starting from the last week of April 2012. No fees required. Registration is open now. We will be starting off soon.

Google “One step foundation of Bangladesh Tree of Hope” for further information.

Nintendo Wii Tennis Tournament
Date: Saturday, 28 April
Time: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Platinum Suites

For the first time in Dhaka, a Nintendo Wii Tennis Tournament Event has been arranged which will give everyone a chance to get together to compete in one of the most played Wii games - Tennis! You also stand a chance to win cash prizes up to Tk 3000. Tickets are available till 25 April. Please remember to sign up for this tournament. No walk-in will be allowed. SMS reminders will be sent out to all members of the tournament.

Age: 15 years and up
Ticket: TK 450 Only

For any inquiries please call: 01975284686, 01829728028


Bangladesh's Style Guru

Last rainy Wednesday marked the finale of Purple magazine's Style Guru in which judges and audience alike crowned Humaira as the winner among the five remaining contestants. The show took place in an under-the-sea theme in BICC where Tahir, Mukta, Saima, Jotee, and Humaira displayed their creativity and fashion sense that resonated with the theme. Six judges both from the local and international fashion scene came to observe the work, all of which ended up being Western dresses. From a pirate to mermaid theme, the white glittery runway saw local models adorn the custom-made pieces, some of which were a bit outrageous, others gaining nods of approval from the judges. Humaira in particular had a complete set of five dresses with bold textures and frames, with colours ranging from bright purples, chorals, to blues.

The judges were quite critical in order to pick the best Style Guru of Bangladesh, a title that also comes with many prizes include Tk 1 lakh and the chance to showcase the winner's collection in Asia Fashion Week Singapore, display their line in Ecstasy's outlets, and other editing, writing, and business opportunities. Not all of the judges were convinced that the contestants did their best; Lorena Mariscal from Spain wondered how pieces connected with another for Tahir's collection while Bibi Russel asked why none of the contestants used local cloth, resources, and designs.

The show began in January with fifteen contestants in what was Bangladesh's first reality show based on fashion design and style. Style Guru captured weeks of “ups and downs, hard work and laughs,” of young aspiring designers, described Mishu Rahman, the Editor in Chief of Purple and one of the judges of the show. Following Humaira's first place title was Jotee with his pirate-themed collection and at third place was Mukta.

By Olinda Hassan
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Seasonal diseases- Spring and Summer

Spring has been here for some time already and needless to say the heat that it brings along makes one dread the horrors that summer has yet to show. However, to everyone's relief, the past couple of weeks have seen weather as heavenly as one can wish to see in this region during this season. Along with colouring nature red, yellow and most importantly green, spring this time has brought welcome splashes or rather downpours from the heavens above.

While all this rain is quite enjoyable it does not come without a cost; not being aware and taking precautions may pose threats to one's health. Mosquito related diseases like dengue and malaria are some of the diseases that are most likely to affect people. The other common disease of this time is seasonal flu.

"The beginning of spring signifies that we will be experiencing frequent rainfall over the next few months. Stagnant water, dirty or clean is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, malaria and dengue will be common diseases within a few days. Keeping the home clean, especially cleaning any kind of stagnant water is compulsory in order to remain healthy," said Tanvir Islam, Assistant Professor (Medicine) of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).

An epidemic form of diarrhoea may take place shortly. At the end of spring a hot and humid temperature will appear, that is when risk of contracting diarrhoea is the highest. People of every age can fall victim to this disease which is quite common in Bangladesh.

To prevent these seasonal diseases what you can do is:

Firstly, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief while coughing and sneezing. It will help prevent the disease from spreading to others. Secondly, stay away from the people already suffering from flu.

Thirdly, wash your hands regularly, especially before eating, and maintain your personal hygiene properly.

The best way to avoid contracting mosquito related diseases is to prevent mosquitoes from reaching you. To do that you can:

Use mosquito nets around the bed and attach nets to your windows and doors, so that mosquitoes cannot enter the house. In order to make your area mosquito-free, try to arrange for insecticides through the Dhaka City Corporation. Make sure you clean up stagnant water in you surroundings regularly; a few of these places are flower vases, behind the air conditioner and the refrigerator tray.

Physicians generally advise the intake of large quantities of vitamin-c enriched food and water besides taking proper rest for seasonal flu.

Apart from the rain, this time of the year will also see soaring temperatures for which one should be hydrated enough to prevent heat strokes, use umbrellas and sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables since these are light foods and will help you feel fresh. Risk of food and water-borne diseases will persist (such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, food poisoning and diarrhoea) for which the above-mentioned methods should be followed.

By Mahtabi Zaman


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