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By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Kozmo (A)live presents: Tribute to Bob Marley
Date: Thursday, 28 June
Time: 9 pm onwards
Venue: Kozmo The Coffee Salon, Banani Road #11

Bob Marley's voice was an omnipresent cry in our electronic world. His sharp features, majestic looks, and rebellion are etched vividly into our consciousness. Bob Marley was never seen, he was an experience which left an indelible imprint with each encounter. He is part of the collective consciousness of the whole world!

Panduranga, Bogey, Buno, Saad and Jibon are putting together a show to pay tribute to this incredible icon of reggae music.

Tickets: Tk.600

Friday Night Live
Date: Friday, 29 June
Time: 9 pm onwards
Venue: Nest @ The 8, House #24, Road #2, Gulshan 1

Friday Night Live (FNL) presents SaxoBeat -- an evening of musical fusion where some of the best musicians and vocalists will fuse and recreate masterpieces. FNL, this time around, focuses on an instrument that is the most powerful of the woodwinds and the most adaptive of the brass.

Tickets, at Tk.1000, include a dinner buffet and must be purchased in advance. Reserved lounges will only be available to those who buy 6 or more tickets.

For tickets please call 01927558888, 01714999666.

Naveed's Comedy Club (NCC)
Date: Thursday, 28 June
Time: 8 pm
Venue: House #28, Road #20, Block K, Banani

The line-up this Thursday at Naveed's Comedy Club (NCC): Naveed, Tahsin and Dr Shahriar.

Naveed is the host of Grameenphone Presents The Naveed Mahbub Show (NTV Fridays 9 pm) who recently made a splash on Zee Bangla's Mirakkel through his guest appearance. He's also the host of Hello Dhaka with Naveed on Radio Foorti, Tuesdays 9:15 am. Hear him poke fun at all that's happened in the last week or two along with a lot of fun filled 'riffing'.

Tahsin is the son of a former 3 time MP. Hear his hilarious accounts of being the son of an honest lawmaker, his best bit being that his dad is so honest that he had to take up comedy to pay his own bills!

Dr Shahriar is an emergency room physician, a former radio jock (Foor Foor Foorti on Radio Foorti) and writer for Unmaad. He will bring you to tears with the most unusual, yet the funniest accounts of his life as serious medical practitioner saving lives every day in the line of duty.

Food and beverages are available. Tickets are Tk.300. For reservations or information, call #01914296455. Visit NCC on Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/NaveedsComedyClub

GREENITIATIVE: The first ever eco-friendly concert in Bangladesh by LIVE SQUARE
Date: Friday, 29 June
Time: 5 pm - 8 pm
Venue: Robindro Sorobor

They have been quiet for quite some time. Of course, the summer does take a toll on you, but it also brings in the rain. And to celebrate the change of seasons, they are back.

They are putting up our first chapter of "Greenitiative" (yes, a cross between the cause of GREEN, and the action word Initiative), where they will present the first ever proper eco-friendly concert to this country. And that means, greener LED lights, use of environment-friendly materials for branding, saving paper for communication (Facebook!) and use of acoustic instruments.

And since its monsoon, it may be cloudy, or the Sun god may hear our prayers.

What if it rains? Let it rain. Get soaked in the rain. Be happy that it is raining, because you might not be able to enjoy it this way in a few years' time, when acid rain reigns in one of the most polluted cities in the world. Spend the evening with your favourite Chirkutt and the very talented and crazy Blunderware and more. Supporting Greenitiative are: Radio Foorti on your 88.0 FM, One Degree Initiative Foundation, on awareness generation. If you are willing to support this project, you may fund them, spread awareness or just provide people with free soda! For details, call 01716111111 or log on to http://www. facebook.com/events/ 164194080379237


Nando's joins the league of Banani 11

Chicken meals in Banani just got hotter. One might say the place is a bit smaller than the other two restaurants -- one in Dhanmondi and another in Gulshan-1 -- but the third outlet of Nando's is a very cosy place to share the Peri-Peri ecstasy with your friends and family.

The new branch -- located in House No. 25, Road-11, Block H, Banani -- was officially inaugurated on June 21. If you are not too good at finding addresses, the outlet is situated opposite Cream & Fudge Factory, close to the Banani 11 bridge.

The interior décor is slightly different from their existing branches. Even so, the restaurant, designed in the Afro-Portuguese theme, has not failed in abiding by Nando's essential characteristic: real and earthy.

Even the music says that; exotic and exciting Afro-Portuguese soundtracks run in the background. The artwork on the walls are also of the African tradition, but unlike in their other branches, touched with modern elements, hinting at Nando's eagerness to move forward as a brand.

This restaurant is not just about food, art and music. The outlet is built in a very environmentally friendly way. Used wood was recycled so that their carbon footprint remains light. Furthermore, solar panels are used to produce electricity. Also, abundant use of glass as walls has maximised the use of natural light during daytime.

Nando's will soon open its fourth restaurant, situated in Gulshan-2.

Whether to feel the Afro-Portuguese experience or merely to support an initiative to be environmentally friendly, a visit to the third outlet of Nando's in Dhaka is definitely worthwhile.

But surely, amidst all other bells and whistles, the bottom-line around which everything else revolves, is the magic of Peri Peri!

By M H Haider

Iftar extravaganza @ Regency

Dhaka Regency, as they have done in previous years, has made grand culinary arrangements for Ramadan this year that will make the process of fasting more pleasurable for devotees. Of course, the arrangements revolve around the meal of iftar, with a wide array of delights to keep fasters looking forward to dusk.

The meals on offer come in the form of packages that will suit most wallets and palates. There are two pre-plated iftar set menus -- regular and premium. The Pre-plated Iftar Regular meal, priced at Tk.850 per person, comes pre-plated with mineral water, fresh lemonade and fresh papaya or pineapple juice so that you may quench your thirst the moment it is permissible. The iftar plate consists of dates, beguni, piaju, chicken samosa, aloo keema chop, Lahm Bi Ajeen, mini chicken/beef roll, chana masala, cucumber and carrot sticks, rice puff, special jilapi and fresh fruit.

The Pre-plated Iftar Premium menu swaps sweet or salted lassi for fresh juice, while adding items like Meat Fatayar, beef Panjabi roll and Shahi Mutton Halim on the iftar plate. The premium iftar is priced at Tk.960 per person.

The Banquet Iftar Menu, at Tk.1350 per person offers a wider range of iftar items with lemon or papaya sherbet making up the beverages while favourites such as dahi bara and pita bread with hummus make appearances in the starters' line-up. The main course items are varied, including chicken tandoori kabab, potato croquets, breaded deep-fried fish and beef/chicken parata roll, among many others.

The desserts are designed to indulge the sweetest of teeth with shahi jilapi, kalo jaam, Kunafa sweet yoghurt and fruit salad with tea or coffee.

So much for dining by yourself or a handful of friends and family; Regency also has ample options when it comes to organising big Ramadan get-togethers. Their Banquet Iftar-cum-Buffet Menu caters to a minimum of fifty people at Tk.1600 per person, and features an extravagant spread of delicious chow. Among the specialties are Afghani Mutton Biriyani, Grilled Fish Fillet, Chicken Roast, Roasted Lamb Leg, Mejbani Beef, Sauteed Vegetable and Vegetable Lasagne. If you book your banquet by 7 July, you can enjoy a 50% discount on venue and a 20% discount on the menu.

There are also options to enjoy an evening out with a smaller party with Regency's Sahan-al-Iftar, their signature Arabian iftar package, good for twelve to fifteen people. Notable items on the menu include Arabic Style Whole Roast Lamb on Mendi or Kabsa Rice, and Whole Roast/ Whole Grilled Chicken. These are besides the usual iftar staples as well as some Arabian specialties like Mutauble, Fattoush Salad and Arabic Sweets. The Sahan-al-Iftar is priced at Tk.17500.

For further information please call 8913912 or email at info@dhakaregency.com.

-- LS Desk


Helping your morning makeup last all day long

Most women would prefer to have to apply their makeup once in the morning and have it last all day long. Certain tricks and techniques will prevent you from having to do major repairs halfway through the day.

Start with a perfectly clean face. Never apply fresh makeup over yesterday's leftovers. You should have washed your face the night before, so all you have to do is use a toner to remove any oils that may have been created overnight.

Use the right moisturiser. Choose a moisturiser that is right for your skin type. Don't forget to always use a moisturiser with an SPF of 15 or greater protecting your face from sun exposure is super important for maintaining your beauty and reducing the aging and damaging effects of sun exposure.

Use makeup primers to help smooth skin.

Primers help to fill in small lines and wrinkles and make the skin ready to have makeup applied. Primers can help to even out skin tone, minimise redness and help to conceal under eye bags and puffiness.



Apply foundation evenly. Choose a good foundation product, one that is appropriate for your skin type. Apply evenly, using a sponge rather than your fingers. Try mineral based products for best results. Use powder. After applying foundation, use a translucent powder to “set” the foundation and help prevent it from breaking down due to skin oils. Apply the powder to your eyelids as well, to control the oils that will be created in the eyelid area which will prevent creasing of the eye makeup as the day wears on.

Avoid touching your face. Resist the urge to rub your eyes or touch your face during the day. Not only are you likely to smear or smudge your makeup, but the oils and dirt from your hands will cause the makeup to not last as long.


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