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As part of Star Lifestyle's expansion to a 20-page publication, we have re-introduced our shopping column, Shoptalk, in a new guise. It will now focus on highlighting specific products and to this effect businesspersons, retailers and product manufacturers are requested to send products and product information (except clothes)that they would like to promote. All product suggestions should be emailed to lifestyleds@yahoo.com or raffat@thedailystar.net.

A Shanghai touch to a Deshi living room requires something unique. That's where this lamp comes in. Garbed in flaming red fabric, this lamp lights up the room in passionate, devilish hues. What else can make a better first impression and let secret intentions be known?


If hanging lamps are your thing, why not go for something completely retro? These rectangular versions come with different designs, lulling you back to ancient times, with designs that tend to be optical illusions when seen closely. So what you may see as simple embroidery, could be seen as an elegant elephant by someone else. If you must splurge, why not go the vintage way?

This playful little piece adds a touch of joie de vivre right into your living room. The flowery design adds a feminine touch while the sturdy stand hints at masculinity, merging the concepts of Yin and Yang for a perfect unisex blend.


The fact that ceramic is a classy material is an accepted notion. This exquisite piece sparkles in an antique-y manner while the embedded designs hint towards a more modern demeanour. Place it in the bedroom, living room or sitting area and experience an immediate change in the aura.

Standing lamps have always been in. Bringing a chic shine to any ambiance, these tall standing lamps are the way to go. Available in many colours, place one at the corner of your room and see the immediate difference.

We love lamps that brighten the room, but what about those that just set the mood? These standing lamps, slanted and colourful with numerous designs and durable fabrics, don't just shine, they glow. And when the corners of your room glow, you know you are setting the right kind of mood.

Playing the dual role of light holder and a lamp, these creative gems add something unique to an otherwise ordinary room. Placed firmly on top corners of the walls, these lamps have a Stephen King feeling about them, with the faces staring down invoking humour and the bizarre in equal measures. Of course, what element is heavier depends on the eye of the beholder.


Hanging lamps are pretty popular, but these aren't just ordinary hanging lamps. Different shapes, colours and sizes are the order of business for these beauties. Not everyone can opt for a chandelier, so why not get the next best thing? Circular or curvy, whatever your preference, add a bit more to your ceiling than just that old boring ceiling fan.



Bangla China Telecom Ltd. launched its new brand -- SFone -- at the Winter Garden of Ruposhi Bangla Hotel recently, accompanied by a press conference, which was attended by media personalities and dignitaries from the business community.

Established in 2011, BCT Ltd. partners with Tinno, Agtel, Ktouch, Heady and Huafong and hopes to attain one of the leading positions in the telecom market by next year. With one of the best mobile service teams in Bangladesh, BCT Ltd aspires to change the digital landscape in the country. It currently has nine service centres and more than 50 service collection points. BCT Ltd. has 64 dealer points and over five thousand retailer points, which are two of the best strategic set-ups in the country.

The company has initiated its own concept route and creative rational intending to render services as a group. BCT has always adopted a customer friendly policy built on Quick Service and rapid Response Systems as well as a judicious mix of technology and high quality effective products.

It also has plans to build a factory in Bangladesh. Mohammed Shahabuddin, Managing Director, BCT Ltd., said that technological advancements are mandatory for future development regardless of age and social class barriers.

Products that were displayed include B12, SL20, D20, D40, D60, Romeo, Juliet and ST10. All 8 mobile phones were displayed with their specifications.

The launching ceremony started with the unveiling of the logo followed by a display of the mobile phones through an exquisite fashion show choreographed by Tumpa and a corporate film on SFone ending with a musical performance by renowned singer Mila.


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