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Let your home blossom this Eid

Cleaning and preparing the house for Eid day can be a frantic and frenzied task, especially if you are a busy mum with loads to do both at home and beyond. As the hectic days of Ramadan pass by in a mad rush, one is seldom left with time to think about ways of making their homes look appealing during Eid day. For such individuals, shortcuts to home décor for Eid are the way to go.

One such element that can readily transform your home from a dull and drab dwelling to a colourful and lively abode is flowers. Flowers are one of the most natural ways to embellish your home, and has the added advantage of going easy on your workload as well. All you have to do is visit a flower shop nearby that offers a wide range of flowers and select the ones you like to create a perfect combination for some bouquets.

You can also string flowers into garlands and roll them around in staircase handles or on walls to spread their fragrance and enhance the festive mood. Use of colour can also drum up the jollity, so use red, yellow, pink and golden as the colour theme for this occasion.

We now get to find many flower shops in the city that offer a wide range of flowers to choose from, both local and imported. One such flower shop is Pushpo Bitan, situated in Shimanto Square Shopping Mall in Dhanmondi. The shop specialises in imported flowers, ones that you rarely get to see in other shops. They have their own bouquet designer who has his own catalogue of designs from where you can select the desired one. He will also help you create your own customised flower bouquet by taking your suggestions. The flowers in their display this Eid includes Carnation, Rose, Lilly, Chrysanthemum, Emilia, Orchid and many more. Also, if you want to add a unique touch to your home this Eid, you can grab one of their miniature bonsai trees or cactus plants. The price for the bouquets ranges from Tk.500 to 6000, depending on the type and quantity of flowers. You can decorate your bouquet with the various accessories they offer, like nets, ribbons, cellophane, etc.

Flowers can be very easy to work with and even easier to get hands on at a reasonable price. It adds dollops of splendour to your dwelling and makes it smell good. So, give your home a touch of festivity with flowers this occasion and bring out the designer in you.

By Afrida Mahbub
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Angeleena Collection

This Eid, Angeleena is back with their motto, “One dress, one design”. This year, an array of cotton, muslin and Jamdani shalwar kameez sets, saris and fatuas are the hot favourites, among many others. The traditional collection is also mixed with western fusion, which is highlighted in all of Angeleena's designs. Western style cuts featuring laces have also been used. Angeleena's fabulous new collection awaits your arrival, so do check it out.

Address: Angeleena Collection, 4th Floor, Pink City.


Children's iftar at Radisson

Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel played host to a memorable evening to a group of 130 under-priviledged street children and the numerous guests invited to the occasion.

The children from Population Services and Training Centre, a Plan Bangladesh project, brightened the affair with their infectious enthusiasm and enjoyable antics.

As part of Radisson Blu Water Garden's Responsible Business Programme, the Hotel ensured a memorable iftar prepared by the hotel's Executive Sous Chef, Mainul Islam and his team. Lopa and Firoza, two of the children, expressed their delight at taking part in the event and wished to return next year.

'We work at a tailor shop and go to school when possible,' Lopa said. 'We have never had such an amazing iftar,' Firoza added with a smile. The excitement continued well after iftar as well, as the children bundled together for group photos. Perhaps for once, these children were rightfully the centre of attraction and they lapped up this new role with relish.

The event also served to provide attention for the activities of the project, mainly the Drop in Center and Night Shelter, both of which help homeless children by providing shelter, counselling, dinner etc. Madhusudan Jhingon, GM of the Hotel, was present during the event.

Photo: Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel


When the scope is Infinite

Infinity is an event management company formed by three young individuals -- Ali Faiyaz Shoumo, Karishma Khan and Tashfique Ali. The team has a mission of delivering a high standard of quality and value for money to the customers.

The first event by Infinity -- The Lustrous Runway -- was brought to limelight on 2 August, 2012 at Lake Shore Hotel. The Lustrous Runway is a series, an exciting opportunity for our community of designers, to showcase their creations twice every year.

Infinity hopes to arrange a dynamic, bigger and a better Runway soon! For details contact: Road #5, House #144, Block A, Niketon, Dhaka. #0174 309 0212, 0191 615 8242. Or email --karishmakhan35@gmail.com.


As Ramadan draws to an end, we eagerly await the coming of Eid. Star Lifestyle wishes all its valued readers, contributors, advertisers, patrons and well-wishers a Happy Eid ul Fitr. May we all bask in the warm spirit of Eid. Eid Mubarak!

Please note that the Star Lifestyle issue of 21 August, 2012 will be dropped as it coincides with Eid Holidays.

We hope to be back in print with more articles on fashion, glitz, glamour and style from 28 August, 2012.


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