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Kumudini this Eid

Kumudini Handicrafts, a part of the Kumudini Welfare Trust of Benagl had been set up to mainly promote the traditional handicrafts of Bangladesh while providing income and empowerment for the 26,000 women employed.

They work mainly with jute products, developing jute for tomorrow. At their factory at Narayanganj, Kumudini develops new designs and sample products for the crafts, which are produced by women working from home throughout Bangladesh. There is also a small training facility where new women handcrafters are trained in the products and designs. The Kumudini products are all made entirely from hand. The saris are designed with hand-stamps and the dyes used are all from natural products.

This Eid Kumudini brings to you garments made from local fabrics such as cotton, khadi, half-silk, endi silk, endi cotton and block prints over silk. There are the famous Kumudini Nakshi Kantha designs in their saris and panjabis. The Jamdani sari range is also fresh this Eid with unique hand designs and hand stamps. All in all the choices available for this Eid are wide in range and fresh in design.

The saris will cost from Tk.500 to 5000, the shalwar kameez sets are priced between Tk.1500 and 9000, kurtas are available from Tk.1000 to 6000, shirts will cost from Tk.500 to 4500, children's wear are priced between Tk.575 and 3500 and Jamdani saris range from Tk.5000 to 50 000.

Outlet: 74, Gulshan Avenue; Sonargaon Hotel; 72 Sirajudaullah Road, Narayanganj.

Photo courtesy: Kumudini

Feel like an Empress

The city is finally home to a one-stop premiere destination to answer the shopping woes of the bold, modern women. For the progressive-minded, forward-thinking women in the city, fashion is not just a luxury or a leisure activity; it is the way to present oneself to the world. How to dress is a very complex choice made by free-spirited women. In making this decision, she is telling the world not just how she likes to dress but who she is and what she stands for.

Empress is ideally located at the heart of the city, the most happening shopping street in Dhaka, Banani Road 11. Empress is home to exclusive party wear, evening wear, footwear and accessories. While all the products at Empress are from abroad, every single minute detail of the items presented goes through a rigorous process of quality control, making sure that every article of clothing available for purchase is of the highest standard.

Empress believes in differentiating itself in terms of superior quality and shopping atmosphere. The store is built to project perfection and elegance and is justly suited for an actual empress, and designed to offer the perfect ambience and mood that fits a high-standing empress.

One of the most noteworthy facts about Empress is that it plays host to the world-renowned footwear Vincci, which is available for the first time ever in Bangladesh and only at Empress. With a pair of exclusive designer footwear from Vincci, a woman is sure to be the object of envy at any social gathering.

Empress exists beyond its physical store. Its Facebook page is becoming a hub for regular discussion between patrons and the store. This ideally helps both parties secure a better understanding of one another. It is also how Empress plans to remain constantly evolving and fresh, by being open to ideas and providing what the customers want.

Both the owners of Empress, Salma Adil and Nora Lahlali have learnt from their experience that it is hard to find international standard and quality designs in clothing locally. As both the ladies travel a lot and shop for themselves, they figured why not take these international brands to their home country. Their eye for quality, uniqueness and style has helped them initiate this extravagant venture.

All of their clothing materials are from countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Pakistan. They offer only one piece of each item in their exclusive collection. Empress does not take any order or repeat any design even if clients want it. A rigorous selection process to ensure quality control has been put in place to keep the quality of their items above par. The customers will feel the difference all through.

Feel special just after entering the store, with the inimitably designed interior offering just the right ambience for you to feel like an empress. This Eid, Empress offers their customers a chance to share their ideas through the Facebook group (facebook.com/EmpressBD), where conversations will go on between Empress and customers beyond the store. And just for our readers, Empress is giving a 7 per cent discount on any purchase. To avail this offer, please show this article at the Empress counter. Address: House - 22, Road - 13/A, Block D, Banani.

By Afrida Mahbub


Galaxy S III hits market

The new Samsung Galaxy S III is certainly something to boast about to your friends. Getting accustomed to the amazing features offered by this new smart phone 'designed for humans', it will not be too hard to choose from the many offerings of smart phones in the market. You will eventually find yourself struggling with which colour, Pebble blue or Marble white, to get for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S III gives you a large and vivid viewing experience like never before on its 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display. It is powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with greatly enhanced usability and practicality to make life easier. Not to mention the 8-megapixel camera comes with new tricks like zero shutter lag trait, the ability to take still images while recording Full HD video at 1080 resolution and a clever feature that automatically suggests the best shot from a sequence of photos.

The features Smart Stay and S Voice have been an instant hit among the customers. One of my friends was thrilled to have a phone which is not only user-friendly but also sleek enough so that she can put it in any of her clutch bags. The Battery power is fantastic! Start using it from the morning, and at the end of the day you will still have around 66 per cent of battery charge left. Haven't all of us at some point complained about how incoming calls got interrupted while texting? Samsung Galaxy S III allows you to even watch videos while texting. Needless to say, the display is absolutely amazing.

The stock is limited. So grab yours from the Samsung registered brand shops to avail warranty and customer service as soon as you can. The price is Tk.67,500 and if you get it from the Samsung brand shops, you can take part in Samsung's official Facebook page contests.

By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Harmony Spa and Kleopatra Beauty Salon's Eid Package

To take care of your skin, hair and body Harmony Spa and Kleopatra Beauty Salon is offering special Eid packages for their clients. Before the Eid festival, everyone wants to look gorgeous and feel special and keeping this in mind, Harmony Spa and Kleopatra Beauty Salon has arranged some packages in their spa and beauty salon section. These packages start from Tk.1000 to 6000 and this includes Facial, Pedicure and Manicure, Hair Spa, Body Treatment, etc. All packages are subject to availability. Harmony Spa and Kleopatra Beauty Salon encourages you to schedule your services well in advance (minimum 1 day) of your visit to ensure the widest selection of services and appointment times.

For details, call 0171 674 9479.

Eid shoes @ Jennys

Accessories can go a long way in jazzing up one's outfit and shoes are one of the best accessories that one can play with to that end. Jenny's brings exclusive footwear to the local fashion scenario with a startling collection of more than 500 designs of shoes and sandals available at their 55 nation-wide retail outlets including the flagship store inaugurated recently at Uttara.

Jenny's boasts 9 different sub-brands including Albertino, Long Walker, Jenny's, Excel, Rockman featuring various trendy, urban, sporty canvas shoes, sandals, and shoes suitable for an outdoor 'rough and tough' lifestyle for men.

Jenny's offers high heels, gladiators, sandals, pumps from Perlita, Belladonna and again Jenny's itself.

Leather sandals and shoes from Bumble Bee are available as part of the children's collection at Jenny's.

Keeping in mind the current trends and purchasing power of their customer's Jenny's has a collection this season huge enough for everyone to find something to their fancy.

Hair Grooming offer from Magic Mirror!

Magic Mirror, the latest make-over lounge in town, has come up with an ultimate, double bonanza offer for all the style-conscious women of the town who believe that hair styling can do wonders to their looks. Magic Mirror offers a gift voucher worth Tk.1000 with each availed hair milk re-bonding service. That's not all. You can get a stylish haircut absolutely free with a complete hair colour service. The professional hairstylists of the salon are ready with all their expertise to bring extra reasons to celebrate Eid.

To get the super deals of the season and have a complete make-over of your hair, call 0161 044 4555 for an appointment. The offer is only valid till Eid.


Dress your locks this Eid


2012 has made an impression as the year for the revival of modernist fashion. All things natural have been in vogue since the start of this year, be it hair, makeup or clothing. Keeping the base simple but adding on accessories has been all the rage this season.

Keeping the theme of natural and modernist influence in mind, we suggest not to over-do your hair this Eid with mousse, gel and sprays. For those who have long hair, frame your face with soft waves with a bounce in the roots. The bouncy blow dry can be easily done at home with a good hair dryer and a round brush.

Homemade curls can be another option and can be done on those with naturally wavy hair. All you need to do is towel dry your hair after washing the previous night, right before you hit bed. You will wake up to hair that is light, bouncy and has formed curls. You can also pile up and pin your hair, with waves tousled up in a bun or a pony tail. This is more of an evening look and can be coupled with hair accessories that will give your hair a dressy touch.

Try adding stone studded pins to your bun or crystal hair combs for some dazzle. You can also go for the small designer metallic hair clips that can be used instead of bobby clips to fasten the hair. Short hairstyles are also up for grabs this season, so if u ever wanted to get a bob or a pixie cut, now is the time. Layer your hair shoulder length or give it a crisp look with a sharp bob. You can play with your fringes by adjusting the length.

Short hair has a range of accessories to be adorned with and one can go crazy thinking about the options. Wearing hair bands and Alice bands with a short hairstyle can give you the 'girl-next-door' look that can be quite refreshing. To give it a twist, you can make your own hair band from a plain piece of ribbon. You can tie a bow with your ribbon and wrap it around your head like an Alice band. You can also twist up your hair with a number of cute little clips to give it a nice tousled up look. You can also opt for an oversized bow if you feel a little adventurous. Oversized bows can give you that perfect vintage look this Eid if it can be pulled off well.

So dress your hair up this Eid going gaga over hair accessories. Do remember to use heat protection before using any kind of heat styling products in your hair. And lastly, keep it trendy yet natural.

By Afrida Mahbub
Photo courtesy: Women's World


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