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Mumu Mariya's Eid and Puja line

Add more colour and class to your Eid and Puja celebrations by stopping by Mumu Mariya's boutique. It launches a new line of saris and shalwar kameez sets just for the festivals. In hues of purple, magenta, orange, blue and red, this assortment of colourful shalwar kameez sets will be a refreshing addition to your wardrobe. Hand-stitched and embroidered, these clothes are made from cotton, linen and endi cotton. Kaftans in georgette are also available.

The kameezes are both for formal and casual occasions. Black, red, purple, green, blue and various other colours make up the saris.

Contact: Road #6, House #37, Block C, Banani; #01833328380, 01833328381.

Gift Shop goes 9-199

Gift Shop is more than just a shop. It is about believing in celebrating, encouraging and rewarding every one for who they are. Their products are stylish, functional and reasonable -- from dolls, greeting cards, bags, and purses to handy storage totes, toys, mugs, stationery and more.

The shop stands apart from its competitors by offering a very unique choice of items, personally picked and selected from Bangladesh, Thailand, China, India, etc. and hence it is safe to say that these will not be widely available.

Gift Shop's latest line includes the Tk.9-199 tag, where all items on sale start from Tk.9 and go up to Tk.199. This has generated a positive buzz and many have availed the offer for themselves. Finally, most of their products can be personalised to make one's own unique choice. Visit their shop to be connected with a Gift Shop sales representative who can introduce you to their collection.

Gift Shop has various outlets in the city including Zakir Hossain Road, Lalmatia; Momtaz Plaza, Dhanmondi 4; Anam Rangs Plaza, Dhanmondi #6A and New Market. They also have branches in Khulna.


Eid-ul-Adha collection by Aarong

Arong brings to you a diverse assortment of fashion and lifestyle products this festive season. You can find a varied range of shalwar kameez sets that come with the finesse of delicate embellishments including hand and machine embroidery, eye-catching prints, trendy layers and elegant cuts and trimmings.

For saris too, there is a fresh range of soft silks in vibrant colours and printed with geometric shapes and patterns. The dressier side features heavy zardosi borders on Muslin and silk with metallic tones, machine appliqués and cut-work on contrasting colours and Aarong's evergreen hand-embroidered 'Kantha stitch' saris and exclusive Jamdanis.

The men's collection for Eid ul Adha brings panjabis from a wide variety of fabrics such as adi, silk, endi, Muslin and cottons with embroidered yokes, contrasting piping on collar lines, packed collars and Jamdani-inspired panjabis on the more formal side.

At Aarong you can also find a limited number of designer shalwar kameez sets, sherwanis and exclusive saris that come with the finest line of fabrics and designs available only at the Gulshan, Dhanmondi and Uttara Flagship outlets.

Aarong also has a stylish collection of clutches, jewellery and trendy leather products for both men and women.

Kleopatra's Eid offers

This Eid Harmony Spa and Kleopatra Beauty Salon is offering Nail Acrylic and Nail Art to beautify your nails. Besides this, to take care of your skin, hair and body, the salon is offering special Eid packages.

These packages start from Tk.1000 to Tk.6000 and includes Facial, Pedicure and Manicure, Hair Spa, Body Treatment, etc. All packages are subject to availability.

Harmony Spa and Kleopatra Beauty Salon encourages you to schedule your services well in advance (minimum 1 day) of your visit to ensure the widest selection of services and appointment times. For details, call 01716749479.


Ikebana now at Radisson

Ikebana started its journey in 1992 when Nilufar Farooq started with a shop in Dhanmondi at a time when such creative floral decoration was still unheard and unseen in the country.

Today Ikebana has seen immense success and till date has three retail outlets; one in Banani road 5, another in Pink City and the latest on the ground floor of Radisson Hotel. This latest Ikebana outlet is yet another pioneer of its kind. It is the first hotel attached florist in the country and as such Ikebana has yet again started a trend in Bangladesh.

“Ikebana has been the pioneer of the Bangladesh floral decorations industry,” says Nilufar, Managing Partner of the firm. “We have introduced to the nation the idea of intricate wedding stage decoration with flowers, both fresh and dried, and we have also introduced the idea of using non-flower decorations on stage.”

Today Ikebana has branched out from being just a wedding floral decorator, although those services still make up a large proportion of its portfolio of services. Ikebana is now a complete decoration solution firm. It provides services such as pot plant rental to large corporate offices and provides landscaping services to embassies, private and public institutions and of course private homes. Their dry and fresh flower decoration services have left its mark on some of the major events held in Bangladesh in this decade, such as the SAARC summit and the ICC world cup. Having contributed so significantly to the development of the floral decorations industry of the country, Ikebana deservingly won the DHL Daily Star Award in 2010.

The latest Radisson outlet of Ikebana is primarily a gift shop. “We want the guests of the hotel to have something to send to their guests without having to search the city for a florist,” says Nilufar. “We can provide customised bouquets on request and this can be a great way of extending a hand of friendship for the foreign guests of the hotel. The local guests attending weddings at the hotel can also avail the service of readymade bouquets and snatch a gift on the way to the wedding.”

-- LS Desk

Magic Mirror

With the hectic schedule and the fact that a majority of women nowadays have their own careers and also actively participate in shopping and many of the hassles a wedding provides, many get little time for skin and beauty care. Going to the parlour just hours before the wedding ceremony is just the bare minimum you can do. A sudden makeover may make you look beautiful and gorgeous, but that's just on the surface.

Magic Mirror comes to rescue. This wedding season, Magic Mirror is offering you a package that will make you feel beautiful from inside. This package involves special makeover treatments that ensure a lot more than a one-off make-up. The idea is to bring out the true beauty and trying to get rid of any skin related problems beforehand.

The longest package is of three months: a dedicated service with a series of sessions that will ensure a more beautiful bride on the big day. But there are shorter packages too, in case you are running late. Moreover, Magic Mirror, through affiliations, can help you provide many other wedding solutions -- from photography to bridal dress, etc.

New arrivals at Richman

This season, Infinity brings you a wide range of clothes for both men and women, made by their own skilled designers. On the other hand, Lubnan, which proudly claims to be one of the top-class brands of the country, has brought new panjabis, fatuas and short panjabis. Meanwhile, Richman has come up with a broad stream of formal and casual attires, from T-shirts to suits. The new tees of Richman are made with the youth in mind, with very innovative and catchy themes. The three brands, therefore, collectively provide you the opportunity to fulfill your entire shopping needs when it comes to attires.

Eid greetings

Star Lifestyle wishes all its valued readers, columnists, patrons and well-wishers a happy Eid. May we all bask in the warmth and the spirit of Eid ul Adha.

On a different note, we earnestly request you to travel safely. It is as important to reach home safely as it is to reach the destination on time. Hoping for a safe journey and a joyous Eid all around.


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