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It is a well-known fact that we Bengali belles love to wear our much-loved, long locks loose. The drama of shiny, dark tresses blowing in the breeze is what poems and songs are written on. But another fact that also holds true is that we love to wear our hair up. The traditional, quintessentially Bengali “khopa” (hair bun) is intrinsically intertwined with our culture and psyche, as most of our mothers, even grandmothers, wore their hair into beautiful buns. In the past year the traditional bun has been taken further by giving it a messy, undone look. With effortless being the operative word here, these updos are romantic, easy and yet elegant and classy. Those of us who are old Hollywood and Bollywood movie buffs, this trend in hairstyles is greatly reminiscent of legendary screen sirens such as Grace Kelly, Saira Banu and many others who wore their coif in chic buns with elegance and sophistication. Modern celebrities are choosing to wear their hair up as well, as it is an easy way to elevate one's look to greater heights.

With hundreds of different kinds of updos, one is spoilt for choice. A high bun accentuates the graceful neck and collar bone, while a low one highlights cheekbones and jaws. It is also a perfect solution for those nights when women wish to emphasise on jewellery; a bun takes hair off the shoulders and draws attention to the necklace and earrings. Putting hair up during weddings in our part of the world is especially useful, as we tend to wear heavy jewellery on such grand occasions.

A modern updo is not for the plain Jane anymore; the use of fancy hair accessories has upped the glamour quotient to unprecedented heights. Bejewelled hair clips, barrettes, pins and combs act as crown jewels and inject a dose of silver screen glamour to the hair. It also sets the tone for the countless glittering weddings and “dawats” you'll be invited to.

Opting for an updo doesn't always mean rushing to the salon. Personally I like trying out different braids and buns by myself, at home. All it takes is some practice and patience. Styling products such as styling mousse, gel, hairspray, pomade are useful. Tools such as bobby pins, clips, hair dryer, curling tongs and flat hair irons come in handy too.
The best thing is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Here's a tutorial on a simple bun that you can try and customise; it looks effortlessly chic and elegant when worn with saris and shalwar kameezes, in the comfort of your home!

Twirled bun
Blow-dry hair. Then do a side part. Starting from the right side, take a thick section of hair and twist it from the hairline, going all the way to the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins tightly at the nape. Repeat on the other side. Now twist both sections of loose hair at the nape into a low bun.

Secure with a black elastic band or a small clip. Tuck in any stray lock of hair with bobby pins. Spritz on extra-hold hairspray all over for a polished look. Accessorise as desired.
There are millions of ways for you to customise your bun, whether with accessories or styles. You can also go to a salon if you prefer the professional touch. Remember to have fun with it because whatever your choice may be, the bun is sure to make you look and feel like the star of any party!

By Sabrina Haq
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Airin
Makeup and styling: Farzana Shakil
Wardrobe: Aranya


Tresses trend
Who knew that as the years go by making a trendy style statement would involve just fancying up our tresses. Bows, bands, combs and clips, whatever you want, however you want, are available everywhere. Say no to having mundane hairstyles, without actually having to straighten or curl or even cut your hair. But as simple as it is to get these fashion statements, it's actually easier to go horribly wrong with them. We offer to you a slight walk-through to what's hot and what's not.

Around 2007 a sensational inclination towards headbands was observed among every girl in high-school. The fictional character Blair Waldorf's (Gossip Girl) signature couture had basically set the ball rolling in this direction and the quirky bands are still at fashionable peaks.

No matter if you want to look chic, eccentric, exuberant or tidy, there is a headband for every occasion. These goodies, apart from having every conceivable floral and trendy design as options, are made in every kind of material imaginable starting from velvet, satin to cotton and linen. With rhinestones or bows (small bows mean chic whereas large ones mean quirky) or even huge corsages.

The current hot picks of this season are polka dot head wraps, pearl-beaded singlets, one-line rhinestone in metallic colours and the ultimate quirky line of bows on bands. Mix these up in the right colours and let them be the main attraction in your outfit.

But with all headbands, placement is of utmost importance so the golden rule you all should be following is -- place them at least an inch behind your hairline, if you have bangs or fringes it's better to sweep them in front to mellow down the effect. And make sure the bow is always on the right hand side.

Floral phenomenon
Gone are the days where corsages were meant to only be worn on the wrists. Though these clip-on little flowers are not very easily available in Dhaka they are all the rage and worth buying on that next foreign trip.

Like decorative fixes that go with almost any and all hair types, they are manufactured in a range of different colours and sizes along with various shapes and are as fancy or simple as you want them to be.

Be it a braid or a bun, just slip on one of these corsages and your hairstyle has a whole new dimension to it. But it's always more wise to never overdo it. One averagely big corsage or a two or three relatively small corsages ought to do the trick. Also it's always best to opt for the corsages that have the least fake or plastic look to it, makes for a refreshing set.

Pearls and buns
Every parlour in this city now has this service on their lists. No matter if you get a French bun or a traditional one, to add that glamorous twist to it they put in these small pearl pins in, which look absolutely stunning coupled with traditional attires. Now a smart move to avoid having to buy these from the parlours every time you go to a wedding is to have a set of a dozen or so of these.

Traditionally yours
Moving on from the pearls, available in costume, gold and silver these motifs on a pin or a vintage comb with Swarovski do wonders for your hairstyle. Similarly, to the pearls these can be pinned into your bun or several small ones just worn on your braid. These big, bold pieces add a certain regal attribute to your entire persona. Take your pick ladies.

By Noshin Nawal


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