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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hasina rejects interim govt formula

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday heavily criticised Dr Akbar Ali Khan, former adviser to a caretaker government, saying a person who has failed to hold a simple election has no right to talk about the formula of an interim government.

“These days many persons came up with the formula of an interim government. One former adviser also came up with a formula. This person, while he was an adviser under President Iajuddin Ahmed, failed to hold an election,” she said, without mentioning any names.

The Awami League chief made the remarks while addressing her party's councillors and delegates from different districts of the country, when they greeted her at Gono Bhaban yesterday on her re-election as the party chief.

Hasina said, “A failed person's formula is not effective. It will also fail.”

Dr Akbar Ali Khan on Saturday suggested four proposals, including the formation of an interim government comprising Awami League and BNP lawmakers, to end the political deadlock over holding free and fair general election.

In his proposal, he said that the AL will select five from BNP's existing 36 lawmakers while BNP will select five, including the prime minister, from AL's 274 MPs. The new cabinet will conduct the next parliamentary polls.

Akbar's proposals came against the backdrop of concerns raised by different quarters that a chaotic situation may arise in the country if the two arch political parties fail to reach consensus over the burning issue.

The AL-led ruling alliance abolished the caretaker government system on June 30, allowing general elections to be held under elected partisan government.

The delegates and councillors of each district also greeted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with bouquets yesterday.

The prime minister greeted the councillors with snacks.

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