Volume 2 Issue 32 | April 26 , 2008 |


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Editor's Note

Ups and Downs

Not all stories are about success. Not every report is about progress. Just like there are thousands of stories about households who have turned their fortunes around in a good way, there are people who live with a tremendous sense of loss. There are people destined to live the rest of their lives thinking that their best days are over. There's a story of the dwellers of Nabiganj remembering the time when they would cultivate more koi fish than they knew what to do with. Now that abundance is gone. This is taking a financial toll on the families. They are left scratching their heads wondering, “what happened?” On the other hand, there is a story from Bogra about a woman who was tired of her husband not single-handedly providing enough for the family. She decided to take some initiative and now she runs a thriving swan business.

When we've been stuck in a particular state for a while, it is often easy to start thinking that this is it- this is fate. But fortunes go up and down, and up again. Often it is bad luck that takes away good fortune, but most of the stories suggest that it is bad decisions. And good judgment isn't enough to improve things either. Sometimes judgment has nothing to do with it. Sometimes recklessness and desperation are the drivers of change. We don't normally think of those qualities as desirable, but hey, if you've got results to show for it, who's complaining?


Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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