Volume 2 Issue 67 | October 10, 2009 |October 10


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Editor's Note

Keeping The Faith

We live in an age of information. Our addiction to information, our dependence on it, and the technological marvels that feed this collective hunger, is increasingly making pragmatists out of all of us. More and more, we are men and women of the ostensive world, concerned only with the practicalities and realities of the day. Constantly gnawing away at the boundaries of the unknown, we are bent on establishing ourselves, and ourselves alone, as the masters of our universe. With the advent of the known, the unknown, the spiritual side of life, is forced onto the backseat. But regardless of ones opinions and alignments on this delicate topic, it is absolutely undeniable which side has the better story in this debate. And some of us, perhaps, choose to believe simply because it is the better story.

Our cover story takes us to a Kushan Gaan performance in Kurigram, a dramatized retelling of segment of Valmiki's Ramayana, one of our greatest spiritual epics. We also have a piece on Bonde Ali, a celebrated poet of Bangla. And lastly, we take another look at this year's Celebrating Life. With the date for the awards ceremony fast approaching, expect more information coming your way in the upcoming issues.

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