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Police and public trust
The recent series of scandals involving junior police officers cause concern to the law abiding citizens of the country.
Bomb attacks
Bombs destroy life, wealth and the image of our country. If their leaflets are true, they are bombing to establish Islam in our country.
Face the winter
People of the northern region in our country know what is real winter. They face the wrath of the winter.
We should come forward to help these people in distress.

Bill Gates
We all have seen the picture, Bill Gates smiling with the backdrop of mildew infected wall in the house of a Bangladeshi woman of very modest means.
Not 'Alems' but 'Ulama'
Nowadays I see people are using the word "Alems" to describe the plural of the word "Alem" Actually in Arabic language it does not work like in English where you add "s" or "es" to make plural.
Question leakage of 27th BCS
The present government did the right thing by cracking down on copying in public examinations. It's not evident to me how this menace got entrenched in our education system .
Is hartal going to help?
The country observed another day of hartal. This time it was called by the lawyers in protest of the suicide bomb attacks in Gazipur and Chittagong.
Haripur fatwa
It is good to hear that the so-called fatwa in Haripur has been strongly resisted by common people. However, I have some points to make.
BTV autonomy
Recently BBC Bangla London broadcast a lively, lucid and informative programme on corruption in Bangladesh. Those who have listened the programme enjoyed and liked it.
Punish the corrupt
Bangladesh is champion in corruption for the last three years. But we are doing nothing to improve the situation. Corruption is increasing day by day, because the corrupt elements are not punished.
Is it Islam?
We know Islam means peace. But nowadays some masked people by the name of Islam are trying to prove Islam as a religion of disorder. They think, by creating disorder, they can establish Islam in Bangladesh.
Local community radio
Some good news in the DS of Dec 6: local community radio broadcasting stations are being set up across Bangladesh by a group of NGOs, supported by GoB and UN agencies.
The country is riddled with JMB terrorism in the name of establishing Islam. But Islam does never support indiscriminate killing of men, women, and children.
Corruption-- root cause of poverty
In a recent discussion with fellow Bangladeshis, we were asking them to express what in their opinion is the most crying need for Bangladesh, in terms of priority, for the optimum development and rebuilding
Iran president's remarks
The recent anti-Israel comments by Iran's firebrand President should be condemned by the international community.
Following the 8 October massive earthquake, which claimed more than 50,000 lives, we need to seek forgiveness of God, for earthquake is totally unpredictable and there is no way to contain its fury with
Who will guide us?
This is in response to H Hossain's letter on October 29. He raises some very important points regarding our country. I share his opinion on Bangladesh.
Bangladesh: Next Iran?
This is in response to a letter by Tishan Mahfuz on 12-12-2005.
Victory Day
December 16, 1971 is one of the most memorable days in our history. On this day we achieved victory at the cost of millions of lives.
Bird flu, a red alert
Bird flu is now considered the great menace rocking the thoughts of health conscious people from Europe to Asia. The disease has already manifested itself even in some European countries.

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