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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 4 | August 27, 2006 |


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Innovation in the center of excellence
Faculty of Architecture, BUET

In 1986 the department celebrated its Silver Jubilee. Since 1966, 595 students have been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Architecture and five Master of Architecture. There are now a total of 421 students at the undergraduate level and 64 at the postgraduate level.
A day to relish
Despite the fact that the entire show was characteristically meant for the Finance-walas only, in effect it created tremendous gusto among the entire Business Studies crowd.
Chittagong shuttle train
The shuttle train journey creates an impermeable sense of intimacy among the students. No wonder they consider this 16-kilometer journey from the central station to the university to be the most enjoyable part of their student lives.

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