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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 7 | February 25 ,2007|


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We have a very common habit of analyzing the habits of the people around us making occasional comments trying to brag about our shrewd skills of judgement. In course of doing that, we fall victims to discord with others on account of commenting on them. My point is why go for such hassles? The vital question springing up should be how much do we know ourselves, let alone others. It reminds me of the well-known adage-'Know thyself'. Stand in front of the mirror and judge the person staring back at you. You should be able to evaluate and find out the shortcomings in yourself.

There are two identities dwelling in every human being the soul which encourages you to go for the good and shun the evil and the other instigating you the vice versa. It's you who have to acquire the ability to differentiate the two, welcoming the former and resisting the latter. The evil passion can be, rather, should be bridled by practicing self-restraint. Then again you need to know yourself to decide how to control the passion.

After you finish your daily chores, before going to bed, ask yourself what the wrong things that you have done throughout the day. This is called self-criticism. This practice is really vital to try to know and analyze oneself. After identifying your faults, make a resolution not to repeat them in future. Vow to be better person the next morning you wake up to start afresh. This analysis would really help you to ascend a step up in the endeavor to know yourself.

Try to bring forth the excellent person residing inside you, waiting for a chance to show up. Feel the urge from within to be in a cordial relation with others. The joy of being able to help people is incomparable. Stretch out your hands for support to the humanity. Remove the sheath on your eyes and ears and look around .You will see the sufferings and hear the silent cry of the oppressed. With all the capabilities you are blessed with, it becomes incumbent on you to accomplish the share of responsibility vested on you as a sensible member of the society. However, the path that you would take depends upon you. So in the end, you need to understand yourself.

Know yourself- to engage in the service of humanity, to have a sound perception of your ingenuity, to realize the intrinsic talents better ,to boost up your confidence, to bring out the dormant spirit of innovation, to strengthen the relation with the creator, to develop potent intuition, to nurture innate aptitude, to sharpen your image, to foster your foresight, to add color to your imagination, to define your vision, to cherish your sweet memories, to promote the truth, to repel falsehood, to embellish your dreams and above all to achieve success both here and hereafter.

Dept. of CSE, NSU


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