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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 15 | April 22, 2007 |


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In this issue

Study tour to Darjeeling and Sikkim
This was a part of our community medicine tour. Just after the completion of Dhaka tour, we the students of Jahurul Islam Medical College of Batch J-13 along with our teachers started for Darjeeling and Sikkim.
Pahela Baishakh Celebrated with a bang
The spell of breezes and rain gave way to the heat and dust that is practically a signature for the first day of the Bengali New Year. Pohela Boishakh has always been about waking up at dawn, swathing oneself in red and white, gobbling down the annual treat of panta with fish and pickles, and then losing oneself in the crowds at the Ramna botomul.

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