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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 17 | May 06, 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

All the Vigorous Jamming sessions and dormant talents will kick in this 6th of May with an even more attractive and mind blowing season as the second D-Rockstar Show audition rounds start. Previously the show was dedicated to find the ultimate rockstar with a full-fledged package of a great vocal, stage act and crowd connection. This time with BAMBA (Bangladesh Musical Bands Association) as the judges, the rockstar hunt would not only be limited to a single vocal phenomena; but a full-fledged band working as a solid group; each of them groomed to literally 'rock the stage'.

After the audition rounds, BAMBA, associated with musical quality check, will help the contestants to set up a band from scratch and groom them for 4 months which will be aired as episodes on channel-I every Tuesday and Thursday 7.50 pm. The elimination marathon will start from 20 bands to 16 then 8 then 4 and finally to 1 single full fledged band as the D-Rock Band. The markings will be based on Talent, originality, Cover song music, individual performances and Attitude that includes communication skills with the audience. The judges will hold the 60% of the points while the rest 40 will be on the SMS voting. Ecstasy and Hairobics will be in charge of the wardrobe and grooming the contestants.

As D-juice, the country's youth lifestyle brand continues to create platform for young talents, the D-rockstar from last year that created massive response from the youth reasoning it to win the Telenor Global Thumb Grand Prix Award; this time will hit all the six division for audition. The project will be a one-year contract with the finalists; in the process getting their own album out.

Channel-I, Radio Foorti will be the media partners of D-Rockstar2 with Sony Ericsson joining the hunt as co-partner of the program. So grab your snares and tune the guitar and keep your fingers crossed, as the D-rockstar2 hits your city!


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