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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 17 | May 06, 2007|


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Inter-Batch Debate Tournament at IBA

Shoaib M. Siddiqui

IBA Debating Club has successfully organized a daylong Inter-batch Debate championship tournament on April 7, 2007.

D Rockstars
the hunt for a rock band

Nazia Ahmed

All the Vigorous Jamming sessions and dormant talents will kick in this 6th of May with an even more attractive and mind blowing season as the second D-Rockstar Show audition rounds start.

Shakespeare Visits ULAB!!

On 29th April, the English Department of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) had organized one of the most memorable events in the history of the university Shakespearean Drama!

In The Maze of Biotechnology

Afroza Sultana

I was terribly disappointed when we missed the 1st congress of the Young Biotechnologists of Bangladesh (youngBB) held in Curzon Hall, University of Dhaka, on 26th Dec'06.

The role of 'Role-Play' in Second Language Acquisition

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Anyone who has tried will agree that second language acquisition (SLA) is a complex and lengthy process.

Closed door Baishakh

Saushan Rahman

The other day my friend and I walked into Bashundhara Shopping mall for a little window-shopping.

The History and Significance of May Day

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

The first day of the month of May is known as May Day. It is the time of year when warmer weather begins and flowers and trees start to blossom.

JCI Bangladesh pledge towards a 'smoke- free” world

May 31st is Anti Tobacco Day and all over the world many organizations take up many initiatives to renew their pledge towards a 'smoke- free” world.

A mystical journey

Wrishi Thakur Raphael

To state that people from all around the world come to Santiniketan and Sriniketan on pilgrimage would not be an exaggeration, as the visitors not only wander around the Santiniketan premises, but also they experience an extraordinary journey to its spiritual realms while doing so.

Dearth of Proper Education

Md Badiuzzaman Tamal

Cannot education and national development be synonymous? It is obvious that nothing but a proper education is required to build a nation properly.

Mobile & Wireless Computing
An International Program at Perdana College Coming of Age of Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is the discipline for creating an information management platform free from spatial and temporal constraints.

The carnage at Virginia Tech and the repetition of history

Kh. Asef Safa Kabir

History repeats itself'. The quote may occasionally be termed as a mere cliché, but the enigmatic episodes of unpredictable human chronicles constantly assert the validity of this seemingly trite statement, no matter how ardently we try to elude the repetition.

Developing communication skills

Amitava Basu

Have you heard the popular song of the movie, Sound of Music, which begins with “Nothing comes from nothing; nothing ever could ………”

Adieu ... The Prince of Cricket

Rafiqul Islam Rime

Brian Charles Lara, the prince of world cricket, is going to bid good bye to all forms of International cricket. Lara came to the cricket world, played matches and won the Hall of Fame!

A new hope

Hammad Ali

On Wednesday, 25th April 2007, Campus 4 of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) came alive with a flood of positive energy, as students, faculty members, and administrative stuff of IUB witnessed the launch of the first ever community service network in the university.


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