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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 27 | July 15 , 2007|


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Tech Wise

Spidey Speakers!

Spider Man 3 is doing great business worldwide and all new Spidey goodies are out in full swing as well. Here is the latest addition to that. The $17.99 (BDT 1260) Spider-Man Speaker Pillow is a simple device. Requiring no batteries, a 3.5mm audio jack is all you need to have the sweet lullabies of Tobey Maguire sing you to sleep. Essentially a headphone speaker shoved in polyester and spandex, there is nothing very special about the audio potential, but to those who may have forgottenit's the official pillow of your favorite superhero. Just remember, if you are using the pillow in hopes of developing your own super powers, we'll make fun of you...but silently fear the day when you strike back!


A slimmer PS2!

Sony has reduced internal components of an already tiny Slimline Play Station Two even further. This updated hardware drops from 900 to 600 grams, while the AC adapter drops from 350 to 250 grams. But despite a massive weight reduction, the PSTwo's footprint has remained the same. So will this update really mean anything to the public?

Sony will be making more money per console, the industry expects, as components are simplified in newer systems. But it also opens the door for a price reduction. So hopefully we'll see a drop from the $129.99 (BDT 9100) price in the not-so-distant future. Otherwise, it wouldn't really have any effects on the PS2 market!


Decode Wall Clock

The contemporary Decode Wall Clock features a unique design aspect in the hour hand which makes the abstract numbers on the clock face readable when it passes over. The numbers one to twelve are written so they resemble secret codes, the hour hand intersects with the numbers decoding them and allowing you to tell the time. At 25 British Sterling Pounds (BDT 3464), this wall clock is a must have for self declared geeks.



Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob


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