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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 54 | February 03, 2008|


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Mystery of mind

Dr Binoy Barman

Philosophers often talk of mind as being independent of human body. Greek philosopher Plato preached his 'philosophy of idea', taking mind as real and brushing aside the visible world as mere illusion.

Star Campus Drishty Debate for Generation Next

Saif Chowdhury

Our next generation deserves to breathe in fresh air and have equal rights to live in a peaceful environment as we as well as our ancestors did.

Popular Theater:
Social Awareness through Entertainment

The Brac University Drama and Theater Forum (BUDTF) recently organized a workshop on 'Popular Theater' in Shangkarpur Village, Pabna.

The lost art of Shorthand

Star Campus Desk

Shorthand is an abbreviated, symbolic writing method that improves speed of writing or brevity as compared to a normal method of writing a language.

A Poetic Teacher - Sabahat Jahan

Zannatul Lamea

“ The places gone, Streets transform
The place was cement & blood & bones
And smell of flowers you brought me in rain

Higher Education in Ireland: Opportunities and Scholarships

Niaz Morshed Chowdhury

Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland is a sovereign country located in the north-western part of Europe.

An afternoon with NUB VC Dr. Shamsul Haque

Feeda Hassan Shahed

It was a warm afternoon when we met Dr. Shamsul Haque, the Vice Chancellor of Northern University of Bangladesh in his office.

A rewarding experience of US undergraduates with IUBians in Bangladesh

Lyndel Owens (A student participant from USA)

What could we expect? Twenty undergraduates, coming to Bangladesh for the first time for a month of study and direct experience of village life?

Star Campus adda

Star Campus Desk

Last Tuesday, at 4pm, we all met at a fun-filled and yet productive, educative adda in the conference room of The Daily Star.

HRSS : Endeavour towards Human Rights

Tariq Bin Sarwar

The law students of different public and private universities from home and abroad, have successfully accomplished the 8th Human Rights Summer School, an enterprise of ELCOP (Empowerment Through Law of The Common People).

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