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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 60 | March 16 , 2008|


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At the 10th Iinternational short and Independent Film Festival

14th February 2008 saw the opening of the 10th International and Independent Film Festival. This internationally acclaimed film festivals held every two years gave the members of Film and Photography Club (FPC) of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) their own reasons to celebrate. The current festival brings together filmmakers from 40 countries around the world, who are promoting and exhibiting 170 of their finest works. Amidst this festival, FPC had the golden opportunity to promote the club and the impressive body of work put together by the students. Just outside the Public Library Auditorium, where the festival is taking place, FPC had its own established stall, that featured the photographs and the documentaries made by its members. The vibrant and colorfully decorated booth was quick to attract the attention of the spectators on their way to the main event, as they continually stopped to observe and appreciate the substantial works of the students of IUB, all free of cost. The students were more than happy to garner the exposure that the event provided to an audience, both sophisticated and international.

This event also marks a significant achievement for FPC, considering how young the club is. Formed by the initiation of some students in 30th October, 2007 with the primary objective of nurturing the talents of the nascent photographers and filmmakers of IUB, the club has grown from strength to strength. Now the club's various activities revolve screening a feature film each week, conducting workshops, arranging photography exhibitions, and making short films. And the club has no plans of slowing down. The club's student secretary Arman Ibne Masud remarked, “Accentuating the immense beauty of Bangladesh is an undeviating job. Our hope is to document the country as intimately as possible, through the still and moving images.”

Of course none of the attainments would be possible without the dedicated support and guidance of the faculties of the Department of Media and Communication of IUB. Asked whether he was contented with FPC's journey so far, Dr.G.M.Shahidul Alam, chief patron of FPC and head, Media and Communication department, IUB stated, “So far, yes. Especially the students' positive vigor and the participatory activities at the film festival have been admirable.”

IUB, the only university in the country to be represented at the festival, had the privilege of sponsoring two major seminars held at the festival held on the 16th and 18th of February at the National Museum. Bangladesh's eminent photographers who graced the IUB stall had only encouraging words for the young artists. Manzeer A. Haseen Murad on his visit to the stall said, “I hope by utilizing the students talents, FPC will give rise to a fresh generation of Bangladeshi artist and consequently unite the people.”

The members of FPC do realize that in order to live up to the expectations, there is yet a long road to travel. But one thing is for certain, on FPC's optimistic journey, the lack of enthusiasm and spirit is not going to be obstacles.

(Student of department of media and communication)

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