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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 60 | March 16 , 2008|


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News Room

IUT Freshers 2008 - unleashing the spirit within the IUTians!

Muhammad Tahsin

The evening was set for a long awaited treat at IUT. As the auditorium filled up, the curtains were drawn, silence conquered every inch of the place and the show began. The freshers stood in awe, as their seniors gave them a wholehearted reception (after a very gruelling first week of rag). Yes, we are talking about the Freshers '08 organized by the students of second year!

The show set into motion with hilarious presentations by the students of second year, screening short films on 'Life at IUT' and 'Who to Vote for the next VC? Osama bin Laden or Mila?' They also showed the other side of life, screening a very touching film on the people suffering in our world and what our obligations are to the suffering humanity. A show of unity in remembrance of the Bhasha Shoiniks and Beer Muktijuddhas marked the end of the first phase of the show. The important message it conveyed to us, the freshers, was to be more united against all odds and have respect for all, regardless of race, nationality or gender. The wristbands from our second year brothers were gestures of everlasting bond among all of us.

The second part of the show kicked off with enthralling numbers Aerials, Toxicity and Stand Alone. The show kicked up a notch as local bands RowD and Brittadhin also covered a few hit numbers, Obocheton, Ekti Gopon Kotha and Firiye Daow. The crowd excitedly cheered and sang with the bands creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Finally the 'Maharajas of Rock' in Bangladesh, Warfaze came upon the stage. The crowd of over 600 IUTians moved to the music and enjoyed every moment of it. The show was well appreciated by everyone; especially the energetic brothers from first year.

Today, we the freshers have found a new home. A home that has given us a whole new meaning to life. The love and affection from our seniors will always inspire us to strive for the betterment of the society. Tomorrow, some brothers will leave this home in pursuit of career and some new blood will join us; but we shall remain IUTians forever!

An Unforgettable Day

Abdul Kader

“A nation doesn't die for want of food; it dies for lack of delight.”
-Rabindranath Tagore

The students of the Finance Department (B.B.A 13th batch of Dhaka University) arranged a picnic on February 28, 2008. The venue of the picnic was the Zia Film City, Gazipur, which is known for its natural beauty and serenity. We got the help of our honourable teacher Dr. Mosarrof Hossain for arranging the picnic.

On the day, all of us gathered in front of our faculty building to begin our journey at 8.30 am. After the bus started rolling, everybody began dancing to music in anticipation of a wonderful day. But the dance came to an abrupt halt when it was discovered that the driver was taking us in the wrong direction. That's why we reached our destination half an hour late.

Getting down from the bus we had our breakfast. Then we started enjoying our time through various activities. Two groups played cricket. Some played football & Kabadi, some caught fish, and some roamed in the mini jungle. Many of us rode horses as well.

At 2 o'clock everybody gathered in the rest house of the 'City' for an eagerly awaited lunch. At 3.30 pm we started our cultural program. Naoreen (class representative) & Sahed conducted the whole program. Naheed, Tomal & Plabon performed 4 songs. Afterward Babu & Rokon presented a comic skit. Subsequently a competition for the audience took place. 15 people were selected to take part in the event where they were required to do whatever a lottery told them to do. Some had to tell jokes, some had to sing, some had to act & some had to dance. Then a competition of eating sweets was arranged where Plabon won by eating 10 sweets within 20 seconds. Next a pillow match was arranged for girls where Meem emerged victorious. The function came to an end with the winners being awarded with lovely prizes.

On the way back everybody was rewarded with attractive gifts. Thus came to an end a memorable day.

Dept. of Finance
B.B.A 13th Batch
University of Dhaka

WALCOM Seminar at BUET

Feeda Hassan Shahed

Bangladesh Academy of Science and BUET jointly organized a workshop on Algorithm and Computation 2008 (WALCOM) on February 7th and 8th. Professor Md. Shamser Ali, President, Bangladesh Academy of Science; Professor Naim Chowdhury, Secretary, Bangladesh Academy of Science; Professor Dr. A M. M. Shafiullah, Vice-chancellor, BUET; Dr. Mohammad Kaikobaad, Professor, Computer science and Engineering Department, BUET; Professor Md. Saidur Rahman, Professor Computer Science and Engineering Department, BUET were present in the workshop.

Scientists, professors, young researchers and students from USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia and India participated in the workshop.

23 experimental presentations on bio-informatics, algorithm, computational geometry and graph drawing, graph algorithm-1, algorithm engineering and graph algorithm-2 were presented. Md. Sohel Rahman, Md. Abdur Razzak, Abudullah Al Wadud, Md. Daidur rahman, Md. Jawaherul Alam, Abu Hasan Sami, Md. Mushfiq Rabbi, Md. Tanvir Irfan, Asharaful Alam, Masud Alam, Md. Rezaul Karim were present among the Bangladeshi engineers.

A book with selected experiments presented in WALCOM 2008 was published by Springer-Darlegg, Europe's highest reputed publisher. Besides, on the eve of WALCOM 2008, a journal was published on Graph Algorithm and Applications (JGAA).

Debate workshop at Premier University, Chittagong

Asif Iqbal Chowdhury

A debate workshop organized by the drama club of DELL (Department of English Language & Literature) was held on March 11, 2008 at 11 AM at the auditorium of Premier University, Chittagong. The inaugural session was presided over by the chairman of DELL Mr Sadat Zaman Khan. Lecturers Md Abdur Rahim and Md. Saifur Rahman coordinated the event. The three-our workshop included a thorough discussion on different important aspects of conducting debate, exchanging ideas and making extempore speeches. This was followed by recitation of self-composed poems by the eighth semester students Md.Asif Iqbal Chowdhury and Rajib Sinha. An exciting cultural event brought an end to the program. Spontaneous presence of the students made the event successful.

(Premier University, Chittagong)

Annual Science Fair at St. Joseph School

Scintilla Science Club of St. Joseph Higher Secondary School organized the annual science fair from 12-14 March 2008. Competitors from different renowned institutions took part in various events. The events included Set Speech, Extempore Speech, Art Competition, Quiz Competition; Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science Olympiad and Science project (only for St. Joseph school students).

Around 500 projects were displayed in the fair organized by one of the oldest science clubs in Bangladesh. This year, the science fair was sponsored partly by Bangla Cat.

Academic Success of OIS Students

Abrarul Haque

Among numerous participants from all over Asia, 7 students from Oxford Intenational School (OIS) achieved Gold Medals for being the Country Toppers, while 5 students achieved Gold Medals as Regional Toppers in 'International Assessments for Schools 2007' - a world-wide assessment to test students' merit in English, Science, Maths and Computer Skills. The assessment was performed in November 2007 by the University of New South Wales, Australia, in collaboration with Macmillan India. Schools from 14 Asian countries took part in this assessment gala. Minhazul Islam, Shahriar Prince, Reezwan Ahmed secured the Gold Medals in Science, and in Mathematics, Sazzad Parved, R A Zunnun Zahid, Iftekhar Ahmed Showpnil and Russell Mahmood obtained Gold Medals.

NSU Blood Donation Program

North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) together with Quantum Foundation organized a two-day long blood donation drive at NSU on the 3rd and 4th March 2008. Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Hafiz. G. A. Siddiqi and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. S.A.M Khairul Bashar were present to encourage the students.

NSU students enthusiastically donated their blood to the Quantum Foundation. A total of 32 bags were collected in the first one and half hour, which is a new record. A total of 364 bags of blood were collected during the 14-hour drive, 148 of which were collected on the first day. All the donors were provided with a free blood screening to check for the presence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Syphilis and HIV in their blood by the Quantum Foundation. These tests would cost lot of money in a medical laboratory but the generous doctors who are part of this non-profit organization provided it to the students for free. The donors will also get first preference from the Quantum Foundation if they are in need of blood for themselves or for their family members. For all donations in the past, each donor will receive that many bags of blood for free if and when he or she should need it. Large discounts are also provided to donors on all subsequent bags needed. Over time their voluntary donation has helped save many lives. NSUSSC arranges such Voluntary Blood Donation Drives once every semester or at least twice a year. By collaborating with Quantum Foundation, NSUSSC tried to prove the fact that it strives to help those in need once again and that blood donation is a humanitarian act that must be campaigned for.

NSUSSC believes that it is a moral duty as citizens of Bangladesh, more importantly as human beings to help out. With innovative activities to serve the community and a family of dedicated members, NSUSSC has grown over the years to contribute and offer a helping hand to people however possible.

Prize giving ceremony at Kelso Ideal Academy

A Prize giving ceremony of Kelso Ideal Academy, Mirpur, Dhaka was held on 7th March 2008. In the program the best student of the School for the year 2007 was awarded Studentship in the name of Educationist and Researcher Prof. Mosahser Ali. Students of different classes were awarded according to their performances in the exams as well as various cultural activities. The program was presided over by Muklasher Rahman and chief guest was Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Chairman, School of Business and Economics, Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology. Dr. Ruhul Amin, Nihar Ranjan Dutar and Sujit Chandra Das also spoke on the occasion. A cultural program followed the event.

International Mother language Day and Bangla Co-Curricular activities by OISC

Onnesha International School and College observed the International Mother Language Day through Bangla co-curricular activities on 28th of February in the school premises. Quiz, debate, drama, recitation, story telling, song and dance were included in the co-curricular activities. A discussion on “The Martyrs and Our Responsibility” was held to mark the day. The program was presided by the Principal, Ms. Nasreen Monem Khan. Parents and guardians attended the program.

The program started with a recitation from the holy Quran by a student. Then two students of class ten presented speeches in Bangla and English regarding the importance of 21st February. By singing the song-“Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushe February” the students, teachers and guardians paid tribute to the Language Martyrs.

In junior debate group “Jamuna” gained victory over “Padma” and in the senior group “Padma” was the winning team. The best debater was Zahin Jawad Enan from junior section and Mustafa Shakil from senior section. In the junior quiz “Palash” was the winner while in the senior “Shimul” emerged as the victorious team. The program came to end with the prize distribution among the victors.

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