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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 60 | March 16 , 2008|


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Lima Choudhury

My three-year-old daughter Sumanah was very excited about wearing her new dress as she was going to have her usual breakfast with her 'dadu' after a long period of one month. I was just struggling to make the breakfast as fast as I could as it was the Eid breakfast for the whole family to enjoy together after one month long- Ramadan. I noticed it was raining outside; it took my mind off from cooking for sometime.

From early in the morning I was just taking preparation to pass just another 'Eid' day with a series routine of socializing; having breakfast with everybody was just an exception .It felt like life is just a line of 'needs to be done' events; nothing to be excited about. In the back of my mind I was watching Sumanah singing a contemporary song and feeding her doll. “Life can be so simple!” it was her own world where she was waiting for her baba, dadu & chachas and at that moment I realized it was bothering me! I did not have that chance ever in my life. I missed all those things in my childhood. As I heard the story (!) my mom arrived at my nana'a house with four month old me and my two year old sister, just running through the streets, leaving her husband and her whole future behind. That was 3rd April 1971 from that time onward it was just a series of struggles to maintain just a livable life. I did not get the chance to wait for my dad ever in my life. I could never realize how it feels to wait for a father to come home from work, go to shopping and buy a small pencil or even to be scolded when you act stubborn. Life was a long hectic journey without a strong shoulder to lean on. It took 25 years of my life to first call this magical name 'baba', that was my father in law.

Suddenly with the sweet sound of doorbell I came back to present through the journey of past. At last it seems so peaceful to see my daughter as her waiting ends and be with her loved ones, something I could never had. I realized again that life is not just a string of meaningless events. Somehow somewhere it always gives you a chance to look clearly at what you lost yet will gain in the long run.

(Asst. Registrars (Admissions)
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

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