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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 71 | June 01, 2008 |


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Photo: Shafiqul Alam

In this issue

Our Trip to Egypt

Time went away like a breeze. Egyptian International Center for Agriculture was the venue for the conference. Prof. Karl Marmorosch and Prof. Ali M. Harandi were the guest speakers from USA and Sweden, respectively. We had lunch with them and exchanged our views about contemporary issues.

Satellite-AID Conducted by YES at CMCH

The main objective behind this programme was to make the information regarding this health service providing organization's services available to the masses, to advise the patients who come to CMCH for treatment to seek help from the Information and Advice Centre of CMCH so that these people don’t suffer because of the troubles created by the middlemen and thus help CMCH


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