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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 78 | July 20 , 2008 |


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Cover photo: Aminul Islam

In this issue

Experiences at Nanyang Technological University

My personal experience in NTU started in 2007. After finishing GCSE A' Levels on November 2006 in Singapore, I waited 3 months for my results. I then waited for another 3 months trying to decide if I wanted to accept the offers into the local universities present in Singapore or pursue higher education overseas.

Beyond our imagination, but within their fate

I was sitting at Pizza Hut and eating my favorite BBC flavored pizza when my eyes fell on the restaurant's window. Across it was the usual view if Chittagong's usual busy, honking roads. I was about to look away when my eyes fell on a woman amongst the many pedestrians on the street.


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