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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 83 | August 24, 2008|


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Second Anniverary Issue
Feedback from Readers and Contributors

AS a regular reader of this wonderful publication, I would like to place some suggestions that could be taken into consideration.

Star Campus is surely a magazine by the students, for the students and of the students.

A regular 'Letters' column may be introduced here, where the readers could write to the Editor about their views, ideas and opinions on various issues, as well as seek advice and suggestions on various kinds of problems associated with student life.

A 'Friendship' column could also be introduced, where readers would get to know about each other, share opinions, and have fun.

A 'Chat Group' could be introduced; where topics such as group study, debates, sports/games and other cultural activities could be discussed.

Lastly, I would say, the magazine has performed outstandingly over the last two years, and I hope to see the continuation of such excellence.

Syeda Nafisa Nawal
Student of Child Heaven School, Chittagong.

I have been reading Star Campus for the last two years and gradually found it something more than a regular magazine. Usually in a magazine or newspaper, interaction works in a unidirectional manner; from the magazine itself towards the readers. But in Campus, I experienced a bidirectional flow between the sides. “Readers will also be the writers” - I like this concept of Campus most. I strongly believe that Campus will not only produce quality articles, but also present promising writers to our nation.

During mid 2007, on behalf of Wikipedia Bangladeshi Universities project I had meetings on several occasions with Mr. Shahnoor Wahid (Campus Editor) whom I found an extremely enthusiastic, jolly and friendly person. He encouraged me to write on numerous issues such as Wikipedia, Debate, Education, Scholarship Opportunities and so on. During my interactions with him, I discovered the very fact that makes campus so popular leaving other similar magazines far behind. It's mainly because of his sparkling presence in the lead role of Campus team, which is also supplemented by some young and potential journalists like Mahdin Mahboob and Nazia Ahmed.

Nowadays it has become a business for a number of so called student consultancy agencies that are taking huge amounts of money in the name of processing documents on behalf of the students for their higher study. Interestingly most of the reputed universities worldwide maintain online application system and encourage students to apply directly avoiding any third party. In future, I would like to see some active initiatives from Campus to create awareness among our students through articles containing advises and tips on higher studies abroad.

On this very special day - 2nd anniversary of our dearest Star Campus, I would like to thank everyone involved in its publication and circulation.

Niaz Morshed Chowdhury
is a Postgraduate research student (Wireless Communications) at the University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

I would like to congratulate Star Campus for its successful celebration of second anniversary. Star Campus, one of the foremost and unparalleled campus based magazine launched its journey just two years back with the vision of pervading the light of knowledge into young minds by sharing the innovative ideas regarding various issues, also pertaining manifold events. I am an avid reader of this magazine since it brought out the first issue. It is inevitable to say that, tremendous feedback from different levels of students, teachers and concerned people, have widened its scope to a broader spectrum and eventually it has become the most popular one. I like the feature section most because it brings out the innovative and creative hall-marks of the writers and creates an opportunity to incorporate with others. The magazine should also emphasise on the various problems faced by the students in residential campuses.

Sumon Biswas
is a fourth year student of Sociology at Khulna University

Star Campus - A part of our Sunday life!

TAR CAMPUS is essentially a part of my university life. It is widely acknowledged by the student groups from different and diverse backgrounds. Often students buy a copy of the Daily Star on Sunday solely for the Star Campus. I think the most amazing part of Star Campus is the fact that it is accessible to every part of the society. Student groups can represent themselves, their goals and their noble principles through this platform no matter wherever they are from. Star Campus is an exception on contrary to the trend of solely focusing on urban, elite society by the English newspapers of Bangladesh.
One can only hope that Star Campus will continue its noble purpose and stick to the honest principles of journalism.

Sinha Ibne Humayun
BBA,North South University

Star Campus is the best thing that ever happened to the university students of Bangladesh! Students had no way to know what the other universities were doing, and what is it that they do that is better than them! The magazine became a great ambassador for all the different universities, pulling all the students of this country under one roof! And don't forget that apart from disseminating university information, the magazine is a great source of entertainment, publishing many thought-provoking articles, funny cartoons, weirdest technology news, and beautiful pictures in its middle pages. Despite all odds Star Campus has successfully established itself to be a part of the university lifestyle.

G. Sumdany Don
Graduated in Media Studies and Journalism from the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

Over these two years, I have been a reader /viewer of SC (It always offers some interesting pictures). Although, speaking from personal opinion, I think Star Campus could be more interactive. Publishing only news of different campuses makes it seem more like a newspaper. I wish there were more students talking, on different subjects, speaking their heart out instead of just covering any event.

But overall, SC has been doing a great job.

Adnan Ahmed Saleh
BBA dept. , NSU

It's really impressive how Star Campus has brought about so many changes in the mindset of the young people. Well I remember telling a friend of mine that it's not such a good idea to publish this magazine every week; a fortnight occurred to me a better idea. I guess I was wrong, as it seems to be a great platform for students to communicate their views about education and their lifestyle. Moreover, views from faculty members can also add value to SC.

I'd like to thank the Star Campus editor for being open to various ideas and bringing in so much of versatility.

Congrats on 730 days!

Nafis Tahsin Ahmed Shubho
BBA 15TH Batch (IBA)

Happy Birthday Star Campus....

I am so glad that SC is now two years old. I remember how it started out with the initial team! A few nervous wrecks joined in the first writer's batch (me being the worst), then there were a couple of other writers whom I knew to be excellent ones. . . and soon enough write-ups came flooding from the remotest corner of Bangladesh within a month or so! I did not quite feel for Campus the way I did until one of my write-ups on politicians (Letter to our politicians) actually got quite a few responses from people. From then on, I took Campus more seriously, its not just as an endless hullabaloo of what happened where, but as this plateau which gives us a firm ground to express our views and be taken seriously as responsible adults. My wish for Campus writers now would be to send in write-ups that can CREATE A CHANGE. We youngsters are the only ones who can revolutionize the stale concepts of politics, societal 'norms' and take our country FAST FORWARD! Give the world a true image of Bengali spirit.

Shamma M. Raghib
ETE Department, North South University

STAR CAMPUS appeared at a time when the youth needed a different voice, a voice which would bring the public and private universities of Bangladesh under one banner. Perhaps, in the beginning, SC's weekly collection of pages was under sheer scrutiny but it surely had an ever-frothing optimism at its heart between the coloured covers. And then with time, it developed gradually. SC informed us about the celebrations, the awards, the competitions, the exhibitions, the graduations, the farewells and the inaugurations. It revealed our varied lives. We saw ourselves and others through the pages of SC. As the wall of unfamiliarity faded between the students of various universities, SC went on to publish the raw opinions on recent issues, pretty travelogues, pallets of experiences and the fresh buzzes among the youth of Bangladesh.

For some time, it seemed that's all SC would do. But then, SC surprised and supplied us with things to talk about as it proceeded to arrange conferences where high profile personalities met the university-going students to share and exchange views. And to add to that excitement, SC caught in its pages real stories of glory, like students who rescued some trapped birds, the eloquent students who went for the Asian debate competition or the Olympiads of Informatics any high-achiever from any field was featured.

Happy Anniversary Star Campus! May you healthily live long! May you continue to surprise us every Sunday!

Efadul Huq
A' Level Graduate

Expecting more out of Star Campus!

It is quite exciting that the 'Star Campus' started its journey just as I started my own University life. By the time I was growing out of my interest in teen magazines I hoped that Campus would be something more evolved and mature. Unfortunately, according to my thoughts, Campus did not really turn out to be so, being based on covering actual news rather than expressing the thoughts of young students. I have liked a lot of its articles, but have not found a favorite columnist in it as yet. It has done a great job in covering news about Campus life which otherwise remains unheard. But I believe it can do a better job in informing and entertaining us if it includes some inspirational/motivational write-ups from teachers or fresh graduates to give us, (the hard-working yet bored and unmotivated students) an uplift so that we study and work with zeal! Thank you Star Campus! But expecting a lot more from you in future!

By Alina Amatullah
Department of Life Science, NSU

STAR CAMPUS has opened the door for students to write and express their views. There is no other magazine that has created such a platform for students to write freely.

It is the first magazine made especially for students. As a reader I'd like to applaud “Star Campus” for updating about events and facts in various universities all over Bangladesh. It provides the useful information on various campuses. There are many students in JU campus who like to read Star Campus because it is the only mag through which they can share their views and can comment on those as well.

It has also become successful in creating writers of future Bangladesh. I can only say that they should be more conscious about regular updates of universities and campuses, and should be concerned about picking more and more writers up from among the students. In the 2nd Anniversary of “Star Campus”, I want to thank the editor for being so encouraging and want to congratulate his entire team for creating young and promising writers all over Bangladesh.

Farhat Tasannum Farah
Final yr Honours, Dept. of English, JU.

AS a reader I like Star Campus but I would love it more if it brings a little variation in its issues. It should focus more on articles related to the current problems. It's great to read the achievements of various institutions. I would prefer a more detailed account of the programmes that are crisped in the form of news!

All in all Star Campus is a great magazine and thanks to the writers for providing us with such wonderful articles.

Tanzila Tajreen

It gives me immense pleasure as a reader of Star Campus magazine to say that I haven't missed reading a single issue from the very beginning. In a word the magazine is a bridge linking between young educated minds together. I mostly like the feature section for its diversified news and events. Studying abroad, I feel proud myself that our young society and different educational institutes are doing activities to build up the nation. I think that Star Campus should include another section for Bangladeshi students studying abroad. This could be an added advantage to exchange the views and knowledge among students. However, it could include the studying methods and life style of Bangladeshi students in different educational institutes. Finally, I would like to wish a very happy birthday to the dedicated team of Star Campus.

A.K.M. Anwarul Haque is doing his M.Sc in Environmental Conservation Science at The University of Greenwich, Medway Campus, Kent, UK

(Comments from students of KUET)

In every year different types of systems or processes invented by many engineering students are published in different daily newspapers. If such types of news are published in this magazine then it will be more exciting and encouraging for the engineering students and will be interesting for everyone.

Abdullah Al Jannat Newaz
Mechanical Engineering

I like the photography section of this magazine very much. And I think in this section the photograph should be campus related. The photograph from any student should be given priority. The photographs of any campus, its natural site, its different structural views (buildings, or any plant), its different cultural programs and overall any campus related photograph should be published regularly.

Md.Zubair Hassan
Mechanical Engineering

The technological news should be introduced more. Besides the recently invented technology, the news concerning the different technological development in our country of different university students or teachers should be introduced. The news concerning any kind of achievement of student or teacher should be published in this magazine. Biographies of inventors and scientists should also be published.

Md. Nafis khan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

I think in the last two years Star campus has done a very good job. But sometimes I feel that here the universities far away from Dhaka are getting less priority. In this case I think if Star campus appointed some students of such universities as a news representative then, I hope that they can get more news about those universities.

Amirul Hossen
Computer Science and Engineering

From our country every year many students go abroad for higher study. There they achieve many remarkable feats. If star campus introduces a new section with news concerning those people then I think it will be more interesting for the readers.

Md. Masud
Industrial Engineering and Management

As an avid reader and contributor to weekly Star Campus, I wish it the best of luck and continued excellence on its 2nd birthday. Star Campus is really a superb magazine which has opened up a platform for many young writers in Bangladesh writing in English.

SC is adding to the excellence of English writing in Bangladesh. The new readers will feel advantaged and the old readers enthused and reverberated on this special day of Star Campus. I extend my unalloyed love and heartfelt congratulations on the wonderful journey and the successful and valiant completion of two years by Star Campus. Long live our favourite magazine!

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam
Lecturer, Department of English
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet

IN the future, I would want Star Campus to embrace all the technological innovations to better disseminate information across multiple generations. We are in the cross-roads of profound change in the way our information operates. So if we can help design technology that empowers people to express their views, listen to each other and build communities together, we can take advantage of the media changes taking place around us to transform into a better society.

A famous quote states, “Technology is anything invented after you are born”. So things that are technology to us, are not necessarily technology to the young people of today. When you combine the fact that these things are what they grew up with, with the rate of change of society, then you see that our job as media professionals, in some ways, is to mould that technology in a way that allows society to mould it to their own interests. For example, social networking websites (eg. LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Orkut), blogs, instant messaging (msn, yahoo, gtalk, aim) have become a successful model to unite people of similar interests, network with each other and exchange ideas. Star Campus should augment its web dependency by integrating interactive features to make it easier on people to voice opinions, comment on existing articles, and eventually polarize individuals with similar interests.

M. Ehsan Hoque
Graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

For a campus based magazine, it is certainly a matter of honour to complete two years with success and influence. I think Star Campus, the pioneer of making a platform for the new and emerging writers from different educational institutions, has successfully demonstrated its potential to interconnect and raise the thoughts of young talents in the last two years. I am a proud reader of Star Campus since the start.

But from my point of view there are few scopes to improve. Picture quality is ok but it should be more clear and distinctive. There is no regular section for letters. A regular section on health issue is desired. And last but not least, if possible, the total page number should be increased to accommodate more opinions, ideas and views of the contributors.

Greetings to the Star Campus team and best wishes on this remarkable occasion!

Md. Fazle Rabby Haider
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism,
University of Dhaka

Every Sunday I wait for “The Daily Star” and its supplement “Star Campus”. Without exceptions, I have a quick look at Star Campus before moving onto any other section. It is good to know that the magazine is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. In the magazine, I like reading the cover stories, different kinds of open discussions, university news and writings based on the views of students.

I would like to see more interviews of successful persons, career plans and short games like quizzes. Campus can also arrange writing competitions (monthly or yearly) to inspire the young writers.

Md. Habil
Student of BBA, American International University,Bangladesh (AIUB)

I would like to congratulate “Star Campus” for completing 2 years of its journey with the theme of linking young minds together. The magazine helps the students to have a platform through which they share their ideas and present their views. With its colourful arrangement, the magazine brings various campus based news stories, features and reports that are written by the students themselves. I barely miss any of the issues, and I love to read the interesting features of successful students representing our country abroad and thus making us proud. The involvement of Star Campus against drug addiction through its writing about the dreadful consequence of drug addiction is surely praiseworthy. Such involvement should be increased since the magazine has increasing number of young readers. What Star Campus should think more is to increase the coverage for many other educational institutions specifically in universities and colleges from all parts of the country. I wish all the best to Star Campus and its team.

Badruddoza Jewel
Student of the Bengali Department, University of Chittagong.

I would describe Star Campus as a star shining with its own light illuminating the lives of many. I am really happy because my closest companion has set foot on the doorstep of its "2nd Anniversary". First of all, the overall look of this magazine is absolutely up-to-date and enthralling because of the flamboyant colours and shades. The contents showcasing features from light to high philosophical thoughts are the main sources of attraction. Event-based articles on current news about the world of education are my favourite ones too. In fact, Star Campus adds a new level to enjoyment by reading which many young people sadly pay no heed to. It is contributing towards the development of culture of reading good stories and increasing knowledge with a wide array of information.

Star Campus has succeeded in creating a platform where everyone can communicate, share ideas and therefore build up a healthy relationship between teachers and students so far no magazine has been able to do in Bangladesh. Campus encourages us to be creative which in turn benefits us in innumerable ways. But recently, it is showing a new trend where this fabulous package is turning into a monotonous one lacking the old charm which would captivate me to hook on to it. News seems to be bombarding Star Campus and I suggest that the editor should look into the matter deeply. Stories can be added to the list of contents and a humanity corner should be started where short stories about sick and poor students whose parents are unable to bear the heavy expenses of medical treatment should be published. It is our duty to help every human being in need. Despite all these, I wish "Star Campus" the best.

Shatabdi Biswas
Student of Paramount School and College, Rajshahi

FRESH minds, fresh thoughts, and fresh ideas -- these are the main features that I think Star Campus is all about. This campus-based magazine has become immensely popular among the young minds within its last two years journey. Having a glance once a week at Star Campus I get updated with all the Educational institutions of Bangladesh. I will say Star Campus is a great platform for us, the students to express our opinions and ideas from education system to different issues of the country.

Besides, I had enormous experiences attending the ADDAs with renowned educators of Bangladesh. On the second session of 'ADDA with a teacher' I met Prof. Syed Munir Khasru, faculty member of IBA. It was an open Adda where a discussion was held among the students and Prof. Khasru about different issues of Bangladesh. Another interesting session was meeting the UGC chair. At this session we expressed our ideas about how to improve university education. I really thank Star Campus for arranging such educational sessions and I hope to have more such chances from them.

Tahmina Khan Tithi
Student of the Dept. of EEE, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

I ws established itself as the largest and most influential campus based magazine in Bangladesh, but I personally think there are certain drawbacks of the magazine, which, as an avid reader of the magazine, I would definitely like to point out.

Often enough, the magazine seems like a debate newsletter, rather than a complete campus based magazine which it is meant to be. Over emphasis on debate should be removed and other extra curricular activities like sports and cultural activities should be given higher emphasis.

Some of the pictures in the magazine seem to be of poor quality I think the magazine should hire a bunch of professional photographers who can go and cover the different events being hosted by the different universities of Bangladesh.

Farzeen Mahboob
Masters in Computer Network Administration and Management.
University of Portsmouth, England

Star Campus is something I must have every Sunday with my morning breakfast! I particularly like Saushan Rahman's stories of funny incidents and anecdotes. They are always fun to read and talk about with my friends. Hope to see more of that in the coming years.

Ridita Mursaleen(student)
Viqarunnisa Noon School, English Medium.

I am a regular reader of the Daily Star. And Sundays have always been a little extra special for the Star Campus issue. I think The Daily Star is doing a great job creating opportunity for these young talents and providing them
with this remarkable platform.

Sabrina Ahmed (Teacher)

I am a huge Techwise fan! I think the things Mahdin Mahboob comes up with in his page are very interesting and enlightening. I'd like to see more information about
the gadget, source-wise. Keep up the good work!

Maroof Ahmed (a regular reader)

The debate section is a huge success as far as a god platform is concerned. It has indeed made a good space for itself in the world of the debaters and young enthusiastic students who want to take it up seriously. I wish you all the best!

Nazib Ahmed (A regular Reader)

I started reading Star campus somewhere around the time when that article about mushrooming schools was published. The letters and responses really grabbed my attention. Iram Rahman's article was the first one to let me in to the fantastic world of Campus magazine. I would appreciate if more articles of that sort is published and talked about as it is very much important to discuss such issues in the media.

Maliha Mashnoova(student)
Australia, Sydney.

I wish all the best to Star Campus for all its support and encouragement to the young. It has indeed brought out a good number of young writers who were clueless about their own talent and needed a good platform to find out what they were capable of. I think if the magazine makes an effort to nurture these talents and focuses a great deal on their errors, then they will be highly benefited. Thanks for your support.

Rumana Ahmed (Teacher)

Star Campus - Behind the Scenes

Zannatul Lamea

Every Sunday we get to see our dear Star Campus filled with sophistry articles, campus news, student viewpoints, fun times various other features. What you don't see is probably the itsy bitsy scenarios behind our beloved magazine.

Entering the office, you are sure to see someone walking busily with his spectacles over his head, a pile of papers at hand, and his cell phone glued to his ear - you have just met the man behind Campus, our dearest Shahnoor Bhai. In spite of his hectic schedule, he does manage to have a chit chat every now and then with us contributors, inspiring us about our write-ups, giving proper guideline, making us feel an integral part of the magazine.

If you hear a chirpy voice, mouthful of chit-chats and laughter going on somewhere -you surely would find Nazia Apu there. Humming a song and writing on, is the most common scenario about her.

I am sure all of you love to browse through the colourful collection of different funny and sometimes really cool tech-gadgets by Mahdin Mahboob. Mahdin Bhai has to do the bulk of the editing and compiling before it is sealed as 'final'. If you all can recollect, an article was published a few months back, about one of his sites (banglarcinema.blogspot.com) which we all believe has true potential (!). From the site, my personal favourites are Urey Eshe Buke Latthi The First Love, Apel keno shobuj- Why is knife sharp? and Bou Shashurir Juddho The Bullfight.

If you see someone sitting at the Campus office and banging her head over a PC, it surely would be Sarah Z H. Another Copy Editor at SC, she has a bag full of teeth-gritting experiences, encountering with the weirdest spellings and self made words from the articles sent in by the contributors. With a very nice personality Sarah continues to be an integral part of SC.

Next you would see someone sitting at a PC, with an ear-stretching grin always glued on his face yep that's Ridwan Karim. Ridwan is identified by his big grin that manages to stay on forever. A very talented debater himself, Ridwan always has been a wonderful writer with versatility.

Star Campus has already taken its first step and it's time for it to set big strides. I would like to wish SC a very “Happy Birthday”!!!

Splendid two years of Star Campus

Taslima Rawshan Tinni

IN Star Campus my favorite sections are "Reflection" and "Photo Feature". Given the span it has, I do believe Star Campus is doing just fine. But if I were to propose some new ideas to enrich the sections I would certainly not miss some vital ones. For example, there are very limited sources for the students to know about international Bursary and Scholarships (apart from internet, of course. But a fairly large part of the student body is blocked away from reaching the internet in Bangladesh). Also, students who are looking for part time jobs, voluntary opportunity and those who need career guidance from writing resumes to getting prepared for the first and/or recurring interviews may benefit a great deal, Star Campus could take a small step towards acknowledging these missing pieces. I believe there is a lot more to do to better reflect the long tradition of the quest for knowledge that this nation has cherished forever and will continue till the end of time. Good luck Star Campus and congratulations!"

Syeda Rakhshanda Amberin
Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada

AT a time when the very much vocal, outgoing, daring and energetic youth of today were being constantly fueled by easy cash from part time jobs and the World Wide Web, Star Campus seemed to be the next logical outcome. I was very much happy at the fact that, finally there'll be an issue which will solely showcase the young generation of today. Naturally, I had a lot of expectations from Star Campus, some of which were met and some were not. But all in all Star Campus has been a very good platform for highlighting the Bangladeshi students' campus life. Given the limited space, I have decided to use my words to focus on one thing that I recon Star Campus could improve on. I believe it needs to deal with various issues at today's campuses more. For example, issues related to quality of faculties, curriculum, debatable issues like exorbitant rise in the educational fees in certain private universities etc and the list goes on. The point being it needs to reflect what the students are thinking, how they are dealing with various issues and how they think these issues can be solved.

Samira Munir
BBA 13th , IBA , DU

STAR CAMPUS is an intense magazine which covers almost all sectors. But there is no end to improvisation and I personally believe that this magazine can be more creative. As a student of economics and a concerned citizen of the country I think economics is a very insightful issue which should be included as a regular topic in the magazine. It will help common people understand different issues of current economic situation of the country and also of the world. SC sometimes covers our burning economic issues as a cover story but regular information can help us a lot which will make the magazine stronger.

Fouzia Afroz Khan
Dept. of Economics, DU.

AT first I would like to congratulate Star Campus and everyone who have contributed a lot to make it so interesting. It always fulfills my expectations with its contents like 'News room', 'Spot light' and 'Science feature. News Room keeps me up to date with the current happenings; Spotlight provides information about many great events and Science features covers interesting aspects of science. These are the sections I like most in Star Campus because I believe that by knowing all these details a student can keep himself/herself informed. For further success of Star Campus in future I would like to propose some ideas. It can introduce a student forum for more intense interaction among the students; in the Science features it can include innovative science projects from the students, a new literature segment can be introduced for students to contribute their variety of writings and it can also encourage new graduates by providing the news of job opportunities.

Md. Sikander Julkarnine
Bachelor of Business Administration (11th semester)
East West University

THE past two years were momentous for Star Campus family because within this tenure they established their firm position among the readers. It is generally a youth oriented weekly magazine. It has tried to cover all the aspiring moments of the young students with determination to cover the true story. Its name depicts the operational value becausethe reports are totally based on campus life and it is continuously coming up with the thoughts, ideas, philosophy and images of the students. Star campus has always tried to be brief because a thin magazine cannot cover all the contemporary news. Last but not least, now a days students think a lot about their career and Star Campus can provide assistance by showing adequate guidance. So good luck to Star Campus.

Shahriar Azad Sunny
A Level Student

How does time fly" - is the excerpt from"Luncheon". We are going to celebrate 2nd birthday of Star Campus. Star Campus carries the thoughts and views of young generation. Following suggestions are given to imrove the quality of the magazine. It should bring new features such as book review. Debate could be arranged on new subjects. Last but not the least it should be proactive to ignite the front line soldiers to build a strong nation.”

Nafiul Aziz
MBA , Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems, DU

How does time fly" - is the excerpt from"Luncheon". We are going to celebrate 2nd birthday of Star Campus. Star Campus carries the thoughts and views of young generation. Following suggestions are given to imrove the quality of the magazine. It should bring new features such as book review. Debate could be arranged on new subjects. Last but not the least it should be proactive to ignite the front line soldiers to build a strong nation.”

Nafiul Aziz
MBA , Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems, DU

Now a days people are gaining much interest in modern science and technology. We eagerly wait for the new inventions of science but hardly focus on the abstract perspective of life which is literature. Literature is the mirror of life. Science may make us logical but literature provokes humanity in us. So, I think Star Campus will be more interesting if it contains literary preview of books, literary heroes, and literary mentors. It may also include career opportunity in English.”

Rifat Nargis
Department of English
East West University

Being a university student I always read Star Campus. First of all, I would like to congratulate the team in their celebration of 2 years. My most favorite sections are - science feature, photo feature and spotlight. As a student I want to suggest some additions to its features.
* In the science feature- some more facts on technology and IT can be added. As a student of pharmacy, I would like to know about drugs that have been synthesized recently.
* Career development: It should include some features on career prospects like different jobs, growth of pharmaceutical industry and career of a pharmacist in Bangladesh.
* Now-a-days, music is a craze for the new generation. So, if there is another section on music, it would be very interesting for us. It can include-new bands, new music albums, music shows etc.

Tamanna Rahman
Dept of Pharmacy, East West University

I am Tauhid, a regular reader of the star campus magazine and also I look all the contents of the star campus. Star campus has established itself that it focuses unbiased.

Star campus focuses the other countries University campus how is it possible? Because a certain time many students want to get higher degree (as MBA, Masters, PhD or other degrees) in several countries.

On an ending note, I would like to point out that many student helped by focusing other countries university campus and it seems to be encouraged higher studied student.

Lastly, I say that star campus magazine focus all important contents around the world.

Tauhidur Rahman
BBA in Management, Rajshahi University

As I am a student of BBA, Star Campus can help me in many ways. It can feature the role of students in socio- economic development of our country. This magazine can also emphasize the job sectors and job opportunities for the students. Now a days the management and information system work together to develop the business sector. So this magazine can publish this kind of topics to inspire the students to take MIS as a major. To make this magazine more attractive it can arrange business competition. So students will be interested to make new innovative business plans and strategies.

Kazi Shoyeb Imteaz
BBA , North South University

Star Campus has been providing us with all sorts of news that concern us - students. Each week it publishes news from all universities with latest updates. So with all the news around us we are well informed and know our campus life more. Also the articles on special topics are very interesting.

Stamford University

Star Campus has taken the new step towards the readers. So far, no newspaper in Bangladesh could identify this untapped generation. We, as youth like to know about what's going on around us. Star Campus gives us that information and thus we know what is happening. Also it's good to see that many of our known people are making news. So I wish all the best to Star Campus!

Simual, NSU

From current issue, events, subjects to upcoming news Star Campus contains all in a magazine. Not only it's a way to pass time but we wait for each Sunday to smell the fresh edition of new issue of Campus each week! As a reader I think it'll be more enriched if there are more new topics like day-to-day life, emotions, best of universities, talk of the university, collage days and many more topics.


I have been reading Star Campus from the 2nd
edition of it and I just loved it! The best part of Star Campus is it's targeted towards the new
Generation. The writers are also mostly from youth which makes it unique it its own style! So hail Star Campus!

B.B.A, North South University

Congratulations on your second anniversary; I could not be any happier being an avid reader from the very first issue, which a lot of others also are. But here's how I see it. I feel Star Campus is not just a magazine but a whole community of scholars voicing their thoughts and ideas through a common platform. As reminded by Sarah Siddiqi at a recent branding competition at DU, the youth comprise of a humungous 70 million and the current view by many regarding this very youth as ignorant or indifferent towards anything “good” is slowly being shattered by the events and views illustrated by the magazine. It sends out a clear message to all that the youth are involved in activities that are praiseworthy and worthwhile and is very encouraging to us even if it's just for our name to appear in the magazine. Thank you for this initiative, hoping it gets bigger and better every year.

Than Saw Way
Institute of Business Administration, DU

Happyyyyy Birthdayyyy Star Campus! I like it for coming up with all the beautiful features that go around universities. I've been reading Star Campus for a long time and I wait for what's new.

I wish all the success to Star Campus.


ALTHOUGH I personally like the articles in Star Campus, I would like it even better if the articles had a little more variety. It would be a good option to have different sections covering different

Topics of articles so that all types of students enjoy reading it. Moreover, the magazine can also have a regular column providing information regarding the universities abroad, and the procedure to apply in such universities. That would help both the postgraduates and the students aspiring to transfer their credits. In the end, I would only like to say -to keep up the good work!

Fahim Shahriar
Aga Khan School, Uttara, Dhaka

Student's Love-Hate
Relationship with SC

IF you ask anyone about her/his best phase of life, s/he will probably say that it is her/his student life. And to make our student life even livelier, The Daily Star (TDS) introduced us with Star Campus (SC), a campus-based magazine that surely made our student life spicier. SC now has become a household name for the young students. Within a couple of years, it has established itself as the largest campus-based magazine of the country.

Tabassum Mokhduma,
Department of LAW, CU

I like the write-ups on personal experiences; well-informative campus related cover stories as well as articles on music and culture. Another thing I like about SC is that one can easily go through all the campus-based news at a glance, which its newsroom provides. But the one thing I really dislike about it is that almost in all the issues there are many advertisements which become a bothersome at times. Still I think that if this magazine incorporates more news on scholarships, part-time job opportunities, career counseling then it will me more popular. But in doing so, SC should not compromise with its lively look.

Md. Shafhat Khan
MBA, International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)

SC is very innovative indeed, there's a lot to read and learn. But SC should emphasize more on problems surrounding different issues and the writers should stop highlighting their own universities and do something really different.

Tafsir Matin
LL.B. (Honours), CU

I like the stories in spotlight and the interesting features, which help me to come out of my reverie and help construct my ideas and at the same time entertain me. I really liked the cover design of the stories on My Favourite Teacher. It was a brilliant one, which actually portrayed a real life teacher we find in our schools. Another cover story which I liked much was the one titled Clicking away between Classes as I find abstract paintings and photography interesting.

Little Jewels Schools (LJS), Chittagong.

IT's a great platform for the youth of our country to express their minds. At the same time it's quite educational too. Being a student of CU, I can easily find out about the experiences and advises that the students and teachers from other institutions share through SC. Moreover, through SC, I came to know about many educational institutions. Especially the cover stories on those institutions were really impressive. But as a campus-based magazine, it would like to suggest a new section which will emphasize women issues like the problems they face in their campus, how they can overcome those problems and achieve success in life. I believe SC can play an important role in this arena.

Nazia Hasnayeen,
MBA, Department of Finance and Banking,
University of Chittagong (CU),

I like SC because it helps me get all the latest updates, hot and happening news at different campuses as well as what I need to know as a student. But, I think its overall stories, language and creativity need special attention because sometimes I just don't find these up to the mark. Though I like the cover stories, photo features, tech wise section, book and movie reviews, still I would appreciate more in-depth information on different institutions which will be educative and at the same time more informative.

Tamanna Faiz,
Department of English,
University Women's Fedaration College, Dhaka

Iwant to see SC as a platform, which will work like a forum of the students to build our society, which will work as a movement to ensure justice, eradicate corruption and establish a just society. To do so, SC should encourage more college and school students to be involved with it as university students usually get more exposure then them. I would like to see SC as a trusted guide”,

Mokarramus Shaklan
a student of 4th year, Department of Law, CU.

BECAUSE of its versatility, interesting tech news and well documented cover stories, I find SC a good companion. But I think it should introduce more sections to sharpen one's communicative and articulating skills beside its regular sections. Apart from these, it should publish more cover stories on diverse issues like the one titled Seeing through the Inner Eye, which disclosed so many unknown facts on Braille education.

MBA, Department of Marketing Studies and International Marketing, CU

As a medical student we get less time to write about our reflections simply because of our hectic class schedules, ward duties etc. So I would definitely look forward to see more news on us, our institutions as well as the problems we face at medical hostels. I think SC should come up with some plans to encourage medical students to write about their experiences too.

Noor-E-Amrin Alim
Comilla Medical College

SC should take up the initiative to inform the students about their social responsibilities and handling the real life problems of the students. Another thing, which I feel SC should do, is that it should regularly ask for readers' comments on the cover stories which will certainly help enhance its popularity as well as quality. I would whole-heartedly welcome more stories on dramas and I think there are many others who like me, have keen interest about this form of art.

Hasan Murad
B.B.S., Government Commerce College, Chittagong

As SC is acting like a mouthpiece of youths, it can work on some important things like how the student politics should be in accordance with the nned of the time; how the students who are regarded as the future leaders should be groomed; what steps should be taken to stop commercialization of education; what should be the standards to judge public and private universities; what should be done to make our education policy more practical; what steps should be taken to introduce positive changes in the lives of the students and so on. Personally, I am very much drawn to stories on debates.

Prabir Barua Chowdhury
Department of Communication and Journalism, CU

SC has already established itself as one of the popular magazines among the students by highlighting various aspects of life of the students. The good thing about it is that it created a common podium for the students where they can share their personal views, experiences, likings and disliking etc. Its newsroom covers almost all the events of different campuses. But stories on social problems are not getting space in SC now a days which once published a cover story on an important issue titled Say No To Drug..

Md. Shahjahan Miah
MSS, Department of Political Science, CU

I know it sounds harsh but I find it less interesting. Though the articles are informative but there's less creativity in those articles. Most of the times the stories read like CNN headlines, which actually wipe out ones interest in it. Young writers should be different, they shouldn't hesitate to share their thoughts. In fact, I would welcome the personal experiences which not only disclose ones first hand experiences but also are beneficial for the readers too.

Tanzima Rouf Chowdhury
Economics and South Asian Studies, University of Virginia, USA.

SC should focus more on activities of organizations like Grameen Bank, BRAC or TIB or exhibitions on education and career that will be helpful for students in near future. SC should encourage the students to write on cultural programmes or organizations apart from fresher day or farewell reception as well as on debates. Most of the time I find the cover stories interesting but rest of the features hardly appeals to me as I find them mostly writer's personal thoughts.

Shaila Hoq,
Department of English, CU

“What I actually like about SC is its versatility in presenting news on different events that take place in various educational institutions throughout the country. The newsroom seems most attention grabbing as it gives a glimpse of what is happening around other places though I equally like the stories in spotlight. But sometimes some different cover stories leave a long inkling on my mind like the one on My Favourite Teacher. But at the same time I find some articles quite irksome as the writers sometimes start highlighting themselves while describing an event.

Md. Mozammel Ali Chowdhury
LL.M., CU.

SC is like an open platform for students of this generation where they can open up their minds. For me, it's like a companion which keeps me entertained. Especially the regular section on science and technology appeals to me most. Another thing that I really enjoy is the stories on musical shows like stage shows or singer hunting competitions. I still remember I never missed a single story on DRockstars that SC covered regularly. I would love to see more news on underground bands and I think SC can take up initiatives to promote the struggling underground bands. Moreover, the tech wise section should give more elaborate news.

Neaz Mahmud
A Levels, Dhaka.

There is no doubt that SC is a brilliant magazine for young students like us. What really amazes me is the way the writers of the features think about a simple topic to make a great article out of it. That's really appreciable. But I think the cover stories should give more details. Moreover, it can introduce a special section which will welcome students' comments on real life debates like public-private university conflict based on the standards or whether student politics should be banned or not etc.

Md. Mustafiz Ali Pir
MA, National University M.C. College, Sylhet

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