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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 83 | August 24 , 2008|


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Editor's Note

On the 2nd anniversary of Star Campus, a weekly publication of The Daily Star, I wish to thank the readers and contributors for their support in making our effort worthwhile. The interest of the readers in Star Campus inspired us throughout the last two years to aspire towards making Star Campus even better.

There was no campus-based magazine in the English language in Bangladesh before Star Campus. Therefore it was an uphill task for us in The Daily Star to conceptualise the content and design that would be fun-filled and educative at the same time. The Star Campus team sent request letters to hundreds of students and teachers in numerous colleges and universities for their contributions and suggestions and personally met many of them to share the idea.

When within the weeks of its first publication on August 6, 2006 we began to receive immense response from students, teachers, parents and academics both at home and abroad we felt we had created something that would demand improvement in every subsequent publication. So, we included new concepts, new articles, new sections and new writers to make Star campus interesting. To make the magazine more interactive we organised discussion sessions with the participation of students of various public and private universities and senior teachers belonging to different fields of specialisation. Meanwhile, the support to and coverage of extra-curricular activities like debate, quiz, design competitions, cultural events, etc., continued on a regular basis.

I believe we have to go many more miles to make Star Campus a total campus-based magazine that would fulfill the aspirations of the readers of varied demands. We are working hard towards that end, but we shall be successful only if our valued readers extend their whole-hearted support.

I take the opportunity to thank our readers, The Daily Star and Star Campus team and valued advertisers for their continued support.

Mahfuz Anam
Editor - Publisher
The Daily Star

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