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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 113 | April 5, 2009|


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Cultural Program organized by UODA

Md. Aynal Haque Rana

TO remember the sacrifice of the martyrs and to protest that genocide that took place on 25th March 1971 ‘Complete Education for Alternative Development’ (CEFAD) and its three sister concern institutions - School of development Alternative (SODA), College of Development Alternative (CODA) and University of Development (UODA) organized a cultural program in front of ‘National parliament house’, Manik Mia Avenue. It was an excellent arrangement with liberation war song, recitation, photography exhibition, art exhibition and finally 2,500-foot long road painting which was lead by the Dept of Fine arts. All other departments also contributed in their respective blocks of road painting. A large number of students from SODA and CODA were also present. The program was inaugurated by the Vice chancellor of UODA Professor. Emajuddin, Pro Vc. Prof. Dr. Rahmatullah and the chairman and founder of CEFAD organization Dr. Mujib khan. Honorable Vice chancellor Prof Emajuddin was half lifting the national flag when the sun was setting down in the west and the Chairman Dr. Mujib khan was raising the mourning black flag. The function started with different patriotic songs, which were regularly sung during the liberation war period- 1971. Eminent singer Timir Nandi, Nazrul singer Sujit Mustafa and Ferdous Ara, actor and singer Chanchal Chowdhury performed on the stage. Road painting and photography exhibitions were also continuously goes on along with the patriotic song. Many eminent guest artists were also participating during the art exhibition. Eminent artist Khushi Kabir, Biren Som and former adviser of caretaker government Sultana Kamal delivered their speech about the liberation war in respective to their view. Khusi Kabir Biren Shome, Abdul Mannan, Manik dey, Ranjit Das, Alokesh Gosh, Ibrahim, Nasim Ahmed Nadvi contributed in the Art Exhibition. Each of their art depicted the horrifying night of 25th march and the glory of Independence of Bangladesh. Eminent film Director Tareq Masud and his wife Kathrin Masud and the CEO of RTV M.Hamid were also present. At midnight two famous movies ‘Jibon Thaka Naya’ directed by Zahir Raihan and “Muktir Kotha” directed by Tareq Masud were shown. At sunrise all students and teachers made a human chain and the Chairman of CEFAD Dr. Mujib Khan ended the function as the sun was rising, by uplifting our national flag.

Student of Molecular medicine and Bio-informatics,UODA

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