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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 113 | April 5, 2009|


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Photo Feature

Bangladesh in Frames

Through The Lens: Bangladesh

Mirza Rajan

'Through the Lens: Bangladesh' (TTL) is a Flickr-based community of amateur photographers. It brings together people who have felt the passion to be behind the lens and gives them a platform to showcase their works. The web address of the group is www.flickr.com/groups/throughthelens and currently TTL has more than 900 members.

In addition to its exciting activities, Through the Lens: Bangladesh has showcased its debut exhibition recently in Drik Gallery, Dhaka with a selection of 57 photographs from 57 photographers. The exhibition circled around the theme, 'Bangladesh in Frames'. To present our beloved home, Bangladesh in a light of optimism and colours, the photographs intend to outline true patriotism for all.


Miran Hossain



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