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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 120 | May 24, 2009|


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Thirst for Green

Orchi Othondrila

IT's so hot everywhere, isn't it? We all know the reasons behind it. Especially Dhaka is reaching the level of complete destruction. More and more buildings, industries, motor vehicles and fewer number of trees caused this unbearable conditions of the environment.

Two months back, I visited Kolkata and Delhi. Before leaving, a lot of people told me that the temperature there would be higher than that of Dhaka. But I found out that Dhaka is actually warmer than Delhi or Kolkata. In the capital of India, there are many green plants against one building. The same can be found in Kolkata. But Dhaka has a different story to tell.

If you read the newspapers then you will be aware that Dhaka is in great risk of earthquakes. And that is mainly because of all the man made causes and again deforestation.

The sea level is rising because of global warming. Even half of the country might go under water within a few years. Lack of open spaces is making things worse. We have to drink water of the polluted Buriganga and breathe lead in the air. In a condition like this, we unconsciously wait for an end. Yet we don't stop dreaming.

The people who are responsible for taking care of the trees of the city, are paid the lowest. If we can buy CDs, shoes, hair gel or make-up kits, then can't we make a change by buying plants from the nursery?

If there is a plant inside a room, then the room stays cooler. One 'neem' tree provides oxygen for six people. My mother always discouraged me to present someone with a flower in any occasion. She believes, it is better if you give a flower with the original root. She is right in a way because if my friend gives me a plant of rose, then it will not die the next day and will also give more fresh roses later to remind the friendship.

So, try to get into the hobby of gardening. The growth of a plant in your hands will bring unique satisfaction. And this green angel will also provide good eyesight. Once a month buy a plant you like and if you don't have much space, buy a plant in a clay pot.

Nothing happens suddenly. But one step can be a start towards healing. If we don't do something about it now then we will give our future generation a chance to blame us.

( Student of BRAC university)

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