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     Volume 2 Issue 126 | July 5 , 2009|


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Fasion Talk

Monsoon Wear

Tanzina Rahman

“Rain drops falling on my head...”. Yes, the monsoon season is in full force, and it is time for you to do a style check on what you ought to wear and what not to wear so that you can dodge those puddles and still carry out that shimmering look.


Sterling anklets can bring quite a chic touch to simple outfit, and not to mention they are water resistance. These materials are always in vogue plus the designer touch will absolutely make you gorgeous!

Foot wear

Chances of stepping into puddles are quite high during monsoon, so avoid wearing shoes with high hills. Instead look for flip-flops or sandals made with water resistance and absorbing materials.

The Shade

Last but not least, umbrellas and raincoats are part of the essential monsoon wear that you don't want to leave it at home. Nowadays, various colours and shades of umbrellas are in market, so choose the one that best suits you!

Bags and Purse

There are high possibilities that your sheer leather purse will get drenched in the rain. Hence bags or purses with plastic, rexin and polyester are the best option to carry out during this season.


Can't get enough of western clothes? Then be sure to put those capris on. Whether they are made from jeans or cotton, capris allows you to walk easily at times when roads are flooded. Bold coloured clothes are preferred during this season.


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