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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 146 | December 6 , 2009|


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Movie Review

The new disaster movie turns out to be disastrous

'2012,” the latest disaster movie from Roland Emmerich, the man behind the likes of “Independence Day,” “Godzilla” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” is quite possibly the loudest and most ridiculously over-the-top entry in a genre that has not exactly been known for its subtlety and reticence throughout the years. This statement, by the way, is not a criticism as much as it is an observation since it is clear right from the start that this is exactly what Emmerich is trying to accomplish. Now the fact that it fails to accomplish those not-so-lofty goals in a manner that could possibly be considered entertaining to anyone with even a smidgen of evidence is pure criticism and even that hardly begins to suggest just how lousy the film really is. In an effort to top the overblown carnage and destruction of his previous films and impress his fans, Emmerich goes so far overboard in trying to knock them out that it pretty much becomes the “Precious” of mega-budget event films--a graceless mess that will insult the intelligence of everyone who encounters it, even those who were actually looking forward to seeing it in the first place.

Source: eCritic



Developing Leadership Day by AIESEC in BRACU

Redwan Islam Orittro

With the message, 'They were not born leaders, they earned it' AIESEC in BRAC University organized the first ever Developing Leadership Day of the Local Committee with HSBC, Rahimafrooz and Energypac as learning partners. DLD is a day long workshop designed for the interraction between participants and top level corporate houses, where the learning materials used are the same materials these companies use to train their own employees. Organized by AIESEC - the world's largest student-run organization is the international platform for students and recent graduates to explore and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. Leaders of different enterprises Syed A H Uddin, Head of HR, HSBC, Shamsul Haque Ahmed, G.M. Human Resources, Rahimafrooz Distribution Limited, and Minarul Islam, Manager, HR & Administration, Energypac Engineering Ltd. conduted the whole workshop, facilitated the training and provided the learning materials.

The event kicked off at 10 am, with a presentation of the Local Committee, and then each representative was given one and a half hour, during which they interacted with the participants. Later they were given the opportunity to ask questions to the representatives of the companies. The facilitators at the workshop mainly focused on providing the participants practical training on leadership, cultural understanding, entrepreneurship, sustainability, team working, skills and corporate social responsibility. Although the three representatives came from 3 different companies, they all agreed on the fact that communication, working with a team, being presentable and being able to understand and be motivated is the key factors behind success. Around 100 participants were a part of the audience, among whom members of AIESEC in NSU, AIESEC in AIUB and AIESEC in IUB were present. Faculty members were present at the event and as well as the Member Committee President Syed Rakib Al Hasan and Member Committee Vice Presidents - Farnaz Karim and Zaved Iqbal were also present for the event. The organizing committee team was headed by Bisway Reza Tobo and his team of 16 members whose combined effort assisted in producing an excellent programme. RTV and Radio Amar 88.4 FM were the media partners of the event.

(AIESE, Brac University)



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