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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 29| July 18, 2010|


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Just A Thought

To be in love with commitment

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

COMMITMENT is a word that emphasises different meaning when you put it in different boxes. It can be in a box full of emotions, it can be in a box which revolves around your professional life, or you can just even place it in the box which you claim to be for friendship. But 'commitment' itself has become our worst enemy ever since we have learnt and mastered the art of being a hypocrite and declared war against our beloved conscience. Commitment for us is like a disease, it crawls up in your skin, it itches in your veins, and sets off an allergy. We are never satisfied when we are committed to something and it always has to be a choice of doing the wrong, which in other words we say 'an alternative.'

If we talk about a new employee you are bound to see the radiating energy, the beaming smile, even at times the blonde smile, the extra hours of paperwork, all in all you will see a perfectionist. Now as days go by the efforts start decreasing. If you ask why, there's a very simple answer- we give up. Is it because of the fact that things are monotonous? Is it because your work never gets rewarded with a pat on your back? Or is it for you just realised you're too cool for the job? You may have ample of reasons to justify yourself, but it really doesn't matter if you cannot deliver your hundred percent in the real world. Most of us lack the sense of exercising our brain and show maturity when responsibility and commitment are the crucial factors involved in a workplace. You will not be surprised to see people spending a considerable amount of time on social networking sites like the Facebook and clicking on to some weird games, while the clock keeps on ticking and deadline is not very far away. Some has got the habit of skipping office just like bunking lectures, while others have got a habit of skipping hours. There are also others who have a tendency to keep things undone. Now imagine these characters even dreaming of getting a raise! In this country the concept of earning a living is pretty stereotype. A student only dream of a good job, a designation, a hefty salary and the list goes on. But when you ask how committed he is to achieve his goals, you only get to hear vague answers.

Nowadays even relationship has become a fragile thing to hold on to. Promises, which were made in earnest at one time, are now easily broken on petty issues. Commitments have less importance and there are more break up cases. You will hear different explanations to such incidents and the most popular one is both the genders got bored of each other! It is still good to see few love doves who share a common ground of commitment, while for others many people have been a complete deceiver in showing the slightest bit affection.

Commitments only make you have an inner drive. If you limit yourself within your mind then you do not feel the necessity to explore your potentials. Eventually what happens is that, you are less committed towards your duties and always looking for an excuse to walk away from responsibilities. Your commitments towards your professional and personal life should always remain in equilibrium and only then you will be more content with your surrounding. Failures are bound to happen but that does not mean you loose hope to reach the other side. All you have to do is be headstrong and be diligent at your work.

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